Uranus North Node Conjunction in Taurus — Major Astrological event of 2022

In late July – mid August 2022, Uranus will conjunct North Node of the Moon (Rahu) and Mars in Taurus. This triple conjunction will be squared by Saturn in Aquarius. This is a volatile combination. 

Hard transits among slow-moving planets like Saturn and Uranus and/or Moon Nodes typically coincide with major geopolitical events, large scale transportation or industrial accidents, and turbulent weather. Saturn Uranus conjunctions, squares, and oppositions coincide with tensions between energies that symbolize progressive ideas, innovation, original thinking, freedom, equality but also disregard for the rules and eccentric behavior, and energies that symbolize conservative approaches, outdated structures, fixed thinking, holding onto status quo but also supportive organization and discipline. With the addition of Mars (god of war) energy, any conflicts, accidents, or disputes that may be unfolding at this time will get a boost from its fiery energy — events evolve faster than expected, conflicts escalate, fires erupt, etc. We may hear about explosions (could be controlled such as to clear space for some construction project), high speed chases, heated athletic competitions, ugly fights, increased use of weapons, increased use of military or police, protests, increased need for surgeons or medics to address injuries from burns, cuts, broken bones, inflammatory conditions, heat strokes, etc.

With Mars, Uranus, and North Node forming a conjunction in Taurus (finance, banks, currencies, stable growth, construction, lawn care), disruptive events may relate to financial industry (e.g., losses, sudden restructuring, bankruptcies), problems for real estate developers, mini market crashes, and currency value fluctuations (esp. crypto — probably down). Wide square from Saturn (old ways, established leaders, large corporations, governments) in Aquarius (sudden change, electric jolt) hints that the trigger for the events may be sudden restructuring, loss of established leadership, organizational reshuffling, power or service outages, malfunctioning of IT services (incl. those that support financial transfers or crypto), telecom problems, accidents involving airlines, or structural damages from high winds or airborne objects (Saturn = heavy object, infrastructure, tall building, mountain; Aqurius = air element, flying objects, electricity, IT, chips, data exchange). 

Involvement of Uranus and Aquarius indicates that the events will occur suddenly and may involve multiple and unexpected ON/OFF states — power goes off/on/off/on etc., money flow is suddenly stopped but then resumes, currency value abruptly drops then sharply rises, flights are halted then resume, a construction project is halted then resumes, a leader is suddenly removed or steps down but is quickly replaced, etc.

Needless to say, this is not a good time to travel as there may be travel disruptions or delays. Those born in the signs of Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, and Aquarius, esp. in the second half of the sign, may experience the effects of this transit the most. This time may bring to the surface ongoing tensions in relationships or at work (which may require letting go of someone or something), a desire to make a sudden break to follow one’s long-suppressed dreams, and situations that require a quick adjustment (e.g., promotion to a leadership position because of the unexpected reorganization or departure of the previous manger). 

Looking back at the events that have occurred under similar transits (Uranus conjunct a Moon Node, either by itself or along with Mars), we can note that events often involved turbulent weather accompanied by high winds and rapid onset, plane crashes, major transportation accidents involving explosions and fires, large earthquakes, and violent attacks. Examples:

Dec 2014 – Jan 2015 (Uranus conj Ketu in Aries) – 

  • Over 2,000 people are killed in north-east Nigeria after Boko Haram militants raze the town of Baga;
  • Terrorist attack on the offices of satirical newspaper “Charlie Hebdo” in Paris kills 12 (including Jean Cabut and Stéphane Charbonnier), injures 11;
  • 63 people are killed and 70,000 are left homeless after floods devastate Mozambique and Malawi.


March-April 2007 (Uranus conj Rahu in Pisces) – 

April-May 1999 (Uranus conj Ketu in Aquarius) – 

November 1991 (Uranus conj Rahu in Capricorn) – 

January – February 1984 (Uranus conj Ketu in Sagitarius) – 

October 1976 (Uranus conj RahuAND MARS [like it will in Jul-Aug 2022] in Scorpio) – 

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