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  1. dee says:

    waiting with baited breath for your 1st week of october blog. hope there is good news over the weekend

  2. dee says:

    sep predictions were very helpful

  3. roni says:

    your blog is fantastic !
    i wonder what is yur prediction for april
    and when do u see the bottem of this year for the markets
    tnx again 🙂 roni

    • tolstunka says:

      Glad u like it! 🙂
      I am planning to do Q2 predictions in the next couple of weeks, so that shd cover April. Not sure abt the “exact” bottom–I’d have to carefully examine all the remaining dates to try to figure it out. That said, summer looks stressful to me, as I mentioned in the Q1 predictions–I think we will likely see several dips (like the during the weeks of June 18, July 16, and Aug 13). Also, mid-to-end of Nov looks stressful–for ex., Nov 26-27.

  4. roni says:

    tnk u for your quick reply 🙂 i agree with u coz i know there is gonna be a stressful 90 angle durring june [uranus & pluto] and many planets ll join them
    as u said this night nasdaq made a huge rally to the top as we saw. and i m waiting now to take the short . many astrologers are claming for turn point in the markets from tomorow
    i ll love to hear from u also if u hv thoughts about gold and oil many tnks

  5. saichon says:

    Very interested in your prediction.
    Would you mind if I translate your prediction to Thai language?
    Let me know that you allow it.
    Thank you.

  6. Elly says:

    Your blog is fantastic and very structured. I am a big fan of financial astrology in Hong Kong. Do you use 10: 30 AM , May 17 , 1792 as the birth chart of NYSE?

    Once again . very impressed by your blog!!

    Well done. and Thanks for the selfless sharing!!!

  7. I am interested in your post.
    If you don’t mind.
    Could you explain how to?
    Thank you for your posts.

    • tolstunka says:

      Thanks for your interest. Do you mean, how to use astrology to make predictions?

      • Saichon Uran says:


      • tolstunka says:

        I tried to elaborate a bit more on the planetary aspects that I thought were relevant for July 31 and Aug 1 2014 in my latest post (predictions for Aug 1, 2014). I am happy to share my general approach as well–should probably write a separate post or make a video. In sum, for these blog posts I simply check planetary positions for a given day–like which signs the planets are currently in and what aspects they are forming to each other and/or to sensitive points in the horoscope of a country (e.g., USA). Daily positions of transiting planets can be found in ephemeris (do a search for “ephemeris 2014” for example). Other indicators, such as eclipses, can be used as well, but I mostly just look at planetary transits.

        A more technical approach would be to analyze astro data using analytic software and look for trends–this would be more reliable and could identify more complex relationships between astro data and market moves beyond the obvious patterns/correlations that can be spotted by simply looking at a piece of paper.

        Hope this helps 🙂

  8. Dee says:

    Hi, I need help with health and a major life decision. Could you please let me know how I can email you? I hope you can help. Thank you.

    • tolstunka says:

      Hi there… thanks for your interest… I don’t offer astrological services (at least not at this time). I may be able to answer some specific quick astro-related question… If I have the time in the next few days, I’ll email you at the address indicated in your WordPress user profile (shown to the blog author when someone comments).

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