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  1. dee says:

    waiting with baited breath for your 1st week of october blog. hope there is good news over the weekend

    • tolstunka says:

      lol… we’ll see how much time I have… πŸ™‚

      the key to remember is that money can be made (or lost) in any market…

    • Ani Do says:

      Hi! What do you think about the future of cryptocurrency?

      • tolstunka says:

        I think they are here to stay, but there will be increased volatility in cryptcurencies (and finance in general) through 2025 while Uranus is in Taurus.

    • Ravindran Arnasalam says:

      My name is Ravi from Malaysia and I trade Gold and Silver. Your predictions are simply amasing. You are great.

      • tolstunka says:

        Thanks, Ravi. I am just sharing my observations about correlations between planetary transits and various events. There is always room for more research and improvement. πŸ™‚

  2. dee says:

    sep predictions were very helpful

  3. roni says:

    your blog is fantastic !
    i wonder what is yur prediction for april
    and when do u see the bottem of this year for the markets
    tnx again πŸ™‚ roni

    • tolstunka says:

      Glad u like it! πŸ™‚
      I am planning to do Q2 predictions in the next couple of weeks, so that shd cover April. Not sure abt the “exact” bottom–I’d have to carefully examine all the remaining dates to try to figure it out. That said, summer looks stressful to me, as I mentioned in the Q1 predictions–I think we will likely see several dips (like the during the weeks of June 18, July 16, and Aug 13). Also, mid-to-end of Nov looks stressful–for ex., Nov 26-27.

  4. roni says:

    tnk u for your quick reply πŸ™‚ i agree with u coz i know there is gonna be a stressful 90 angle durring june [uranus & pluto] and many planets ll join them
    as u said this night nasdaq made a huge rally to the top as we saw. and i m waiting now to take the short . many astrologers are claming for turn point in the markets from tomorow
    i ll love to hear from u also if u hv thoughts about gold and oil many tnks

  5. saichon says:

    Very interested in your prediction.
    Would you mind if I translate your prediction to Thai language?
    Let me know that you allow it.
    Thank you.

  6. Elly says:

    Your blog is fantastic and very structured. I am a big fan of financial astrology in Hong Kong. Do you use 10: 30 AM , May 17 , 1792 as the birth chart of NYSE?

    Once again . very impressed by your blog!!

    Well done. and Thanks for the selfless sharing!!!

  7. I am interested in your post.
    If you don’t mind.
    Could you explain how to?
    Thank you for your posts.

    • tolstunka says:

      Thanks for your interest. Do you mean, how to use astrology to make predictions?

      • Saichon Uran says:


      • tolstunka says:

        I tried to elaborate a bit more on the planetary aspects that I thought were relevant for July 31 and Aug 1 2014 in my latest post (predictions for Aug 1, 2014). I am happy to share my general approach as well–should probably write a separate post or make a video. In sum, for these blog posts I simply check planetary positions for a given day–like which signs the planets are currently in and what aspects they are forming to each other and/or to sensitive points in the horoscope of a country (e.g., USA). Daily positions of transiting planets can be found in ephemeris (do a search for “ephemeris 2014” for example). Other indicators, such as eclipses, can be used as well, but I mostly just look at planetary transits.

        A more technical approach would be to analyze astro data using analytic software and look for trends–this would be more reliable and could identify more complex relationships between astro data and market moves beyond the obvious patterns/correlations that can be spotted by simply looking at a piece of paper.

        Hope this helps πŸ™‚

  8. Dee says:

    Hi, I need help with health and a major life decision. Could you please let me know how I can email you? I hope you can help. Thank you.

    • tolstunka says:

      Hi there… thanks for your interest… I don’t offer astrological services (at least not at this time). I may be able to answer some specific quick astro-related question… If I have the time in the next few days, I’ll email you at the address indicated in your WordPress user profile (shown to the blog author when someone comments).

  9. aLLy says:

    Hi tolstunka!

    I’ve been following your blog not long ago and I’m totally impressed and amazed on how you came up with your predictions.Although your blog is about global markets, I can’t help but skip some parts that are not Gold-related. Nevertheless, I gain a long-term view with your posts that’s why I am so very thankful to have stumbled upon your website.

    If it’s not too much, can you tell me where you learned all this stuff? I’m very interested on Financial Astrology and would like to integrate that into my daily life.

    Hope to hear from you soon!

    • tolstunka says:

      Thanks 😊

      Astrology helps with cycle and pattern recognition. It can be used alone or with other tools, such as predictive modeling. For daily life, I would look for patterns using past events (e.g., what are the similarities in the astro charts of people that you like the most, which planetary transits [or solar arcs, or planetary progressions] coincided with important events in your life, etc.). Then, when similar planetary influences come up again, you can expect a similar situation to repeat.

      For ex., Jupiter (abundance, expansion, foreign connections, higher education, religion) returns to its place in the natal chart every 12 yrs. So, every 12 years (i.e., around the age of 12, 24, 36, etc.), many people will experience a period of a few months that brings increased profits, when they go on memorable trips overseas, start learning something that expands their horizons (e.g., a foreign language), become more interested in religion or some foreign culture, etc. If Jupiter is negatively aspected in the person’s natal chart, the experiences may be less beneficial, so for ex., one may lose large sums of money through gambling, gain a lot of weight, etc. Another ex.: Someone whose natal Jupiter falls into the 10th house of your natal chart (esp. close to MC) can help your career growth and help improve your social status β€” such a friend/mentor would likely provide direct help or at least encouragement and inspiration in that area of your life.

      The basic astrology principles are quite simple β€” just read up on the meaning of signs, planets, and aspects. http://www.astro.com has free interactive charts where one can click on various portions of the chart and read the pop-up explanations.

      • aLLy says:

        Hi, tolstunka! Thank you for the response. πŸ™‚

        I wonder what type of Astrology you are using for your prediction. Is it Western or Vedic? Will it affect the interpretation of transits? Using my natal chart as starters, I see some differences but I can relate on both descriptions.

      • tolstunka says:

        I use Western. Western vs Vedic: The timing of the transits should be the same and the interpretation should be similar if you take only planets and aspects into consideration.

        Interpretations may differ somewhat when taking additional factors into consideration (e.g., signs and house placements). However, as long as astrological predictors are used consistently (one approach, whichever it is), then you should be able to identify patterns consistently as well.

  10. Mr Hemant Bengani says:

    Mam Sorry to bother you .I commented on your you tube channel. Please let me know the way to get advice from you.Best Regards

    • tolstunka says:

      Am looking to set up an email for business inquiries… Will do it soon, time permitting… Else, if you prefer — feel free to leave your Bday info in a comment and I may do a short video reply.. This would be a public video, of course.. I can provide some free insights, but don’t do readings..

  11. Mr Hemant Bengani says:

    Thanks for reply.My details:DOB:14/01/1979,Time:6.10 am,Place: Kolkata INDIA

  12. Mr Hemant Bengani says:

    Mam I will wait for your reply.Thanks

  13. Mr Hemant Bengani says:

    I was wondering did you get chance to look at the chart?Thanks

    • tolstunka says:

      Will look at it today and post a video in the next 1-2 days… πŸ™‚

      • tolstunka says:

        At a quick glance, it looks like this is a beginning of some new phase in life for you. The current issues may involve health, search for new identity/goals in life, money (especially loans/debt/investments or inheritance), and partnerships. Literally today (+- few days), there may have been an important event involving the issues above, esp. health, identity, or money — this event may have highlighted the importance of personal goals and needs (e.g., deciding what is best for your health or for you to feel independent and true to who you are).

      • Mr Hemant Bengani says:

        Thanks and will be eagerly waiting for the video πŸ™‚

  14. Mr Hemant Bengani says:

    Thanks for the detailed analysis and hard work heartfelt gratitude.I am more then happy to discuss about myself and any detail you want from me .Please let me know how to connect with you and obliged.Best Regards

    • tolstunka says:

      Great — hope the overview was helpful. I plan to eventually add a business email to my YouTube channel.. This is just a hobby though..

      • Mr Hemant Bengani says:

        By Profession I am a Biomedical Scientist and live in foreign country,I mean away from my birth country.

      • tolstunka says:

        Very cool. Yes, from your chart, you should be good at digging deep into issues and investigating… even uncovering secrets πŸ™‚ Also, the chart indicates partnerships with individuals from foreign lands and/or those who are highly educated (e.g., professors, lawyers, etc.). These partners will likely have positive financial influence too (as in it should be profitable to form partnerships with ppl from other cultures).

  15. aytn says:

    Dear, I remembered you talk about skyscrapers and accidents in your forecast last week and today breaking news from South Korea about a fire on a 33 store building has come..How accurate your forecast was..

  16. Paul says:

    Hi there
    How can I learn from you ? It is my passion but never could find a good legit teacher.
    Do you have any plans for real passionate seekers?

    • tolstunka says:

      Am not sure what you would like to learn about. If it’s astrology, I recommend reading books or perhaps watching some free YouTube videos.

      • Paul says:

        Yes Astrology , but what I am looking for is a mentor to at least recommend good books/learning materials and guide me through, so I can use her/his experience. Also to answer my questions , etc. I am not wanting to reap what others sow nor to get everything for free πŸ™‚

  17. tolstunka says:

    I see. In that case, I would recommend researching astrology courses or schools (e.g., https://isarastrology.org/affiliated-schools/) to see if anything looks appealing. I imagine that some of the professors/teachers at those schools offer one-on-one mentorship or at least can refer you to a good resource.

    Depending on your educational background and interests, you may also enjoy studying data science-related topics or data analysis in general. Personally, I view astrology data as just a kind of data that can be examined.

  18. Beatrix says:

    Hi Tolstunka ,
    I really amazed with your work. I wonder if you have a private astrology reading. I hope you do.
    Thank you so much

    • tolstunka says:

      Hi Beatrix,
      Thanks for the praise! πŸ™‚ I currently don’t offer paid readings (time constrains). I may be able to answer a quick question in a blog post or a video on my YT channel (for free).

  19. Chris Barker says:

    Hello, I have ebeen following your posts for some time and I think you do a good job. I can’t help wondering if your work is somehow combined with an element of clairvoyance also?
    I’m in the uk and given the time difference events take place before your post is uploaded . That can already set the course for the rest of the week. I am wondering whether you could consider perhaps a Tuesday to Tuesday outlook instead ? Then the all important weekend is covered whereas the weekend gap can do anything and by rthe Friday , you’re not sure what to do for the Pre-trading if the weekend events or other news is going to influence markets one way or another .

    • tolstunka says:

      Thanks for reading my posts! Clairvoyance would be nice to have πŸ™‚ but my actual goal is to base predictions on objective elements (e.g., aspects among transiting planets) that can be programmed and used in data mining.

      Agreed that I should post my detailed predictions sooner. I’ll try and move the posting day to earlier in the week. I might also do a monthly preview, time permitting.

  20. Tamas says:

    What do you think about the sun, venus sextile Saturn and semisextile Uranus about next week?

    Can these two sextiles be negative sextiles since Sun is exalted in Aries and Venus is combusted by the Sun?


    • tolstunka says:


      It’s possible that there may be general concerns about the purchasing power, value of currencies (incl. the effect on gold), and banks. In particular, there might be news out of China later in the week about their currency value, interest rates adjustments, or the like.


      • Anita says:

        Hii!!How about crypto currencies? Do you think its value will drop or go higher?

      • tolstunka says:

        I haven’t yet had a chance to do thorough research to comment on the exact patterns for individual currencies. However, I think there will be increased volatility (major ups and downs, possibly more downs than ups) late June to early July (approx May 29 – July 9, 2021). I also think that there may be ongoing attempts at governmental regulations through about Nov 2022 (while Saturn squares Uranus), which may result in periodic loss of value.

  21. Jvramana says:

    Medam, today lucky numbers, lotterys

    • tolstunka says:

      In the early June (+- few days around June 4, 2021) and early July (approx Jul 1-4 +- few days), try using sets of the same or consecutive numbers (such as 111, 1111, 11, 22, 33; or 12, 13, 14, 123, 1234, etc.).

  22. Paleta says:

    Please notify me of your new amazing posts

  23. Anita Do says:

    Thanks for your reply and the good job! If you have interest I think birthtime for the ethereum, is this one although not sure if Zurich or Toronto
    July 30, 2015 / 10:26am in Zurich, Switzerland

    • tolstunka says:

      Thanks! Birth time is useful but it is not the only factor to look at. I will share nay new research on the cryptocurrencies once I have a chance to investigate…

  24. Paleta says:

    Thanks for such detailed predictions! You mention that there may be water shortage in 2025, is there a way we can prepare for those events? Also considering that travel, and oil will not do well it can be assumed that is not good idea to invest in those areas. How about healthcare or other markets? For investing, do you see an industry doing better than for instance gold?

    • tolstunka says:

      Thanks for reading and commenting! In terms of preparation — am sure there are better experts who can advise on this. Perhaps, having a way to collect and/or filter water may be a good idea(?)

      From the astrological perspective, oil (and other Neptunian domains, incl. movies, cruises, chemicals, beverages, pharma, new age stuff, etc.) should see improved circumstances while Jupiter transits though Pisces (through May 2022). Oil may even go up further through 2025; at any rate, 2025 will likely be an important reversal point in terms of oil value and usage/applications. Other Neptunian areas will also be affected in 2025 when Neptune enters Aries (while being conjunct Saturn). For example, biomedical research and pharma may focus more strongly on applications for sports and military, which are ruled by Aries. Medical and surgical care may make significant advancements in 2025 (e.g., cures can be developed much faster). This could be in response to difficult times, such as having to deal with many wounded/infected (e.g., previously this coincided with medical advancements made during during American Civil War when Neptune entered Aries in 1861).

      During 2022-23 (approx. May to May), Jupiter will be transiting through Aries, which should help industries related to sports and fitness (e.g., sports-wear, outdoor gear, and nutrition for better performance), healthcare that involves trauma care and surgeries, computer components or engine parts that are super fast, high-speed communication/transportation projects, and anything that can be used as a weapon or by military. After that, in 2023-24 (May to May), Jupiter will be transiting through Taurus, which should be beneficial for financial industry, fashion, live cattle, farming/growing plants, and/or construction industry.

  25. Paleta says:

    A big hack just happened just like you predicted!!!

  26. Anita says:

    Hello Tolstunka, wondering if from your weekly report we could consider cryptocurrencies as part of bank assets tending to increase or is it just related to the real estate market? Particularly interested on ethereum 😁 thank you

    • tolstunka says:

      I see currencies (incl. crypto) as being under bank assets (Taurus, 2nd house of the horoscope). With Uranus in Taurus (Taurus rules banks, currencies, etc.), I expect higher than normal volatility for all cryptocurrencies, esp. around the end of June – early July 2021. Some assets may skyrocket, but will likely fall just as fast. πŸ™‚

  27. kalyaan1729 says:

    are u using western astrology or eastern vedic astrology . offcourse there is greek astrology .

  28. kalyaan1729 says:

    by the way i think u moon is in strong place .

  29. Ana says:

    Hii dear Tolstunka,
    I love your weekly updates but I am confused about the situation with the oil- is it going up or going down? Also, is there a specific market sector you recommend more for investing? Thank you

    • tolstunka says:

      Thanks for reading my blog! πŸ™‚ Re oil prices – I believe oil price will go up in March and especially April 2022. It may well go up the entire period from late Dec 2021 through the end of April 2022.

      Sectors that may also experience a boost at that time, meaning late Dec 2021 through April or early May 2022 (Jupiter in Pisces will conjunct Neptune and Venus in late April 2022) will be anything with Neptunian vibe: pharma, chemicals, fishing, marine life, clean water, beverages, alcohol, movies, music, yoga, new age stuff, religious or spiritual services, mental health support, photography, devices or apps that improve video, oil and gas, etc. Not every single business will benefit, of course, but this may be a general trend.

      Of course, be sure to do your own research. This blog is not intended to give a financial or investment advice, but to track relationship between planetary transits and observable events, including but not limited to market moves.

  30. Australia says:

    Hi Tolstunka – Can you tell us a bit more about yourself please ? I am wondering whether your name could be Russian or Swedish ? You are very down to earth and practical . Would you be willing to reveal your Astro chart ? Keep going with the predictions !
    Best wishes Alex

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