Stock Market Crash on March 14-17? Financial astrology indicates panic triggered by uncertainty and financial losses: Mars square Neptune, Venus square Pluto.

Astrologically, March 15-16, 2023 look stressful and have a strong DOWN signature. Yes, market may well crash this week, especially on March 15-16. We may also hear about transportation or industrial accidents, fires, or attacks involving chemicals, fuel, oil, gas, and/or maritime transportation. 

Astro patterns this week that indicate crash and problems:

Astrological transits for the week of March 13, 2023 indicate a strong likelihood of a large market drop, followed by a rally (the bottom will likely be on Thur, March 16 or Fr, March 17). March 14-16 have the strongest negative astro energy, with Mars squaring Neptune and Venus squaring Pluto right as Venus enters Taurus (the sign ruling finance and banks). Neptune is joined by Sun and Mercury this week, which will accentuate the stressful square energy from Mars, especially on March 15-16. On the 16th, Moon will square Jupiter around noon ET — this may coincide with an overly emotional response to the situation: investors may panic, regulators may try to push some laws [for protection], some law may trigger a “safety break,” etc.

Stressful transits to Neptune from Mercury, Venus, and especially Mars typically coincide with a market drop in the preceding 1-3 days. This week, both Mercury and Mars will form stressful aspects to Neptune. Additionally, Venus will square Pluto. Venus = money, banks, finance. Pluto = debt, loans, rates, secrets. Square = breaking point, disruption, crash. With Venus entering Taurus at the same time, the focus on financial losses or concerns about loans/debt/rates and even financial manipulations will be strong.

This week provides a preview of major shifts to come in May-June 2023

The news from this week will be a preview of worse things to unfold when Pluto, Nodes, Jupiter, and Mars align in a grand square in May through early June 2023. That’s when we can expect a full blown financial crisis, a major shakeup involving cryptocurrencies, IT, tech, and energy sector (Pluto moves into Aquarius which rules these areas; Pluto destroys and transforms from the ground up; yes, it will likely bring more layoffs in those sectors). 

The grand cross in May will aspect the same degrees that Venus and Pluto square will trigger this week on March 15-17, 2023. Thus, pay attention to the events of this week as they will provide an insight into the types of events that may reach massive proportions by May. This week will give us a taste of things to come. By May, we may hear about regulations (Jupiter) put into place to control the unfolding situation. In May, we may see an implementation of some financial reforms, an introduction of a new currency, or new legal regulations imposed on existing currency (-ies), etc. These financial or monetary reforms may be triggered by riots/protests or may trigger such protests (Jupiter [law, judge, international deals] & Moon Nodes [mass scale] will square Mars-Pluto opposition [violent protests/attacks] in May). Based on previous Pluto square Nodes events, there indeed may be a banking crisis this year. With Pluto moving into Aquarius, it may trigger or be triggered by drastic changes in the IT, tech, crypto, and energy sectors. In May, some large organizations ( especially IT, tech, energy, crypto, multi-national corporations, etc.) may similarly fall apart or undergo a major restructuring (e.g., entire branches are closed, locations shut down, members withdraw from participation, members regroup to form a new organization, etc.). Things/entities that have been centralized may become decentralized and vice versa, decentralized things/entities may become centrally controlled. 

Around June 24-25, 2023 (+- few days), expect a drop in cryptocurrencies and some more surprising or shocking news related to banks and crypto exchanges (e.g., some service goes down, access is suspended, an entity suddenly fails, etc.).

What to check in your own astrology chart to see if you may be impacted personally:

Check transits to your own chart (natal or progressed) to see if it is affected this week and/or in May. In particular, pay attention to transits to your personal planets, ASC and MC, and especially Venus and rulers of the 2nd, 5th, and 8th houses. If so, you may want to plan ahead to secure your finances and avoid risks. Also, check relevant charts (the date of founding, incorporation, IPO, birthday of CEO, etc.) for the banks or financial institutions that interest you to see if they may be experiencing stressful transits during March and May (especially from Pluto). Example: The infamous Silicon Valley Bank (SVB) was founded on October 17, 1983 when Pluto was in the 29 degree of Libra and Neptune was in the 26 degree of Virgo. SVB collapsed on March 10, 2023 when Pluto and Neptune squared their natal positions, respectively (Pluto = 29 degree Capricorn, Neptune = 24 degree Pisces). Additionally, on March 10 Mars opposed SVB’s Neptune from the 23 degree of Gemini.

On the positive note, rare strong aspects in May-June 2023 present rare opportunities for gain as well (for those lucky ones who will see beneficial transits to their charts). For example, I expect that we will see larger than usual lottery jackpots won in May-June. 

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5 Responses to Stock Market Crash on March 14-17? Financial astrology indicates panic triggered by uncertainty and financial losses: Mars square Neptune, Venus square Pluto.

  1. Anshul says:

    “followed by a rally” , How far rally will go ?
    As “pay attention to the events of this week as they will provide an insight into the types of events that may reach massive proportions by May. This week will give us a taste of things to come. ” Any thoughts, is next week looking good with good Rally?

    • tolstunka says:

      Rally = likely a small to medium bounce.. with Pluto squaring Nodes (Rahu and Ketu) tighter and tighter, I expect things to go down overall in the upcoming months.

      Next week looks ok at a glance (neutral or slight up). On Mon, Venus will conjunct Rahu in Taurus = expect important news or public announcement about banks/finance (probably some reassurance that everything is ok).

  2. kevin says:

    Wow some crash. More like a bear trap. Glad I haven’t logged on here in a while.

    • tolstunka says:

      yeah, it’s hard to accurately estimate the exact direction w/o doing more detailed analysis.. strong transits do indicate reversals fairly accurately, but for greater precisions and more accurate direction prediction, one would ideally want to do some data analysis..

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