What is the astrological significance of the Blood Moon total lunar eclipse on Nov 8 2022?


The events that occur on or around the eclipse date (+-1day) are likely to have greater than usual impact, especially on issues related to the Moon (e.g., emotions, safety, security, family, accumulated assets, homeland, farming, food production, protection, women and children, etc.). The effect of a Lunar eclipse in general is felt for about 6mo, so events that begin around the time of the eclipse will continue to be in the news or continue to develop for the next 6mo. 

The eclipse of Nov 8, 2022 occurs in Taurus/Scorpio (see chart below), which brings focus on finance, earnings, banks, currencies, values, investments, inheritance, taxes, insurance, death/rebirth, secrets, and hidden activities. This Lunar eclipse involves an opposition of Moon, North Node (NN), and Uranus in Taurus to the Sun, South Node (SN), Mercury, and Venus in Scorpio. 

Astrology chart of the Blood Moon total lunar eclipse on Nov 8 2022. Image credit: www.Astro.com
Astrology chart of the Blood Moon total lunar eclipse on Nov 8 2022. Image credit: http://www.Astro.com
  • Moon/NN/Uranus together in Taurus symbolize the emotional need for financial stability, need for security and food, valuing slow and predictable growth, anxiety about the security of finances, anxiety about the unpredictable earnings fluctuations, concerns about the sudden fluctuations in the currency value, concerns about ensuring reliable flow of energy/technologies necessary for agriculture/food production, etc. 
  • Sun/SN/Mercury/Venus in Scorpio symbolize intense transformations in the value system or in income (up or down); changes in the status of celebrities/prominent figures (up or down); dealing with taxes, insurance, inheritance, investments, and other in- or out-flows of money that involve other people or external circumstances; profits or losses due to the changing value of investments, bank rates, debt, and leadership; discovering hidden sources of income; uncovering financial fraud; earnings from hidden (possibly illegal) sources; transformation of systems responsible for issuing or collecting debt; and so on.

The opposition between the Moon and Sun “clusters” indicates peak tension between the issues they symbolize. That is, there is a clash between the emotional need (Moon in Taurus) for financial stability, predictable growth, reliable currency value, increased earnings, steady flow of cash, keeping the status quo in financial area, etc. and the enthusiasm for a deep albeit painful transformation (Sun in Scorpio), which may involve discarding the old values and sources of profit, changes in the tax system; moving to a different tax bracket or filing some exception; elimination of wasteful spending; transformation of values from superficial to deeper more meaningful ones; re-shuffling of the investments portfolio; elimination of debt or taking on a loan according to the major change in their financial circumstances (e.g., receiving an inheritance or a tax break vs. being cut off from a lending source, currency crashing, losing a job, etc.), etc. With Uranus conjunction to the Moon, there may be emotional swings associated with unpredictably changing circumstances, shocking developments, and a rollercoaster of ups and downs. The changes may occur rapidly, unexpectedly, and involve domains ruled by Uranus (e.g., high tech, electronics, IT, aerospace, digital currencies, networks of all sorts, large multi-national organizations, power generating companies, e-vehicle/battery/chips/etc. manufacturers, and so on).

Additionally, at the time of the eclipse Saturn in Aquarius will form a tense square aspect to the Sun/Moon opposition. 

  • Saturn (government, corporate organizations, controls, regulations, losses, reduction, delays, shortage, large scale manufacturing [slow but disciplined and steady]) in Aquarius (IT, high, tech, networks, distributed architecture, digital, electric current, etc.) is associated with governmental or corporate regulations to ensure stability in IT/high tech/social media domains, controlled measures through digital means, networks comprised of large slow-moving organizations, digital currency backed by government or large corporations, large scale manufacturing involving IT/high tech/aerospace/electric batteries, etc. 

Saturn’s square (tension or controls) to the Sun and Moon “clusters” creates a t-square where the Saturn is the source/catalyst for the financial changes or reforms indicated by the Sun/Moon opposition. This could manifest as increased regulations, corporate restructuring, deficits, or losses affecting one or more Aquarian domains (e.g., regulations of digital currencies, restructuring of companies in IT/high tech sector, energy shortages, delays in manufacturing e-vehicles or airplanes, lower than expected profits for social media companies, etc.). At the same time, Saturn and associated regulations (e.g., energy rationing, tighter standards for electronics manufacturing, stricter controls on cryptocurrencies, etc.) may serve as a stabilizing force to prevent excessive swings in the assets’ value and ensure financial and energy stability.

The 4th unoccupied corner of the square falls in the point opposing Saturn (i.e., in Leo). The open point in a t-square indicates the type of energy (in this case, Leo) that would complete the square and resolve the tensions through some new approach.  Leo symbolizes prominent figures, leaders (esp. male), celebrities, gold, shiny objects, glamour, glitter, etc. Leo is the sign on the Midheaven (MC) of the eclipse chart with the ruler of the MC (Sun) in the first house of identity, new goals, and vision — this further emphasizes the importance of Sun and Leo as the key energy in resolving possible tensions indicated by the eclipse energies. That is, shining the light on hidden financial issues, re-evaluating financial policies/practices, changing the views on what entities or assets are truly valuable, who the real “celebrity” is, etc.

In sum, astrological transits at the time of the Lunar eclipse on Nov 8 indicate an increased potential for events (over the next 6mo or so) that trigger or are triggered by the issues involving tech/aerospace/electric power industry. These events may in turn trigger financial reforms, currency value fluctuations, or a change in values (valuable assets drop, undervalued assets rally; personal values change). The ultimate resolution or a resulting outcome will likely involve a re-alignment in what is deemed as “golden” [retains its worth] and who is seen as a true “famous/celebrity/leader” (with possible leadership changes, new celebrities rising, and old falling out of favor).


In a personal chart or in a chart of an organization (e.g., a country or a company), location of where the Taurus/Scorpio eclipse falls indicates the areas where one may experience a shift in values, a sudden financial loss or gain, or a transformation in status quo that requires letting go of some old attachments (scary transformation [Scorpio] vs. same old [Taurus]; the twist here is that the old is no longer predictable [Uranus in Taurus]). The location of the Moon in the specific house of the astro chart will show the area of anxiety about the change, concerns about security, having enough, or being enough. The house occupied by the Sun will show the area where the transformation of perspective may occur through losing something (e.g., a job) but also gaining an improved clarity about what one really values, wants, enjoys, and would really love to do or be. For ex., in the eclipse chart, the Moon in the 7th house of partners, indicative of anxiety about the relationships and concerns about one or both partners breaking their commitment. The Sun rules the 10th (goal to be achieved) and is in the 1st house of focus on self, personal needs and goals — the transformation will likely involve an improved understanding of one’s real needs, strengths, and values, and deciding to adjust the relationships accordingly (e.g., to break off superficial relationships and to deepen those that align with one’s deeply held values).


In the Unite States, November 8 is the day of midterm elections (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/2022_United_States_elections). The transits occurring during the eclipse are indicative of increased emotions or surprising outcomes  — Uranus (shock, surprise, electric malfunctioning, stop-and-go) is conjunct Moon and North Node while opposing Sun, Mercury, and Venus. Eclipsed Moon conjunct Uranus indicates strong emotional involvement in the situation or possibly an emotional over-reaction to whatever the outcome may be. The Moon is symbolic of women, children, food, and safety/security — these issues may be of particular importance to the voters at this time. With a conjunction from Uranus, however, there may be an element of surprise or an unexpected outcome (e.g., a woman unexpectedly wins or loses). As Uranus tends to throw in twists or on-off disruptions, we can expect some surprises (e.g., intermittent power or service outages, electric equipment malfunctions, someone doesn’t show up on time, someone shows up in the wrong place, a winner is announced too soon, a winner changes after a surprise development, etc.). Lastly, the North Node typically shows the areas, products, or candidates favored by the public. The energy of North Node is in Taurus (money, stability, food, real estate) along with the Moon (women, children, safety, security, food) and Uranus (sudden change, surprise twist, freedom, new innovative approach) favors candidates who are seen as new, different, unusual in some way, non-traditional, feminine/motherly/protective, innovative, representing the rights of women, and representing freedom (whatever “freedom” means to individual voters).    

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2 Responses to What is the astrological significance of the Blood Moon total lunar eclipse on Nov 8 2022?

  1. tolstunka says:

    Apparently, the drawing for the record Powerball $2.04 billion jackpot (won in California) was delayed due to a “technical problem” from the night of the Nov 7, 2022 to the morning of Nov 8, 2022 (https://www.northjersey.com/story/news/nation/2022/11/08/powerball-lottery-drawing-for-11722-delayed-by-technical-problem/69628698007/). Very fitting under the Total Lunar eclipse Taurus/Scorpio money signs with Uranus (symbolic of “technical glitches” and “lightening strikes”) in Taurus conjunct the Moon and North Node.

    In the astro chart of the event (lottery drawing), the delay allowed the Moon to catch up with Uranus. As a result, at the revised drawing time, 16-18 degrees of fixed signs were precisely aspected by Moon, Uranus, Saturn, Sun, and Mercury. I would not be surprised if the person (people) who won had some key planets or points in their chart at those degrees. After the delay, the drawing took place on 11-08-22 at 8:57am EST (Tallahassee, FL) — at that moment, the Moon/Uranus/North Node “cluster” was in the 5th house of gambling, fun, entertainment, and luck.

  2. tolstunka says:

    Another relevant event that is a fitting manifestation of the Blood Moon eclipse in Taurus and Scorpio (signs that rule finance) is the fall of the cryptocurrency exchange FTX. On the day of the eclipse, Nov 8 2022, FTT, the token native to FTX, collapsed by 80% on liquidity concerns. The coin fell from about $22 on Monday to below $5, wiping out more than $2 billion in a day (https://www.cnbc.com/2022/11/08/ftxs-ftt-token-plunges-80percent-wiping-out-over-2-billion-in-value.html).

    The ongoing (albeit finally separating for some years) Saturn/Uranus square has already suppressed the crypto market for the past several months. The added energy of the eclipse has really drawn attention to the volatility (Uranus) of digital assets (Uranus in Taurus). As a consequence, Saturn (control) in Aquarius (digital domain, distributed architecture) squaring Uranus in Taurus will likely bring much tighter regulation. As mentioned in the post, Saturn formed a t-square to the eclipse. The 4th “open” corner of the square is in Leo and it is the focal point for the tense t-square energies to flow to resolve the conflict(s). In terms of investments, it could manifest as increased flow of investments into assets associated with Leo (e.g., gold and other metals that are yellow/orange and shiny).

    Long term (over the next 10 years), I think digital currencies will become widely used, but they will likely be government-issued and/or government-regulated. When bitcoin was first launched, Saturn and Uranus were in opposition (no control, rebellion against regulation). The current drop and instability in the crypto domain are occurring under Saturn/Uranus square (tension, fight, breaking point between “control” and “independence,” “centralized” and “distributed” [architecture/approach], “responsible approach” and “unpredictable rollercoaster,” etc.). In 2032, Saturn and Uranus will conjunct in Gemini (commerce) — by then, I expect the quirks to be worked out and digital currencies to be common, tightly regulated, as well as backed or issued by the governments.

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