Pelosi Taiwan visit: Astrology – Mars, Uranus and North Node conjunction 2022 

From late July to mid-August of 2022, Mars, Uranus and North Node (Rahu) are precisely conjunct while being squared by Saturn. Astrologically, this is one of the worst periods of the year and may coincide with large market drops, industrial accidents, bad weather events, power outages, breakdowns, escalations of military tensions, major earthquakes, various disasters, and so on. With conjunction taking place in Taurus, sign associated with finance, there may also be sudden, surprising, or shocking news involving banks, cryptocurrencies, and finance in general (see my post Uranus North Node Conjunction in Taurus — Major Astrological event of 2022 for details and examples of prior events that took place under similar transits in the past). 

Curiously, this triple conjunction falls exactly on the natal conjunction of Mars, Uranus, Venus and Midheaven in the horoscope of Nancy Pelosi, speaker of the House (the third most senior official in the U.S. government). The Mars-Uranus-North Node conjunction also opposes Pelosi’s Moon — meaning that South Node (Ketu) is passing over her natal Moon. South Node often symbolizes challenges or “blast from the past” (e.g., meeting old friends or co-workers) — passing over one’s Moon, it may bring a situation where one experiences stronger than usual emotions or has to address some heath concerns.  

In general, Moon Node transits to the natal chart typically coincide with being seen/recognized, visiting large gatherings in public places, receiving public attention, or doing things of significance that affect large groups of people. For most people, such transits often coincide with attending conferences, weddings, graduations, or other large events; hosting an art exhibit; being featured in a newspaper; being stuck in an airport with many others; etc. Transits to the Midheaven, which is the case for Nancy Pelosi in late July – mid-August of 2022, indicate that career or social status are significant to the ongoing events (e.g., one is traveling for business rather than to attend a wedding). Indeed, speaker Pelosi began a tour of Asia on July 31, 2022 which is a good example of what Nodal transits may bring — being in a public eye, interacting with crowds and impacting larger [than usual] groups. 

On Friday evening (NYC time) / Saturday morning (Asia time), August 5-6, transiting Moon will align with the transiting South Node (and with Pelosi’s natal Moon) — see astrology charts below. Moon transits often pinpoint the timing on a shorter scale since slower-moving planets remain in about the same position for weeks. Globally, this aspect may coincide with an escalation of some tense events, a significant earthquake, serious negotiations, etc. For Pelosi, it highlights the importance of the talks/interactions/professional events that she may be participating in at that time. The involvement of the Moon Nodes indicates that the outcome of any ongoing negotiations or events that take place this week (and especially on Fr/Sat) may be very significant for large groups of people. 

Mars, Uranus & North Node conjunction forms a t-square with Saturn and Moon on August 5-6, 2022
Nancy Pelosi astrology chart (born March 26, 1940). Chart credit: Astrodienst – Astro Databank.

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