Pluto opposition US Sun: The Dow fell almost 6% the week of August 17, 2015 – will there be a deja vu on October 30, 2015?

Pluto precisely opposed US Sun this week and the market had a case of indigestion (blamed on China somehow, but Pluto seems to be the real culprit 😉 ). The stocks “posted biggest weekly loss in nearly 4 years” commented Marketwatch.*

Astrologically, the drop coincided with an exact opposition of transiting retrograde Pluto to the US Sun. This is slow-moving Pluto’s first opposition to the US Sun’s degree in the US history. (Last time this happened in 1768-69, during a “Revolutionary era” and a time of political upheaval leading to the American Revolution

Pluto’s pass the week of August 17, 2015 was part 2 of a three-part event (initial forward pass, retrograde, and final forward pass – this is a typical pattern for slower-moving planets). The first pass was on January 5, 2015 and coincided with DJIA dropping close to 500 pts on Jan 5-6, 2015. The next and final precise pass will occur on Fr. October 30, 2015.

Note that the biggest drops this week occurred on Aug 20-21 and not the 17th, which was the date of the precise Pluto/US Sun opposition. I believe they were triggered by a fast-moving Mercury’s square to US Mars (precise on Aug 20) and conjunction to US Neptune (Aug 21). On Oct 30 – Nov 2, 2015, Mars and Venus will both be going over the same degree that Mercury went over on Aug 20-21 triggering the same aspects. I believe this can manifest as another big drop within 2-3 days immediately preceding or immediately following the precise transit. Additionally, stressful Mars transit can bring accidents, fights, fires, protests, etc.

Since Sun symbolizes leadership, the probability of significant transformative events related to country’s leaders is increased during Pluto/Sun transits. Pluto symbolizes a drastic change, dictatorial control, violent acts, terrorism, nuclear power, etc. Stressful Pluto/Sun aspects indicate that country leaders’ health or status may undergo a major transformation (this can lead to a very good outcome and a vitality boost but is usually not easy as some old pattern has to be completely overcome/discarded first).

This reminds me of the upcoming US elections. I haven’t analyzed any of the election-related info (and am not particularly interested either), but it is noteworthy that transiting Uranus will oppose Donald Trump’s Jupiter on November 8, 2015 – this may manifest as a lucky breakthrough or an exciting, although possibly nerve-wracking, opportunity. Alternatively, he will want freedom from some perceived constriction and may make a surprise if not shocking decision related to wealth, long-distance travel, immigration, foreign connections, higher education, etc.

But back to Pluto transits: Also coming up this year is the third pass of Pluto square US Saturn (ruler of the 2nd house of banks in the US chart). This will occur on Dec 24, 2015 and may manifest as a large market move, concerns about banks or financial system, changes in financial laws, and/or some other significant developments (likely stressful and possibly related to steel, iron, and coal). The market move (probably a drop but not necessarily) and/or events may be triggered by Jupiter as early as mid-Dec when Jupiter will take its turn to join US Neptune and square US Mars. This influence may be felt most strongly on Dec 14-15, but the entire month of December looks important. (See my old post from 2013 How long will the market rally last? A few long-term observations for US economy (2013-2023)**.)

Two previous Pluto/US Saturn square passes occurred on Feb 20-21, 2015 and Jun 14-15, 2015. The DJIA dropped about 100 pts on Feb 9, 2015 when transiting Mars opposed US Neptune and squared US Mars. The second passage coincided with losses of about 100 pts on Jun 12 and Jun 15 (about 200 pts total). At the time of the second pass, transiting Mars conjuncted US Mars and squared US Neptune.


**How long will the market rally last? A few long-term observations for US economy (2013-2023)

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