How long will the market rally last? A few long-term observations for US economy (2013-2023)

Question of the day—how long will the DJI continue going up?

To answer this question with an acceptable degree of probability, I would need to analyze about a gazillion factors. As brilliant as I am, it would take me many hours, and I don’t have the time for that at the moment. However, it’s worth noting a few transits coming up astrologically for the US. These give insights into the economic issues that may come up.

Jupiter (expansion) will transit through the 8th house (debt, taxes, other’s money, income from borrowing and/or investing) of the US chart from about mid-July 2013 to mid-June 2015 – this will likely coincide with continuing borrowing and an increase in the country’s debt (and taxes 🙂 ). The stock market may very well be buoyed by this—it’s like when one feels wealthy because they’ve received money from external sources (e.g., bank), but if it’s a loan, it will eventually have to be paid off. This is a signature of increasing one’s income through investments; also, of borrowing money and possibly accumulating too much debt, if one isn’t careful.

At around the same time, in 2014 and 2015, Pluto and Uranus will form multiple stressful aspects to the US Sun. Pluto will square the Sun in the US chart several times in 2014 (mid-March & mid-May) and 2015 (early Jan, mid-Aug, and late-Oct). Uranus will square US Sun mid-Apr 2014, early Nov 2014, and early Feb 2015. These transits will likely coincide with periods of major transformations in the country regarding debt, power, freedom (e.g., independence from other countries and/or international entities), and international relationships in general.

Uranus will also oppose US Saturn several times around in mid-May 2014, late Sep/early Oct 2014, and early March 2015. Saturn rules 2nd house in the US chart—the house of self-earned income, income from what a country’s economy actually produces vs. borrowed money or taxes, as well as banks, financial institutions, and country’s accumulated money/solid savings (such as a pile of gold in the vault). These transits will likely coincide with the times of sobering realizations of how things are there (how much money is actually being made and saved). There could be sudden/unexpected changes or surprises in this domain (e.g., banks go under in a flash, some unexpected financial reforms are implemented, or, there is a surprise about how much US has/hasn’t saved, etc.). Uranus is a planet of sudden/shocking revelations/changes—so any changes will likely be abrupt, sudden, and/or unexpected.

Then, in mid to late Dec 2015, there will be some major developments regarding financial reforms in the US. In mid Dec, Saturn will oppose US Uranus and conjunct US Ascendant (feeling restriction of freedom, either externally or internally-imposed; imposing self-limitations, out of sense of responsibility; focusing on self-image and becoming more mature/responsible). Mid Dec, Jupiter will conjunct US Neptune (confusion and/or hopefulness about the domestic situation, including availability of basic needs like food/shelter/security). At the same time, in late Dec 2015, Pluto will square US Saturn = major reform regarding finances/banks and how the country earns/saves its money—this could be very drastic (Pluto symbolizes death & total transformation).

Dec2015--USA astro chart transits

Dec2015–USA astro chart transits

Skipping a bit ahead to keep this short (not ‘cause nothing of importance will happen—quite the opposite), Saturn (restriction) will transit through the 2nd house of finances/banks/self-earned income from Jan 2019 to Nov 2022—this brings to mind the word “austerity.” This transit will likely have a chilling effect on financial industry—there may be problems with the banks/financial institutions and/or a restructuring of the banking system (by imposing limitations on it)—some sort of tightening of the belt. The limitation may be self-imposed (reforms) and the nation may even [happily] embrace the responsible/mature idea of living more frugally; but this period will also likely be perceived as “harsh” by some, financially speaking.

Shortly after, in Dec 2022 Pluto will return, for the first time in the country’s history, to its natal position in the chart—this signifies a major transformation/rebirth taking place. This will continue through most of 2023; mid-Feb 2023 could be especially tense, with Saturn conjuncting US Moon. As if this wasn’t enough, in Dec 2022, Neptune will oppose its own position in the US chart (and then cross Nadir a few times, back-forth, in 2023-24). Since Neptune in the US chart rules 4th house of domestic issues associated with basic needs (food, shelter, security, land, home-ownership, etc.), the emphasis of the transformation may have to do with these related domains, from how to feed everyone to changes in homebuilding/housing policies to redrawing borders.

This, again, is a very very general outline, so feel free to zoom in on any of the time periods of interest and discover hidden astro-data gems yourself 🙂


For historical comparison purposes, it may be interesting to note that the last time Saturn transited through the 2nd house in the US chart was in Feb 1989-Jan 1993—there were apparently many issues with financial institutions at the time, related to the Savings and Loans Crisis (also see and There was also a recession in the early 90s.

FDIC website notes this for 1989:

1989–President Bush unveils S&L bailout plan in February [emphasis added]. In August, Financial Institutions Reform Recovery and Enforcement Act (FIRREA). FIRREA abolishes the Federal Home Loan Bank Board and FSLIC, switches S&L regulation to newly created Office of Thrift Supervision. Deposit insurance function shifted to the FDIC. A new entity, the Resolution Trust Corporation is created to resolve the insolvent S&Ls.
Other major provisions of FIRREA include: $50 billion of new borrowing authority, with most financed from general revenues and the industry; meaningful net worth requirements and regulation by the OTS and FDIC; allocation funds to the Justice Department to help finance prosecution of S&L crimes. Additional bank crime legislation the next year (i.e., the Crime Control Act of 1990) mandates a study by the National Commission on Financial Institution Reform, Recovery and Enforcement to uncover the causes of the S&L crisis, and come up with recommendations to prevent future debacles.

[NOTE: I am not supporting or opposing any views about the economy and the nature of financial crises described in the websites referenced above—these are just the first few that came up in the search. In fact, I am learning for the first time in my life that there was such a thing as an S&L crisis—who knew? That’s how naïve I am 🙂 ].

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8 Responses to How long will the market rally last? A few long-term observations for US economy (2013-2023)

  1. tolstunka says:

    You may also find helpful these long-term US astro-observations:

    –“America: 2011 and Beyond” by Austin Coppock

    –“THE US PLUTO RETURN [2022/3]” by Dharmaruci

    –“The national chart of the United States 2008 – 2024” by Liz Greene

  2. jd says:

    Your blog is very interesting; I just found it. Are you going to your predictions for the market for April 2013 like you did for March? It was really good.

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  4. tolstunka says:

    Since Neptune in the US chart rules the 4th house of real estate, housing, land, farms, etc., I wonder if the financial reform(s) in Dec 2015 will be related to that…

  5. tolstunka says:

    Apparently, there was a major drop in prices and exports of wheat (and corn) in 1859-60 — that was when transiting Neptune conjuncted the IC (cusp of the 4th house of land/farming/food/etc.). The next time this transit will occur in 2023-24, so a similar issue may come up. It’s still 10 yrs away, but the increasing pushback against GMOs may potentially hurt US grain exports & set a stage up for some future developments.

    ~ See “The Panic of 1857 and the Coming of the Civil War” by James L. Huston

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