Swaad and Jaggi’s restaurants in Singapore

Wanted to quickly comment on 2 more restaurants in Little India in Singapore:

1) SWAAD, Gujarati Thali vegetarian restaurant (https://foursquare.com/v/swad–gujarati-veg-restaurant/4e48a8b6483b03d090fd8fec)

70 Desker Road
Singapore 209593
Tel: +65 6298-8386

I like the relaxed atmosphere & pleasant décor (yes, I like nice colorful surroundings when I eat 🙂 )—it’s never been too crowded or noisy. The servers have been attentive without bothering you every 2 min (as they tend to do in the US, for some reason). The food is fresh and tastes good, although some dishes are a bit too oily for my taste.

SWAAD inside

SWAAD inside

SWAAD Pav bhaji & some dal

SWAAD Pav bhaji & some dal

2) Jaggi’s Northern Indian Cuisine (http://www.tripadvisor.com/Restaurant_Review-g294265-d785338-Reviews-Jaggi_s_North_Indian_Restaurant-Singapore.html)

34 Race Course Rd
Singapore 218553
Tel: +65 6296-6141

Large selection of vegetarian curries, which taste petty good, although it almost seems to depend on who is cooking that day—some days, curries are really tasty, some—just ok. Humble décor. The one thing I found to be consistently good is onion kulcha—so fresh and delicious… mmm… highly recommend! I’ve never had any problems with the staff—in fact, I observed them to be very patient with some guy who kept changing his mind after he already placed the order to the kitchen and sat down.

Jaggi's Onion kulcha

Jaggi’s Onion kulcha

Jaggi's Onion kulcha close-up

Jaggi’s Onion kulcha close-up

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