Cyprus financial crisis–reposting my recent tweets



There are various transits coming up to the astro chart of Cyprus ( To capture it all more coherently & provide more in-depth interpretations, I plan on writing a separate post. For now, just wanted to re-post my tweets, to keep the info in one place and reach a different audience:

Cyprus tweets (03.18.13)

Cyprus tweets (03.18.13)

Image of the Cyprus flag courtesy of creativedoxfoto /

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1 Response to Cyprus financial crisis–reposting my recent tweets

  1. tolstunka says:

    Yet another example that it’s useful to look at the charts of key stakeholders to predict timing/nature of the events (e.g., CEO of the company, president, etc.). On March 25, 2013, when Cyprus bailout agreement was reached, Uranus *precisely* conjuncted Jeroen Dijsselbloem’s Sun. (JD was born 29 March 1966, acc. to Wikipedia.)

    This transit typically corresponds with feeling impulsive, excited, like breaking rules & doing something out of ordinary to express one’s individual ego/spirit. In highly evolved persons, the transit may well coincide with times of brilliant insights & revelations; an “average” person may experience it more as a strong urge to break away from some old limiting experiences & do things his/her own way, despite/against established societal rules and/or expectations.

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