August 24 – 28, 2015: Financial astrology predictions

USA: Continuing focus on leaders (esp. their international popularity, connections, and health/wellbeing), international relationships, higher education, taxes, investments, and insurance. There may news about laws and/or international developments affecting these areas (e.g., some new law affecting taxation of earnings from international ventures, changes in how financial institutions lend or invest money, or some sort of governmental regulation of how lenders operate).

EDIT (08.23.15): In addition to the global aspects and transits to the US chart, I also looked at China’s natal chart ( Some weekly predictions have been augmented or edited accordingly.

China: Long-term (from early 2014 to late 2016), Pluto is making a few stressful aspects to its chart that indicate a major transformation related to the 2nd house (banks, financial institutions, currency, accumulated wealth, self-earned money), 5th house (speculation, risk taking, gambling), and 8th house (investments, others’ money, debt, loans, taxes, insurance). Focus on issues related to houses 5 & 8 will be quite strong this week (probably even stronger than last week) and for two more weeks after this one — this may manifest as some trouble related to the stock market, debt, loans, or investments in general. Since Pluto (in Capricorn) is transiting through the 12th house in China’s chart, the source of the problems or pressure may be hidden activities of large corporate or governmental entities, pressure from secret enemies, entities attempting to isolate China, or entities that are very idealistic and simply don’t care about material issues such as earnings.

Another long-term influence for China (same dates) is a major reform of their mining, steel/iron, coal, rocks/minerals, construction, and related industries. This reform will have the same origin (e.g., some hidden activities, isolation, pressure from secret enemies, etc.), but will go relatively smoothly and will strengthen the above-listed industries as a result. This strengthening will probably occur through transforming international relationships (they will be more energized and grow in new directions), building partnerships within these industries, and improving service (to support businesses and customers) and workforce conditions.

AUG 24, 2015 (MON): Weak-medium influence; market may possibly go up (55%).

Aug 24-26: Increased likelihood of positive news about healthcare and medical breakthroughs. The up influence is stronger in the afternoon; in the early morning there may be a drop.

USA: Aug 24-26 — possibly positive news about employment, government workers (e.g., post office, teachers, police, etc.), and international partnerships.

EDIT (08.23.15): China — On Aug 24-25, there may be some news about profits of large corporate entities or government-owned organizations — the news will probably be positive (e.g., earnings have increased, the entity is valued higher than expected, change in government or corporate policies was profitable, etc.). The area may be in mining, nuclear power, stock market, casinos, and/or movie industry.

AUG 25, 2015 (TUE): Medium influence; market may possibly go up (60-65%). The mood should be fairly hopeful and optimistic today. EDIT (08.23.15): The up influence is stronger in late afternoon.

Aug 25-26: Some discussions, agreements, or contracts related to mining, coal, iron, and/or steel may receive extra attention today. These agreements may be US-related.

USA: Aug 25-26 — In addition to the discussions above, there may be increased discussions about prisons, drugs, chemicals/pollution, medications, end elderly. These issues may well be related to mining or minerals extracted through mining, and/or production of derived products. The news will likely be positive (e.g., new chemical can help fight pollution, an agreement to mine something was reached, etc.).

AUG 26, 2015 (WED): Medium influence; market may possibly go down (55%). The down prediction is mainly due to dissipating optimistic mood. The down influence is stronger in the afternoon; the early morning may still see an up move.

EDIT (08.23.15): The Pluto square China’s Mercury will be quite precise on Wed-Fr., which may increase worries about Chinese markets and spook the investors.

AUG 27, 2015 (TH): EDIT (08.23.15): Medium influence; market may possibly go down (55%). [The original prediction was “Medium influence; market may possibly go up (55%). The up influence is relatively weak.” I changed it to down given stressful transit to the China’s chart.]

Aug 27-28: There may be a public announcement or an announcement at a large public gathering about some deal/partnership/marriage. This may possibly relate to the outcome of discussions on Aug 25-26.

AUG 28, 2015 (FR): EDIT (08.23.15): Medium influence; market may possibly go down (55%). [The original prediction was “Medium influence; market may possibly go up (55%). The up influence is relatively weak, but strengthen somewhat in the afternoon.” While there are a few positive influences as well, I changed the overall direction to down given stressful transit to the China’s chart. Also, Monday Aug 31, looks like a reversal date — probably a MIN with the market going up on Tue, Sep 1st.]

USA: There may be positive news about country’s goals and vision for the future (e.g., the economy is developing as desired, the forecast is optimistic, expansion is expected, etc.) — this may relate to employment, medicine, and/or government workers (e.g., post office, teachers, police, etc.). There may also be minor positive news about US financial industry (e.g., that there are still opportunities to make profit and that money is still available).

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