Jan 6-9, 2014 Predictions: Financial Astrology

Am still working on some other stuff and have only had the time to put together some predictions for this upcoming week.


In sum: This whole week, esp. 6-7, the news will continue to focus on topics like mortgages, real-estate, food supply, and various domestic issues. Of particular interest/importance will be regulation of the above issues by the government and/or some large corporate entities.

In the US especially (mostly on Jan 6-9), there may be anger and/or push for action in the above areas to remove some obstacles or old laws, or to override conservative approach in some way in order to foster the growth of real-estate market, to improve opportunities to save (by banks and/or by citizens), to improve conditions for the banks, to stabilize banks, etc. The motivation will be desire for greater freedom and expansion in the areas related to various domestic issues, such as homeland security, real-estate, mortgages, people’s living conditions, food supply security, farming, banks and savings (by banks or by citizens), etc. These sorts of issues will be mostly pondered, digested, internalized, reflected on, mused about, etc. at this time – the final enactment, culmination, passing the laws, or the laws taking effect will likely take place at the end of April 2014 (esp. 25-29). So, expect discussions on topics related to real-estate, mortgages, banks, financial system [regulation], savings, etc. that take place the week of Jan 6 to result in some follow-up actions/finalization around April 25-29.


Jan 6 (Mon): Strong influence; market may possibly go down (60-65%).

Jan 6-7: Increased likelihood of investors displaying some excessive behavior and overreacting to the news – either selling or buying (esp. on the news related to mortgages, real-estate, banks’ profits, domestic security, etc.). Regardless of the market direction, the probability of greater than average size swings is increased. Jan 6-7 could be a MIN, or at least the market direction will probably change on the 8th.

USA: On Jan 6-7, there’s increased possibility of some mildly positive international news (e.g., about partnerships or group participation, and/or progress toward some common goal).

Jan 7 (Tue): Strong influence; market may possibly go down (60%). Busy news day, esp. in the morning, with news probably focusing on government regulations of financial sector, money flow, and/or income of large corporate entities. If large corporations (or even entire countries) are to report profits today, the news will probably be good (e.g., that the profits have increased, the company is solid, long-term prognosis is improving, etc.).

USA: On Jan 7-8, there may be some brief positive news about the US status in the world, incl. improved economic influence, leadership position, etc. Additionally, there may be hopeful news or just hopeful mood that the real-estate market is doing well or that it will improve soon (e.g., “we hit the bottom and now we can only go up”-type of sentiment), that domestic economy is stabilizing, that it is or will be easier to buy a home, save, etc. Alternatively, hopeful mood will be about other [home]land-related issues, such as domestic security, food supply, farming, etc.

Jan 8 (Wed): Medium-strong influence; market may possibly go up (55-60%).

On Jan 8-9, public mood will likely be more calm/stable compared to the 6-7 – there may be a general understanding and acceptance of impending/unavoidable governmental regulation of financial matters, the regulation will somehow feel more real, grounded, expressed in reality, signed into a law, etc.

USA: Jan 8-9 may see increased news about hidden issues and agendas (e.g., secretive spying programs, hidden enemies, deception, etc.), and/or, about healthcare and elderly care, drugs, pharmaceuticals, etc. There may also be brief news about poisoning (e.g., contaminated water), or that bad weather trapped people somewhere, or that someone got lost (e.g., under an avalanche), etc.

Jan 9 (Th): Medium-strong influence; market may possibly go up (55-60%).

Jan 10 (Fr): Medium influence; market may possibly go up (60-65%), esp. in the afternoon.

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  1. tolstunka says:

    Per Bloomberg news, Jan 10, 2014: “President Barack Obama declared an emergency in West Virginia today after a chemical spill tainted drinking water, forcing officials to issue a ban on using the supplies as state and federal agencies began investigations.” http://bloom.bg/1adYfCh

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