Jan 13-17, 2014 Predictions: Financial Astrology

Yup, am still working on something 🙂 and have only had the time to put together predictions for this upcoming week.


In sum: The mood will likely remain fairly positive all week – the market will probably continue going up, to peak somewhere around January 21-22. To a large degree, this positive mood will be due to upbeat news about the economy from the US; the most likely source of positive news will be workforce and healthcare.

Additionally, in the US, there may be greater than usual focus on things related to IT, telecommunications, travel (including airlines), retail sales in general (i.e., of small miscellaneous items) and sales of electric/unusual/unique cars in particular. This week, esp. Jan 13-15, is a great time for making improvements in these areas (e.g., coming up with innovations, offering new services or products, announcing new leadership, etc.).


Jan 13 (Mon): Medium influence; market may possibly go up (55-60%).

Jan 13-15: Good days for making announcements about improvements, new leadership, or new technology in the area of IT, travel (esp. airlines and electric or unusual cars), new technologies (such as communication devices and navigation systems), etc.

USA: Jan 13-15 look positive in terms of improved US status in the world (e.g., there may be good news about its economy improving or some success on the global arena).

Jan 14 (Tue): Weak influence; market may possibly go up (60%). There is an increased possibility of a brief (and likely positive) announcement around noon about banks, savings, mortgages, real estate, and/or food/farming.

On Jan 14-16, there is an increased probability of arguments over money or a push for greater [government/corporate] control over money –the arguments will likely revolve around ensuring fairness and proper balanced approach to governing/controlling the financial system and/or the flow of money. The situation will likely involve partners arguing over spending/investments/earnings/etc. – the arguments may be presented in the seesaw-like manner in order to develop a balanced outcome. Because there is a strong push for action, any arguments will likely be resolved or some outcome will be achieved fairly quickly.

Jan 15 (Wed): Medium influence; market may possibly go up (60-65%).

USA: On Jan 15, there may possibly be a brief public announcement related to the areas of IT, communications, travel, retail sales, or education – potentially, about some situation that has been developing over previous months and will now be highlighted in the news. The announcement may involve reporting some achievement/conclusion of a project and will likely involve or affect unions/larger groups of people [workers] – for example, union workers or several organizations may reach an agreement or revise the terms of contract, which would affect how they function together as a group.

Jan 16 (Th): Medium influence; market may possibly go up (60%).

USA: On Jan 16-17, there may be increased focus on governmental regulation and oversight of areas of the economy/industries related to or known for hidden, shadowy, secretive activities (e.g., spying). Alternatively, the focus may be on regulation of mines/mining (and anything that is dug up from the earth, such as metals), healthcare (esp. drugs and pharmaceuticals), chemicals/poisons/contamination (esp. of water), and/or ameliorating the suffering of people from disadvantaged backgrounds or those who are locked up/isolated in some manner (e.g., elderly, sick, prisoners, etc.).

Jan 17 (Fr): Medium influence; market may possibly go up (60-65%), esp. in the afternoon.


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