Stock market August 24-25, 2011

As mentioned previously, I still expect the market to decline as transiting Mars (fire, war, violence) forms a square (tension, eruption, burst) to Saturn (boundaries, limitations, earth/rocks/steel).

1. On the afternoon of the 24th (EST, NYC), the Moon (emotions, human body) will trigger the ongoing Uranus/Pluto square (tension bet. new/rebellious/accident-type of energy & nuclear/control/manipulation of masses-type of energy). To me, this can indicate concerns about safety–emotional and/or physical. Moon moves very quickly, so this influence lasts maybe 1/2 a day. However, combined with the Mars/Saturn in an almost precise square, it will be likely , in my opinion, to result in stocks sell off.

2. Then, on the morning of the 25th, the Moon will join Mars at the top of the chart on the Midheaven (public affairs, leaders, prominence) = emotional military news/military leaders prominent. Both Mars & Moon will be squaring a rising Saturn (holding back, caution). I expect this arrangement to yield a market decline, because of the major tension (square) bet. “negative” planets (Mars & Saturn), and the fact that Saturn is rising, while Mars is on the Midheaven (major horoscope points). Although, I suppose, it is possible that the square here symbolizes a desire to break the tension, by overthrowing/bursting the caution (Saturn) under the influence of public news (Midheaven) about military actions (Mars). Moon conjuncting Mars either fuels emotional response to these military actions or reflects public safety concerns.

There are other things going on in the chart (e.g., Venus [money, profits] conjuncting Sun [radiant/source energy] trining [harmony] Pluto [death, power over masses]), but the post is getting long as it is… check out the chart below yourselves…

Astro chart for August 25, 2011 at 9:30am EST, NYC

Astro chart for August 25, 2011 at 9:30am EST, NYC

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1 Response to Stock market August 24-25, 2011

  1. tolstunka says:

    During the week of Aug 22, 2011, DJI gained about 4%. Aug 25, the day of the precise square bet. Mars & Saturn, was the only down day (1.5%).

    There was some bad weather with flooding in areas affected by hurricane Irene, so anyone affected wld experience financial losses due to damages or delays due to emergency preparations (e.g., cancelled flights, no public transport, loss of power)… but this didn’t seem to translate into an immediate effect on the stock market.

    I suppose the news abt Steve Jobs resigning from his role as Apple’s CEO on Aug 24 cld qualify as news abt a leader… it had some effect on some stocks, but it wasn’t anything too major…

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