Follow up on Aug 24, 2011 predictions

Wanted to post this comment as a separate post, so as to not make the comment list to previous 2 related posts predicting market conditions for Aug 24, 2011 too long…

I just learned that on August 24, 2011, Russian Soyuz rocket crashed in Siberia (, so now the International Space Station may need to be abandoned by November, 2011.

Again, no immediate effect on the stock market, but a good example of Mars square Saturn energy: Mars (iron, fire, hot, engine, moving parts, action, war, weapons) squaring (tension, breaking point) Saturn (steel, rocks, bones, constriction, cold, inflexible, old, limitations, boundaries) = ripe conditions for mechanical breakdowns or any sort of stalemate situations.

Two scenarios are possible, depending on which planet “wins”: Either things that are trying to move (Mars) simply can’t (Saturnian restriction wins), OR, they move too fast (stronger Mars influence), resulting in the old/inflexible parts (Saturn) breaking. Seems whoever scheduled the launch on that day did not check to make sure astro conditions were favorable.

Common sense advises to avoid scheduling bone surgeries, etc. on such days (unless the surgeon is highly skilled–with proper focus much can be accomplished, but it takes max concentration). Similarly, not the best day for launching new company or products, especially if they are related to cars, mechanical repairs, steel & iron, etc. They may still succeed, but will likely take more work than expected.

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  1. tolstunka says:

    Another example of such breakdowns is the [hopefully minimal] damage sustained by the nuclear plant in Virginia (North Anna) following the very rare and unusual 5.8-magnitude earthqauke that shook the area on Aug 23, 2011.

    As it turns out, the earthquake last week that may have exceeded levels for which the plant was designed ( The NRC is sending additional inspectors to the North Anna power plant after conducting prelim analyses, the commission said on Aug 29 (

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