Stock market prediction for week of October 03, 2011

Very quick observation–on a shorter time frame, the week of October 03, 2011 will see some boost from Mars (energy) squaring (tension, burst) Jupiter (abundance, going overboard). Additionally, Venus (money) will emerge that Monday, having left the prior Friday’s restricting conjunction with Saturn (boundaries) behind.

I expect the mood that week (or at least Mon-Tue) to be more optimistic than usual. Probably good for iron (Mars). Many people may feel an urge to act and do something! Depending on individual charts, this may manifest as desire to travel, exercise, play games, invest, etc. (things that require acting & not worrying about risks)…

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4 Responses to Stock market prediction for week of October 03, 2011

  1. tolstunka says:

    A brief note before market opens in NYC on Mon am: Mars is squaring Jupiter, and Moon is squaring Uranus right at the opening–quick movement likely. Given situation in Greece–down wld be a logical direction, but surprises r possible (Uranus=surprise/unexpected).

    Overall, Mars square Jupiter influence tends to make ppl go overboard/over-extend/do too much, so if there is selling, many may over-do it. However, I still think there will be plenty of takers to buy stocks at their low–many ppl will feel drawn to risky investments today, so a follow-up rally (or rallies throughout) are likely, in my opinion. Same folks may even decide to buy
    their own investments right back.

  2. tolstunka says:

    For intraday on Oct 3, some increased activity can be expected roughly bet 12:30pm and 1:30pm EST, cos MC will be going over 4 planets in quick succession (meaning planets will be overhead in the sky for those in NYC), while transiting Moon conjuncts Pluto (fear/supressed emotions).

    I’d say 1:14pm & 1:30pm may be the most noteworthy times, when we can expect reversals (DJI, GLD); probably a down move at 1:14pm (Saturn on MC) & up move at 1:30pm (Venus on MC).

  3. tolstunka says:

    To follow-up on what has already occuured: at 1:56pm EST exactly, Pluto conjunct (joined) AC, with Moon conjuncting Pluto there w/in .5 degree. As mentioned above, this symbolically represents fear/suppressed emotions. I feel it was the most fearful moment of the day & things shd pick up from here.

    Right before closing tho (arnd 3:50pm), Mars will be close to conjuncting DC, squared by Jupiter, in quincunx w/Moon+Pluto = this cld be another time when a rapid move is triggered, probably down.

    • tolstunka says:

      Oh, I see, ppl did find another reason to panic–at 2:51pm EST, Saturn squared AC, so a drop (in DJI) occurred right before that (about a degree before aspect became exact, which is a typical orb–influence is the strongest as aspect is approaching). This happens every day tho, so shd be a quick passing influence. At 3:04pm, Venus will be approaching a square with AC too–this cld manifest as another reversal.

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