Stock market July-Aug 2012

So the week of Aug 08, 2011 was eventful–astrologically, it coincided with Mars (fire, war, military, action, anger) forming a square (tense aspect, conflict) to the existing square between Uranus (revolution, electricity, sudden change, innovation, IT, computers, flying) & Pluto (death, rebirth, nuclear, power, energy, masses, control, extermination, manipulation).

The Uranus-Pluto square is ongoing and will remain in the skies for years, until the final, slow but steady, separation begins around March of 2017. Between now and then, these two planets (and the issues they symbolize) will remain in a more or less precise square (tense energy). For economy, this would indicate tensions, with occasional eruptions, between forces that want to control (e.g., masses of people, approaches to energy, etc.) & forces demanding change/breakthrough/innovation (e.g., alternative energy sources).

Whenever transiting planets “trigger” this Uranus-Pluto square by conjuncting, squaring, or opposing the sensitive degrees, we can expect moves in the stock market. The “stronger” the planets, the slower they move, the bigger the effect.

The next time Mars will trigger the Uranus-Pluto square, similar to the way it happened the week of Aug 8, 2011, will be the week of July 16, 2012. On the 16th, the Sun (ego, will, personal expression) will be squaring Saturn (pessimism, conservative approach, rigid attitude, boundaries), so I expect that week to be an eventful one again.

The week of August 13, 2012, is also noteworthy–Mars will conjunct (uniting of energies) Saturn, while Venus (sweetness, love, money, pleasures) will trigger the Uranus-Pluto square. Venus by itself would not bring about a huge market move, although it could color the trading mood for a day. However, since this event is occurring at the same time as the Mars-Saturn conjunction, it collaborates the expectation that the 3rd week of August 2012 will be a significant one. Overall, I expect a down trend.  Likely a significant week for metals (Mars=iron, Saturn=steel)–not sure of the direction for metals yet, but anything that’s dug up from the earth (Saturn) may actually receive a boost of energy (Mars), for better or worse.

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