April 04, 2011 more detailed stock market prediction

OK, here is a quick one, as it’s getting late (this is being posted at 12:51am EDT): A bit more detail (EDT, NYC) for April 04, 2011. This is now specifically for GLD, but major activity points will work for many (if not most) other stocks/ETFs/indexes too.

Bolded times are the ones at which I expect more significant activity and the ones I am the most sure of. I am the least sure of#4 —seemed to work on Fr to form a daily max at 2:30pm, but there was another signature present, that’s not there on Mon, so will see.

  1. Cld be movement fr abt 10:43am up(?) till abt 10:51-52 (cld be one of daily max points).
  2. As early as 11:40am or as late as 11:49am, a movement may begin (probably down) to reach major (min?) point at abt 12:10pm. Then, the reverse move (up?) begins to reach a high(?) at abt 1:04pm (an earlier smaller peak also possible at 12:59pm, so there cld be a double-peak formation).
  3. Possible increase in activity at abt 1:30pm & at 1:44pm; there may possibly be an upward(?) move bet 1:30pm to reach a 1:44pm high(?).
  4. Another possible daily max at abt 2:15pm and/or at 12:21 (possibly double peak or time of general daily high).

p.s. Make sure to listen to Daler Mehndi – Tunak Tunak Tun
 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-bAN7Ts0xBo to start off ur Mon on a happy note! 😀 😉

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