Quick follow-up on 03.29.11 predictions

In sum, conjunctions formed by transiting planets to horoscope angles (EDT, NYC) did show correlation with intraday swings for many stocks/ETFs. In particular, 2 aspects seemed to correspond w/increased activity in many stock charts I checked:

(1) Around 11:31am = Pluto conjunct Descendent = I was expecting a major daily MAX (yes, there was one–see pic2); and

(2) Around 12-55pm to 1:20pm = Sun, then shortly Jupiter conjunct Midheaven (with Saturn at the opposite end at Nadir) = I was expecting a left-skewed bell curve similar to the one on 03.28.11 (yes, there often was an upward move at that time, although the curve was more pronounced for some stocks/ETFs than others. See pic 3; interesting that GLD showed a fairly clear curve, as gold is typically associated w/Sun in astrology).

In simpler words, these were the times when (1) Pluto was setting in the West & (2) Sun and Jupiter were right above our heads.

More details to follow. For now, just wanted to post a few pics: My unedited scribbled astro-prediction notes (w/all the errors… haha) & selected charts (from Yahoo Finances), showing DOW J, NASDAQ, USL and GLD for 03.29.11.

Scribbled astro-predictions for 03.29.11

Pic1: Scribbled astro-predictions for 03.29.11

Finance chart

Pic2: Finance chart for 4 indexes/ETFs (03.29.11), line at 11:31

finance chart

Pic3: Finance chart for GLD (03.29.11); dot at 12:55-1:10-1:20

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Just very very talented... what can I do? :) Recently learned that my nakshatra is Purva Phalguni, in case you were wondering...
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2 Responses to Quick follow-up on 03.29.11 predictions

  1. Rajat says:

    I wish I could understand such difficult concepts the way you do..:)

  2. tolstunka says:

    Very flattering–thanks, Rajat 🙂 but actually this is very basic astrology stuff–don’t let the terms/symbols (& my crazy scribbles.. hehe..) throw u off…

    Ultimately, I believe we don’t need to know any advanced methods at all–if one’s intuition is highly developed, u shd be able to tell by ur gut feeling if the next move u r abt to make (e.g., buy/sell a stock) is going to turn out well… moreover, even a loss is never “bad”… there is always a positive lesson in everything…

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