Follow-up on 04.04.11 predictions


DOW max at 12:10pm (04.04.11)

DOW max at 12:10pm (04.04.11)


Annotated results/analyses, with examples for GLD, DOW J, GE and USL (04.04.11; EDT, NYC).

In general, all intraday moves were relatively minor. It appears that the power of any aspect is the strongest shortly before (w/in .5-1.5 degrees) it becomes exact. So, by Monday, the effect of Sunday’s New Moon has apparently faded away.

This time, in addition to conjunctions formed by transiting planets to the daily horoscope angles I took into consideration some squares and trines as well (see below). Some of them worked, but conjunctions are clearly more powerful.

It’s best if one can use the stock chart from the day before to check how similar aspects played out that day—slower moving planets will be in virtually the same position the following day, so a similar market pattern is likely to be observed the next day (w/slightly different timing, scale & possibly different direction, for various reasons). Friday to Monday change is more significant in terms of planetary movements, making the previous trading day chart less useful for predictions.

[1]   10:43am (Mars & Uranus square AC, Venus w/in 1.5 degrees from conjuncting MC)= Beginning of a [relatively] sharp drop. I expected this to be a min.

 GLD 10_43 (1)

[2]  10:51am (Venus conjunct MC exact) = Local max, as predicted.

 GLD 10_51 (2)

[3]  11:40am (Saturn square MC exact) = Quick sharp drop (drop as predicted, but short-lived). Interesting that downward movement coincided with a traditionally “negative” planet forming a traditionally “negative” aspect.

 GLD 11_40 (3)

[4]  11:49am (Jupiter square MC exact) = Tiny local max (on a much smaller scale than expected). Apparently, a traditionally “positive” planet forming a traditionally “negative” aspect “pulled” market back up. 🙂

 GLD 11_49 (4)

[5]  12:10pm (Mars and Uranus conjunct MC exact) = There was an upward movement from 12:10pm to 1:04pm for GLD, as predicted, but 12:10pm was not a bottom/min, as I expected. It was a minor local max for GLD, and a major daily MAX point for DOW J, exceeded very slightly only at 3:41pm, shortly before closing. For USL, there was a volume jump at 12:14pm (see pic for #6).

 GLD_DOW 12_10 (5)

[6]  12:59pm, 1:04pm (Sun, then Jupiter conjunct MC exact) = Local max, as predicted, although not as pronounced as I would have expected; perhaps due to the continuing opposition from Saturn (Sun+Jupiter = happiness, joy, expansion; whereas Saturn = pessimism, caution, restriction; opposition = being pulled in opposite directions). There was an increase in volume for some entities though (e.g., USL).

 GLD 12_59 to 1_04 and USL 1_04 (6)

[7]  1:30pm (Mercury conjunct MC exact) = For GLD, local min (at 1:29pm), as predicted; an upward movement continued for the rest of the day. For DOW J—major daily MAX point, at which a sharp decline began (also at 1:29pm); in contrast, for some other entities it was a point at which a sharp decline ended (e.g., GE at 1:33pm).

 GLD 1_30 DOW 1_29 GE 1_33 (7)

[8] 1:44pm (Moon conjunct MC exact) = Not much happening for GLD; however, for DOW J, it was a local max point (as predicted, although I expected this to hold for GLD) with a sharp reversal and a big drop.

 GLD_DOW 1_44 (8)

[9]  2:15pm (Sun trine MC exact) = For GLD, an upward through (with a local max at 2:18pm); for DOW J & USL, a minor local max, as predicted.

 GLD DOW USL 2_15 (9)

[10]2:21pm (Jupiter trine MC exact) = For GLD, a downward through (with a local max at 2:18pm); for DOW J, a minor local max; for USL, a local min with a sharp jump up at 2:22pm.­ I expected this to be a max, so the results are mixed.

GLD DOW 2_21 and USL 2_22 (10)

p.s. All charts came from

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