Florida Hurricane Ian September 2022: Astrology chart shows strong damage potential with effects lasting into the week of October 10, 2022

As mentioned in the “Astrology Predictions for September 2022” post, the week of September 26, 2022 has two major transits that perfectly overlap to increase major disaster potential:

  • Mars trines Saturn retrograde (Sep 25-30; peaks 28-29) — Mars/Saturn trine in air signs may bring increased news about strong/damaging winds, storms, and/or increased turbulent activity or accidents involving objects moving through the air at high speeds. The disruptive manifestation is the most likely on the afternoon of Sep 28 to morning of Sep 29 ET when Moon conjuncts South Node, opposes Uranus, and squares Saturn (forming a tense t-square).
  • Uranus retrograde squares Saturn retrograde (Sep-Nov; peaks around Oct 11)  — Typical disasters under Saturn/Uranus tense aspects manifest as heavy object(s) made of rock/metal/ice/mud falling from a great hight; situations may cause significant damage to structures. Unfavorable for industries involving IT, aerospace, telecoms, power/electric grids, and cryptocurrencies.

As shown in the astrology chart below for Sep 28, 2022, Saturn is squaring Uranus within 1 degree while Mars is exactly trine Saturn. 

Hurricane Ian Florida September 28, 2022 Astrology chart

🌴🌪 Mars (high speed, powerful force ) in trine (easy flow of energy, no obstacles) to Saturn (sustained force, stamina, strength) in Air signs of Gemini and Aquarius, respectively, feed hurricane in Florida with strong sustained winds. 

🌴⚡️ Saturn in square (breaking point, crash) to Uranus (electric grid, air traffic, unexpected/sudden events) in the Earth sign of Taurus (plants, nature; also banks and finance) has a strong potential for causing massive structural and financial damage by disrupting power grids, delaying air flights, damaging vegetation, etc. Uranian influence in this case may bring an element of surprise and unpredictability with the exact path of the hurricane suddenly changing and bringing unexpected damage to areas that were not prepared. To make matters worse, Saturn-Uranus square occurs near Moon Nodes, which typically indicate widespread impact. Around sunset on 9-28-22, Moon joins South Node in Scorpio to complete the t-square with Uranus, Saturn, and the Nodes — this transits occurs right at the time of hurricane Ian making a landfall. Definitely, a good time to shelter and stay safe.

What’s next? Continuing effects from hurricane Ian or resulting serious problems are likely to continue through the week of October 10, 2022:

🌕 Full Moon in Libra on October 9, 2022 — New and Full Moons often coincide with large moves in stock markets and events that have greater than usual impact. With multiple difficult transits unfolding at the same time, the week of Oct 10, 2022 may see a large market drop, problems for transportation, problems for oil/gas/pharma industries, and generally a spike in various issues that demand attention at the same time. In Florida, this may be due to the lingering effects of hurricane Ian.

🌴🌊 As of Sep 28, 2022, Mars is approaching (within 4 degrees) a square with Neptune, which will be exact on October 11, 2022 — This is another very disruptive transit that typically brings damage through or to Neptunian domains. For example, contaminated water leakage, fire at a marina, water erosion affecting structural integrity of a building, chemical spill, gas leak explosion, maritime accident, attack on oil refinery, fighting over oil/gas, spread of infectious disease through contaminated water, etc. With this in mind, I would advise paying close attention to the water quality and securing any facilities that may contaminate water (e.g., through spills) in the communities affected by the hurricane. 

🌴🌊 Additionally, on Oct 11, 2022, Mercury will oppose Jupiter (as it did in mid-September 2022 during the railroad strike negotiations in the U.S.) and Moon will conjunct North Node in Taurus (to form a t-square with Saturn, Uranus and Moon Nodes) — This is a signature of disrupted transportation, difficulties for commercial sector (e.g., stores can’t open, sales are down), and unexpected structural or financial damage (e.g., power outages, service disruptions, damaged buildings collapse, banks suffer greater than expected losses, etc.). It is possible that it may take longer than expected to restore power and services; caution should be taken to inspect all buildings for structural integrity before letting residents back in. In particular, structures near/under water or those containing water (aquariums? marinas?) should be checked carefully.

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