June 7-13, 2021: Weekly financial astrology predictions


Global: Video with 2021 predictions on my YouTube channel

For ongoing background influences for 2018-2026, see Long Term Astrology Forecast post (no new entries this week). It will be updated as I come up with new long-term predictions. If I do, I’ll mention that the long-term forecast was updated



JUN 7, 2021 (MON): Medium influence; market may go up (60%). 

Jun 7-13 (esp. 7 and 10-13), 2021 — Increased focus on various Neptunian domains, such as oil, gas, pharma, chemicals, drugs, water, navy, fishing, pollution, religion, movies, beverages, etc. There may be increased negotiations, news about sales/deals, issues with transportation, problems due to bad weather or hacking, etc. The negotiations or plans may be confusing at this time, the details may be unclear, the nature of negotiations or the parties involved may be secretive/hidden, the transportation route may be hard to determine (e.g., due to some uncertain circumstances, spill, bad weather, etc.). At this time, it may be difficult to know the full extent of the situation; agreements reached at this time will likely need to be revised later due to omissions or errors. 

USA: Jun 7, 2021 — During pre-open hours, there may be optimism about some initiatives related to international agreements, immigration, long distance travel and shipments, international expansion, etc. There may be high hopes for and happiness about amicable agreements and increased earnings from those domains. By the afternoon, the upbeat mood about these areas may fizzle out.   

USA: Jun 7-13 (esp. 7 and 10-13), 2021 — Mild concerns and stressful negotiations related to oil, gas, pharma, chemicals, navy, movies, beverages, drugs, etc. The negotiations may be confusing, contracts may be missing important details, or agreements may be hard to reach due to omitted data and disagreements among partners. At the same time, there may be increased negotiations or news related to stock market, casinos, sports (esp. racing or risky sports), and generally risky, dangerous or military activities. The focus may be on regulations to reduce volatility and ensure open/free but safe communication/transportation. For ex., there may be discussions about regulating risky investments, protecting soldiers, improving firearms safety, improving car safety, preventing on-line bullying, ensuring safety of journalists and social media influencers, and so on.  

JUN 8, 2021 (TUE): Medium influence; market may go up (55%).

JUN 9, 2021 (WED): Medium influence; market may go up (55%). 

June 9-11, 2021 — Important announcements about new projects or leaders in the areas related to retail sales, IT, and communication/transportation (incl. social media, cars, phones, airplanes, etc.). We may hear about new [female] leaders or about projects that aim to ensure physical or emotional safety when communicating or traveling (e.g., to protect children from cyber-bullying, to prevent vehicles from overheating, to prevent contact with polluted environment, etc.).

JUN 10, 2021 (TH): Medium-Strong influence; market may go down (55%). 

JUN 11, 2021 (FR): Medium-Strong influence; market may go down (60%). 

Mon, Jun 14, 2021 — Looks like a down day with concerns about market volatility (incl. currencies and cryptocurrencies) and continuing concerns about oil/gas/pharma/chemicals/etc. Additionally, for the US, on June 14 there may be increased concerns about leaders, status on the global arena, the value of currency, and/or about banks’ stability or their earnings. For China, June 14 may bring concerns about the earnings, expenses, or financial losses related to oil/gas/pharma/chemicals/etc.; there may also be increased news about currency value and banks. 


>>>> Glance ahead (repeated from last week):

Global: Jun 29 – Jul 9, 2021 (esp. Jul 1-6) — Increased probability of major accidents, earthquakes, escalation of military tensions, antigovernment protests, fires, explosions, lightening strikes, and of other tense or dangerous events. The events may occur suddenly, and may be due to accidental overheating of some material (e.g., something used in construction or farming) or sudden onset of turbulent weather (tornado, lightening storm). In particular, there is an increased risk of old worn-out metal parts (e.g., parts of an engine) overheating and breaking under pressure; this may affect air travel or airspace-related projects (e.g., a rocket test is unsuccessful). At the same time, there may be wild market swings and excess volatility, esp. related to banks, financial institutions, currencies, and cryptocurrencies. The swings may lead to aggressive governmental regulations. Some asset may be rising and falling like crazy during a short time; the trading may be halted or be stop-and-go.

Global: Jul 27-30 — Possibly large stock market moves, esp. on Jul 28-29. The direction may be up. Regardless of the direction, there may be increased volatility with investors going overboard and some limits being exceeded. Also, at this time we can expect increased news about immigration, laws, international relations, and long distance travel/transportation. There may be some legal arguments, conflicts involving judges, or difficulties for travelers and companies involved in transporting goods over long distances. Travel and shipments may temporarily be disrupted (possibly due to weather or some legal decision). In terms of weather, this time may correspond to some extreme conditions (like a hot dry spell, excessive winds, volcanic eruption polluting air with ashes, etc.). The events above (e.g., being involved in a high-profile lawsuit or experiencing difficulties while traveling internationally) may involve a celebrity or a prominent person (e.g., royalty, actor, politician, etc.).

Global/USA: August and December of 2021 — Increased focus on gold (and silver) prices and the value of US dollar. Gold (and silver) prices may reverse at those times. This may be related to some monetary policy changes in the US and/or changes in the value of USD. Some issue(s) related to rates and financial policies that have previously come up in April may be revisited in August, and reach a final resolution/peak in December. The key dates (+- couple of days) when gold and/or silver price may reverse (probably to down after reaching a TOP) will be around Aug 9, and especially Dec 15, 2021. 

USA: Aug 24, 2021 – Feb 28, 2022 — Confusion or uncertainty related to military, weapons, navy, and partnership agreements or deals with international partners. There is a greater than usual probability of some miscommunication or unintentional error leading to escalating tensions or maritime accidents (esp. involving chemicals, bioweapons, submarines, and “unseen” treats, incl. hacking/spying). The next period when this influence will likely intensify is the week of Aug 30, 2021 — at that time, we can expect a repeat of events/themes similar to those that will be prominent late March – early April 2021 (this is is true globally as well, but may affect the US more).

Global: Sep 1-3, 2021 — Increased stressful news about oil, gas, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, navy, religion, drugs, poisons, lies, beverages, music, movies, etc. This may result in a large market drop on Sep 3, 2021.

Global: Apr 4, 2022 (+- few days) —  Possible major oil spill, chemical attack, major weather event involving excessive precipitation, a large earthquake (with tsunami or floods), or a large-scale industrial accident. As mentioned in the OIL predictions above, around this time (+- few weeks), expect major floods, large-scale oil leaks, flu epidemic or some other infectious disease outbreak, also, an oil price drop due to oil glut. These events may be related (e.g., bad weather affects oil production/transportation and consequently oil prices, or, oil tanker suffers an accident in bad weather and spills large quantities of oil) or they may be independent. 

Global: Aug 1, 2022 (+- few days) — Possible accident, bad weather event, or an industrial disaster involving an airplane or some flying vehicles/objects, electricity, engine, battery, fire, explosion, and excessive speed (where typically slow speed would be expected – such as accelerating too fast or coming to an abrupt stop instead of slowly rolling to a stop). There may also be sudden, surprising, or shocking news involving banks, cryptocurrencies, and finance in general (with focus on digital/on-line solutions). This may involve a sudden cancellation of a project, a business going bankrupt, a company/bank suddenly closing, a valuable asset suddenly sky rocketing or losing all value, a wild swing in the value of some cryptocurrency, a sudden power surge leading to an explosion/fire/power loss, and so on. Lastly, there may be surprising or shocking news involving farming or construction — e.g., a well-known building under construction catches fire, or, production of some food is halted.

China: 2022 spring-summer (esp. July-Aug) — Increased probability of significant flooding as well as major accidents and associated financial losses (e.g., due to floods). 

USA: 2022-2023 — Difficult and may be even turbulent times. Coincides with Neptune’s (confusion, deception, water, oil, chemicals, etc.) transit through the 4th house of real-estate, land, farming, banks, assets, etc. as well as Pluto return (a major overhaul of all old systems and power structures, a rebirth; may be accompanied by scandals and power struggles at the top). Fluctuation in real-estate prices, problems with the banks and financial institutions (banks under water?), floods destroying land and agriculture, oil spills, chemical poisoning of soil, confusion about the borders (of the country and individual entities, such as states), confusion about the leadership, overhaul of the financial system, power plays among corporate and governmental entities [to gain control over resources / profits], overhaul of the power structures, reform or dismantling of power structures or powerful organizations (such as police, nuclear power plants, and banks), massive tax reforms, and even constitutional changes. This may be a chaotic time, but the events may result in certain outdated power structures and dysfunctional systems being purged/reformed. 

Global: Neptune conjunct Saturn in 2025 through early 2026 (esp. May-Sep, 2025 and Jan-Mar, 2026) may coincide with another major viral epidemic. Neptune/Saturn conjunction was in effect during the deadly Spanish flu pandemic of 1918, which killed an estimated 20-50 million people. With Neptune entering Aries at the same time (Aries rules things like military, war, sports, surgery, fire, etc.), the outbreak may be associated with inflammation, fever, dehydration, etc. and/or may be related to bioweapon development, fires spreading pollution, lack of [clean] water due to drought, etc. Update [05.23.21]: Other manifestations may include major maritime disasters, massive oil spills, breakdowns of infrastructure necessary to support related industries (e.g., oil, gas, water, pharma, etc.) and generally stressful events affecting the value and availability of oil, gas, chemicals, clean water, etc. There may be shortages and/or rationing of the related products. This will likely be a major reversal point for oil and gas prices (probably a TOP). For other related products, such as clean water or some drug or chemical, this too can be a time of massive price peaks or drops. Lastly there may be some concerns related to religious or faith-based groups (e.g., cults) — there may be concerns about oppression (of the members and by the members) or inappropriate activities. Update [05.31.21]: An oil spill that may occur at this time (esp. around Aug 9, 2025) could be significant — for example, Exxon Valdez spill also occurred under the Saturn Neptune conjunction. As such, it would likely have important consequences for the energy industry. This possibility is supported by the fact that both planets will switch signs in 2025 from the watery Pisces, friendly to Neptune, to the fiery Aries ruled by Mars, “god of war.” Under the influence of the new sign, the view of the Neptunian products (e.g., oil, navy, pharmaceuticals, chemicals, movies, water, fish, etc.) may shift from “we have a lot of it and it’s easy to obtain” to one or more of the following: “We have so much of it that we need to impose restrictions on production,” “we don’t have enough and the supply is drying up,”  and/or “the price is climbing too high, so we need to set ceiling limits on the price.” With possible concerns about the availability of clean water, there may be a big push for industrial-scale projects on efficient waste water treatment and water recycling. There will likely be increased efforts to stop the spread of some contamination, disease, etc. and to minimize water pollution. More generally, there may be major changes in Neptunian domains, incl. oil, gas, pharma, chemicals, water, etc. — from the abundance and/or high prices to shortages, losses, and lowering the prices through restrictions. 

Global: Feb 1, 2025 (+- few days) — Major accidents, floods, oil spills, gas leaks, industrial disasters, prison breaks, problems with medical research facilities, and/or healthcare-related problems (e.g., pandemic or problems with hospitals or pharmaceuticals). The value of oil, gas, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, clean water, some beverage, etc. may be in focus — some extreme price point may be reached (e.g., a major TOP in the value of oil or some drug). There may be increased concerns about [water] pollution, poisons, contamination, infestation, as well as deceptive activities, hacking, lies, etc. Additional affected areas could be beverages, movie theaters, concert halls, hospitals, etc. There may also be breakthroughs or major achievements or discoveries in those areas, such as a miracle drug, chemical with amazing properties, super-popular song/movie/beverage, water with special properties, underwater tunnel that everyone wants to visit, etc.

Global: Apr 11 and 21, 2025 (+- few days) — Major accidents, earthquakes, industrial disasters, and/or governmental or corporate shakeups. Events occurring at this time are likely to affect large numbers of people and/or be featured heavily in the news resulting in large numbers of people becoming familiar with the event(s). Possible manifestations include an earthquake with a tsunami, major flooding, collapse of some large structures, distraction of a well-known ancient building, death/removal of a prominent leader, water pollution event, etc. The situation may involve an accident (or intentional attack) that blocks a flow of water, oil, gas, etc. — for ex., a blocked water way or a pipeline. These events may lead to protests or fighting in the subsequent days (end of April 2025).

USA: Apr 21 – May 30, 2025 (esp. May 5-12, 2025) and Jan-Feb 2026 — Greater than usual moves in gold and/or silver prices, notable events related to US monetary policy and/or currency value changes. 

Global and USA: Jun 14, 2025 (+- few days) — Globally, increased probability of major accidents (esp. involving lightening storms, airplanes, and power plants), bad weather, and increased market volatility (esp. related to finance, currencies, and banking). At the same time, for the US, there is an increased probability of major developments related to oil, gas, chemicals, floods, water, navy, pharmaceuticals, infectious diseases, healthcare, etc. as well as real estate, banks’ assets, banks’ stability, homeland security and food safety (e.g., due to water pollution, water shortages, or contamination of farmlands due to floods). In the US, there may be increased public concerns about pollution and floods — while these issues are often discussed in the news, at this time there may be significant developments that (a) affect or are known to large numbers of people and (b) lead to some important changes affecting relevant industries (e.g., oil/gas, water supply, agriculture, or pharma).

Global: Aug 8-14, 2025 (+- few days) — Major accidents, possibly involving something shifting out of balance (like cargo on a ship or an airplane) and excessive speed (e.g., due to high winds or lighting). The event or events may involve something that flies or moves too fast (incl. airplanes, rockets, space debris, meteorites, etc.), generates excessive heat or power (e.g., a power plant) as well as a body of water or water supply (e.g., an aircraft crashes into a body of water). One possible negative manifestation would be an accident at a nuclear power plant, where too much power is generated and things heat up out of control because of shortage of water available for cooling. A possible positive manifestation would be a breakthrough innovation that allows generating massive amounts of power efficiently without using oil, gas, or water. Generally, expect increased news about major earthquakes, tsunamis, infectious diseases, navy, ships, and excessive precipitation. Update [05.31.21]: Other examples of possible manifestations include a major hurricane, a massive oil spill, or a large fire — the situation may involve a lack of [clean/suitable] water, so for example, fires are difficult to put out as there are water shortages, or, an oil spill/hurricane/epidemic/etc. creates a shortage of clean water.  



Global: Saturn square Uranus on/off (2021-2022) — Ideological clashes, geopolitical tensions, slow-simmering battle between entities favoring more radical/revolutionary/no limit approach and entities favoring status quo/slow/controlled approach. Scientific advancements in aerospace, IT, high tech, telecoms, etc. but with delays, restrictions, and losses (e.g., a space project suffers a loss, which leads to tighter regulations and innovations to correct the flaw). Also, bad weather involving excessive winds and major disasters, in particular landslides, airplane (or space-technology related) accidents, industrial disasters (a la Deepwater Horizon oil spill), explosions of flammables (e.g., improperly stored fireworks), and ships sinking. The situations will likely unfold very rapidly with little time to spare for rescue/repairs; there will be no time to waste. The times when this transit will be felt the strongest are: Jan 9-22, 2021; Feb 13 – Mar 5, 2021; June 03-25, 2021; Jun 29-July 9, 2021; Dec 15-31, 2021; Sep 14-Oct 30, 2022. In late June through July 2021, Saturn Uranus square will be exacerbated by a stressful Mars transit and the three planets will form what’s know as a T-square. This may be a particularly difficult stressful time not favorable for risky activities (e.g., high speed race) — things may quickly get out-of-control or overheat more easily than normally. Jan 2021 (esp. the 24th) looks super tense as well — Mars will join Uranus and Jupiter will join Saturn, so Jupiter/Saturn will square Mars/Uranus conjunction — this is like pouring oil on the fire. Similar transits (also involving Taurus and Aquarius) occurred at the time of the worst fireworks disaster in all of history, the accident occurred in 2000 in Dutch city of Enschede.

Global: May 4 – June 24, 2021: May 4-29, 2021 — Negotiations, travel, communication, shipments, etc. may proceed relatively quicker than in the preceding weeks, but around May 30, things can stall or slow down. This may be due to some review being requested, offer being withdrawn, leadership transition necessitating a break, etc. Even though things should proceed relatively fast at this time, May 21 and 26-27 may see some hiccups in negotiations, travel, or shipments — this could be due to confusion (e.g., which ship should or should not be allowed to pass through) and/or increased news about the oil and gas prices (which may go up from May 2021 to early May 2022). From May 30 to June 22, 2021 (esp. June 2-14), the negotiations or shipments may slow down or even see some decisions reversed until the issues are resolved or more info is provided. Things may restart or speed up again on June 23, 2021. At that time, June 23-24, 2021, there may also be increased news about financial policies (rates, taxes, investments, real estate, etc.).

Global: May 13 – Jul 27, 2021; Dec 29, 2021 – May 10, 2022 — Starting on May 13, Jupiter will enter Pisces where it will remain until Jul 27, 2021; it will then retrograde into Aquarius for a few months, and then return to Pisces from Dec 29, 2021 – May 10, 2022. Jupiter in Pisces will likely correspond to improved conditions for the areas above and/or expansion of the related projects (e.g., a greater variety of beverages, increased popularity of audio-visual equipment, improved movie sales, greater interest in swimming/fishing/going on cruises/etc., abundance of oil, increased focus on religion, increased floods, etc.). Other manifestations include increased volume of maritime transport, increased legal regulations of maritime transport/shipping/swimming/water usage/etc., spikes in infectious diseases but also enhanced abilities to treat the issues, increase in smuggling of drugs, increased drug or pharmaceutical usage/application/spread (e.g., a shipping container with some chemical is lost at sea and contaminates the water), and so on. 

USA: Apr 2021 to Mar 2022, particularly Apr-Sep, 2021 and Feb-Mar, 2022 (and within these dates, esp. late Apr to early May, 2021; Aug 20-23, 2021; and late Feb – early Mar, 2022) — Increased news about oil, gas, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, navy, water (e.g., excessive precipitation, hurricanes, water erosion, or contamination), beverages, religion, and drugs. There may be significant developments in the US oil industry as well as large scale engineering initiatives that involve locations near or under water (e.g., undersea cables). At this time, initiatives in the areas above (e.g., oil and pharma) may not go quite as planned due to some confusion, deceptive practices, bad weather, or unclear status. These confusing or unclear situations may be related to healthcare, accounting/bookkeeping, and governmental services such as mail delivery, police, teachers, etc. — for ex., a pharmaceutical company reports an accounting error, or, an unclear healthcare policy affects a price of some medicine. General themes will probably be (A) dissatisfaction with some entities that are not performing as well due to some confusion, lack of clear communication, uncertain status, deceptive practices, pollution, poisoning, etc.; and (B) concerns about damages due to the excessively wet weather, floods, and hurricanes. 

At the same time, there may be increased concerns (similarly due to confusion, uncertainty, bad weather, or lack of transparency) about banks’ assets, loans/mortgages, real estate, savings, food security, housing security, safety of physical structures/buildings, and safety of vulnerable groups (esp. elderly and women/children). For ex., a severe flood [possibly on the Mississippi river] creates problems with food supply; a hurricane damages many buildings; a lack of clarity about some financial policies leads to concerns about the real estate market; or, concerns about a bank’s assets lead to concerns regarding its stability. 

Lastly, there may be increased news about theft and security breaches in the domains above (e.g., oil/gas, pharma, navy, beverages, and banks) — for ex., a bank or pharmacy chain is hacked but the reported details are vague or it is difficult to trace who did what/when).

USA: Jun 3 – Jul 10, 2021 and, even more so, Jan 5-18, 2022 — Hopeful mood and/or positive news about earnings, healthcare, and workforce (e.g., increased profits or funding, improved conditions, greater opportunities, positive outlook, etc.). There may also be increased news about international negotiations or contracts — agreements related to communication/transportation businesses reached at this time should be beneficial for the US long term. The situation may involve initial discussions in June-July of 2021, followed by the final agreement in Jan of 2022.

OIL: Increased oil news (as well as news about gas, chemicals, pollution, navy, and pharmaceuticals) on Sep 1-3, 2021. The news will probably involve tensions, attacks, arguments, etc. (similar to the events in the news around Apr 6-11, 2021, incl. water pollution, chemical spills, floods, attacks on or by medical professionals, dangerous situations at medical facilities/prisons/bio research labs, attacks on or by navy-related personnel, or attacks involving mentally unstable/addicted individuals [esp. on or by athletes or military personnel]). This news may coincide with a drop in oil and gas prices as well as a large market drop around Sep 3, 2021. More generally, the dates below may see important news related to oil, gas, chemicals, infectious diseases/pandemic, transportation over water (incl. oil tankers), transportation or storage of liquids (incl. oil, gas, and various chemicals), water pollution, oil pipeline damage, oil leaks, oil transportation challenges, etc. For example — flu outbreak affects travel, which in turn affects oil prices; hurricane or floods impact oil and gas production, refining, or delivery; oil or chemical spill pollutes a body of water and the responsible party’s stock goes down; oil prices rise on the news of oil transportation being delayed; oil prices drop on pandemic concerns; etc. This is a look at a glance and subject to adjustments as I do additional research. Updates will be highlighted and dated.


  • Added a bullet (05.02.21): May 13 – Jul 27, 2021; Dec 29, 2021 – May 10, 2022 — Jupiter in Pisces; the period should generally correspond to the increase in oil and gas prices. This period will likely also bring excessive precipitation, significant floods, and expansion of activities and projects related to navy, ships, chemicals, drugs, and medicines. 
  • Added a bullet (04.18.21): May 28 – Jun 2, 2021 — Increased flow or movement of oil, gas, chemicals, liquids, etc. This may be an actual flood, oil or chemical spill, a situation where there is an excess of oil or gas, gas leak, or a situation that enables a free flow of oil or gas (e.g., a transportation route the has been blocked is now open).
  • Jun 21, 2021 — Oil price may go up around the 21st or in the preceding days.
  • Aug 8-10, 2021 — Increased oil-related news and a possible reversal to down or a brief drop in oil prices at this time. This may possibly be related to travel/shipping and changes in the laws (e.g., regulation of travel or shipment procedures). 
  • Aug 31 – Sep 3, 2021 — Possibly a drop in oil prices, increased concerns or troubling news in Neptunian areas, incl. spike in infectious diseases, oil spills, pollution, wet weather, floods, etc. 
  • Sep 28-30, 2021 — Oil may go up in the days approaching the 28th, then peak and drop (or generally reverse) around the 30th. At that time, there may also be increased concerns about infectious diseases/epidemic, and an announcement of some governmental regulations of travel and communication.
  • Oct 25-28, 2021 — Possible drop in oil prices (possibly due to the increase in inventory/availability or an evaluation that the process are too high)
  • Nov 27-30, 2021 — Increased news about oil, as well as  infectious diseases/epidemic, wet weather, and travel/shipping. Possible news about travel restrictions (being implemented or lifted), which may affect oil price. There will probably not be a reversal at this time, but more likely a continuation of the existing trend that’s in place… possibly a down trend due to large inventories or high availability.


Apr 4-12, 2022 (+- few weeks) — Possible major floods, large-scale oil leaks, flu epidemic or some other infectious disease outbreak, also, an oil price drop due to oil glut. Oil price may go up in the weeks prior to April 2022, peak around early-to- mid April and go down, possibly on concerns about a surplus of excess oil. There may also be concerns about an excessive number of vessels used for floating oil storage along with increased news about bad weather — taken together, this will increase the probability of an oil spill and other problems, esp. in late Mar to May, 2022. 


Likely, a major reversal point for the oil prices (a new multi-year trend will likely begin).

Generally, increased focus on Neptunian matters (incl. oil price, oil spills, water pollution, clean water shortage, maritime accidents, pandemics, biowarfare, etc.) the entire year with periods of heightened risk for accidents and disasters. For ex., around Feb 1, 2025 could be one such disaster and it may result in a major oil price reversal. Apr 25, 2025 looks bad too… danger of an accident or disaster. Jul 21, 2025 may see some public event or announcement related to oil etc. and this event/news may elicit anger (e.g., the magnitude of pollution is covered up, the responsible party’s fine is deemed too low, some important details are obscured in a report, etc.). Aug 12, 2025 also looks tense. There may be multiple accidents/disasters/epidemic waves throughout the year; alternatively, one large disaster strikes early in 2025 (and/or a pandemic begins) and the rest of the year is spent on cleanup, restoration, repairs, and healing.


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