January 18-24, 2021: Weekly financial astrology predictions


Global: Video with 2021 predictions on my YouTube channel

For ongoing background influences for 2018-2026, see Long Term Astrology Forecast post (no new entries this week). It will be updated as I come up with new long-term predictions. If I do, I’ll mention that the long-term forecast was updated



Global: Saturn square Uranus on/off (2021-2022) — Ideological clashes, geopolitical tensions, slow-simmering battle between entities favoring more radical/revolutionary/no limit approach and entities favoring status quo/slow/controlled approach. Scientific advancements in aerospace, IT, high tech, telecoms, etc. but with delays, restrictions, and losses (e.g., a space project suffers a loss, which leads to tighter regulations and innovations to correct the flaw). Also, bad weather involving excessive winds and major disasters, in particular landslides, airplane (or space-technology related) accidents, industrial disasters (a la Deepwater Horizon oil spill), explosions of flammables (e.g., improperly stored fireworks), and ships sinking. The situations will likely unfold very rapidly with little time to spare for rescue/repairs; there will be no time to waste. The times when this transit will be felt the strongest are: Jan 9-22, 2021; Feb 13 – Mar 5, 2021; June 03-25, 2021; Jun 29-July 9, 2021; Dec 15-31, 2021; Sep 14-Oct 30, 2022. In late June through July 2021, Saturn Uranus square will be exacerbated by a stressful Mars transit and the three planets will form what’s know as a T-square. This may be a particularly difficult stressful time not favorable for risky activities (e.g., high speed race) — things may quickly get out-of-control or overheat more easily than normally. Jan 2021 (esp. the 24th) looks super tense as well — Mars will join Uranus and Jupiter will join Saturn, so Jupiter/Saturn will square Mars/Uranus conjunction — this is like pouring oil on the fire. Similar transits (also involving Taurus and Aquarius) occurred at the time of the worst fireworks disaster in all of history, the accident occurred in 2000 in Dutch city of Enschede.

Global: Major market volatility in Jan 2021, with many surprising developments (incl. in finance, cryptocurrencies, IT and airlines), shakeups, and wild moves (esp. Jan 11-25, 2021). On Jan 14, 2021, when Uranus turns direct, we may expect a reversal in the direction of some ongoing project, debate, or initiative. Areas that may be the most affected include finance (banks, financial institutions, currencies, cryptocurrencies) as well as IT, high tech, telecoms, aerospace, electric cars, battery manufacturing, and power plants. Some projects that have previously been under review or in limbo will now be allowed to proceed forward. This may coincide with the stock market reversal as well. 

Global: January 04 – February 07, 2021 (esp. Jan 10, 16, 20, 24, 27-31; Feb 6) —  Heightened possibility of a problem, bad weather, or an accident/disaster that involves water, oil, gas, chemicals, brine, or some liquid. Affected locations may include ships, submarines, aquariums, water parks, hospitals, prisons, monasteries, places of worship, movie theaters, concert halls, etc. For ex., there may be problems caused by excessively wet (and windy) weather (e.g., floods, blizzards, storms, etc.), chemical or oil spill, an outbreak of some infectious disease, concerns about pollution or contamination, cave/mine collapse, problems with ships/navy, etc. The situation may affect transportation and travel, esp. over long distances/internationally. The situation may involve navy/ships/water as well as some air-born objects or airplanes — for ex., an airplane makes an emergency landing on a body of water. Back in Aug 2012, under a similar transit, Bayou Corne sinkhole has formed due to a collapsed underground salt dome cavern. In Feb 2004, in a suburb of Moscow, Russia, the roof of the Transvaal water park collapsed, killing more than 25 people, and wounding more than 100 others; a few days later, up to 295 people died near Neyshabur in Iran when a run-away freight train carrying sulfur, petrol and fertilizer caught fire and exploded. Also, Titanic sank under a similar transit as will occur around 1/24/21.

Global: Jan 6 – 31 — Time of some exciting and surprising events ranging from excessively windy weather, fires, power or service outages (incl. social media), and volatile swings involving financial institutions and currencies. At the same time, we may hear about expansion of projects related to IT, telecoms, aerospace, electric cars, batteries, electric power generations, high tech, etc. Some discoveries may be made or new frontiers reached. The events/projects will likely be widespread, over-the-top, or involving large organizations/networks (such as a social media platform outage, or, service disruption affecting airplanes at multiple locations). While there is also going to be an increased probability of accidents (esp. involving airlines or due to windy weather), the resulting events may also uncover opportunities or places that would have otherwise remained unnoticed (e.g., some machine part breaks and in the process of repairing it, a discovery is made that improves the design of that part). The value of some related business or products (esp. airlines, cryptocurrencies, and some computing devices) may go through the roof (but then also suddenly drop; the reversal may occur around 1/14). Lastly, there may be increased news about foreign relations and immigration; here too, there may be some reversals in legal decisions/laws, especially around the 14th.

Global: January 07 – February 07, 2021 (esp. Jan 9-31; Feb 5) —  Eventful time with greater than usual market volatility, surprising developments (esp. related to IT, telecoms, aerospace, cryptocurrencies, communication and transportation businesses, social media, and education). We may hear about important legal decisions, new laws, international agreements (or conflicts), decisions about long distance travel and announcements about the funding, sale or acquisition of major businesses (possibly related to banking, IT, social media, news, communication, and aerospace). For ex., we may hear about some surprising decision to start/stop funding on a major transportation project (esp. related to rail ways, cars, and airplanes). There may also be increased news about earthquakes, power outages, and accidents/disasters (esp. involving explosions, fires, and strong winds). 

USA: January 2021 — Increased focus on communication/transportation businesses, education, and international partnerships. There may be major changes in these areas where old ways of doing things are completely reformed. Additionally, there may be increased news about scandals or financial manipulations (incl. through tariffs, taxes, insurance, and loans), spying or hacking — some underhanded tactics may be used [by one or more partners] that could undermine partnership ties or collaboration. 

China: Dec 17, 2020 – end of Jan 2021 (esp. Dec 25 through Jan 2) — Focus on major new beginnings for the country. New grand visions and plans, re-building, restructuring, large engineering projects, grand projects involving IT, AI, aerospace, high tech, networks, power plants, as well as healthcare and veterinary care. Increased sense of importance and significance of some new start or acceleration to achieve greater heights. Increased focus on international relations and greater involvement in organizations, building new alliances, and status changes (e.g., related to Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) membership). At this time, some previously hidden projects may gain the attention and be proudly presented to the world. These may relate to oil, gas, chemicals, water, floods, dams, navy, pollution, healthcare, infectious diseases, vaccines, hospitals, prisons, movies, music, and audio-visual equipment. Also, some new laws and regulations may be passed, possibly related to human rights and freedoms. 

OIL: Nov 2020 – Feb 2021 (esp. end of Jan 2021) may see an accident possibly resulting in water pollution and/or some other significant developments related to oil, gas, chemicals, etc. At the same time (end of Jan 2021), there may be some surprising unexpected developments related to earnings, finance, currencies, and banks; this may involve airlines, telecoms, and IT companies — sudden bankruptcies? companies breaking into multiple entities? Massive power/service outages? A spike of problems in the areas above and increased market volatility are likely around Jan 18-29, 2021. Then, in Apr 2021 (esp. 8-11), there may be renewed tensions and fighting over oil or about oil prices. These tensions may be accompanied by a large market drop on Apr 8 and/or 9, 2021. Yet another time of increased oil news (as well as news about gas, chemicals, and pharmaceuticals) will be on Sep 1-3, 2021. The news will probably involve tensions, attacks, arguments, etc. — this may result in a large market drop on Sep 3, 2021.



JAN 18, 2021 (MON): US Holiday; Markets closed

The week of January 18, 2021 will likely see large market moves (possibly up then down on profit taking) and many intense, exciting, and surprising events. These can range from extreme weather conditions, to unexpected legal developments, to surprising developments in international relations and immigration, to accidents involving airplanes or electric vehicles. We may hear about new laws/agreements (esp. related to long distance transportation, IT, telecoms, aerospace, electric cars, and cryptocurrencies), unusual partnerships, sudden breach of some international laws/agreements, and an abrupt withdrawal from an agreement/partnership.  In terms of the stock market, there may be increased news about banks, finance, currencies, cryptocurrencies, as well as IT, aerospace, telecoms, and high tech. The week of Jan 18 will likely see greater market volatility than the week of Jan 11. Some extremes may be reached and limits may be broken (with events unfolding faster than expected, on a larger scale, or in an unexpected manner) — for ex., some cryptocurrency or airline stock may experience extreme swings. There may also be focus in the news on “luck” or gambling (e.g., lotteries, risky investments, casinos, sports betting, athletic competitions, etc.) — some unusual or extreme events may occur; records may be broken. Lastly, there is an increased probability of accidents, disasters, and attacks, esp. on the 24th; these may involve air and water in some way (e.g., a drone crashes into water, a rocket is fired from a navy ship, windy conditions capsize a boat, an oil leak contaminates water, etc.).

China: Jan 15-27 (esp. the 21st), 2021 — Positive news about leadership, improved alliances and international partnerships, focus on new projects related to IT, telecoms, aerospace, high tech, electric cars, power generation, batteries, electricity, etc. We may hear about expansion in terms of gaining new partners or expanding international influence through deals, sales, negotiations, etc. International negotiations will likely proceed well at this time.

JAN 19, 2021 (TUE): Very Strong influence; market may go up (55-60%). 

USA: Jan 19, 2021 — Minor negative news (e.g., reduced profits or minor disagreements) about some legal issues, judges, lawyers, foreign relations, long distance travel/shipment, or higher education. For ex., some international contract suffers a setback due to the disagreement about the cost or about values (what is the right way to proceed, is the extra cost/profit worth bending some rules).

JAN 20, 2021 (WED): Very Strong influence; market may go up (55-60%). 

USA: Jan 20, 2021 (Presidential Inauguration day) — Exact Mars conjunction Uranus in Taurus (both squaring Jupiter and Saturn in Aquarius) — Increased probability of surprising unexpected developments, incl. accidents (esp. involving airplanes, flying objects, gas, or some airborne objects), fires, explosions, service outages (esp. social media or trading platforms), power outages, super windy conditions, and stock market volatility (incl. Forex and cryptocurrencies). With the date being a “birth” of the new presidency, the events, discussions, news, etc. that take place today will likely be extra significant throughout the entire   presidential term. With Uranus (spark of genius, revolution, electricity, etc.) squaring (tension, decisive turning point, breaking point) Jupiter (expansion, grandeur, immigration, laws, etc.), from Taurus (finance, construction, growing plants, slow pace) to Aquarius (freedom, equality, space, eccentricity, aliens, weird things, rapid pace), “expect the unexpected” will likely be the motto of the day, week, and possibly the next four years. The transits of the day are symbolic of a radical change in the status quo, incl. legal changes, international agreements, aerospace projects, high tech innovations, and financial sphere (esp. cryptocurrencies). The pace of events will likely be breathtaking.

JAN 21, 2021 (TH): Very Strong influence; market may go up (55-60%). 

Jan 21 or 22, 2021  may see a market reversal (probably from up to down) where a high point is followed by a large drop on profit taking. Increased news about international agreements, immigration, long distance transportation, diplomats, professors, and laws/judges/lawyers (possibly heated disagreements about some legal issue or an attack).

China: Jan 21-22, 2021 — Increased news about new goals and vision for the country related to IT, telecoms, aerospace, high speed railways, electric vehicles, high tech, on-line commerce, etc. as well as healthcare and service industries that support the areas above (e.g., airport maintenance, airplane repairs, maintenance of power plants, ensuring safety and security of electric vehicles, etc.). We may hear about new plans for rapid improvement of these areas.

JAN 22, 2021 (FR): Very Strong influence; market may go down (55%). The down influence is stronger in the afternoon.

JAN 24 (SUN) — Increased news about oil, gas, chemicals, pharma, drugs, poisons, navy, excessive precipitation, pollution, places of worship, movies, music, and beverages. The news may be stressful or involve an accident, tsunami, floods, or some other problems (e.g., a leak or imbalance of some sort, power outage, and so on). These may affect a large area or a large number of people — the effect can be due to the physical proximity to the event(s) (e.g., too many people board a ship and it capsizes in turbulent seas) or due to the location/situation being well-known (e.g., some famous person or building is involved).


>>>> Glance ahead (repeated from last week):

China: Mid-Feb to mid-Mar, 2021 — Increased focus on powerful alliances; expanding the military (esp. navy) or showcasing military might. Early to mid-Mar, 2021 — Power plays in partnerships; issues of legality regarding some secretive activities or data breaches; expanding military or nuclear power and recycling capabilities. 

Global: Dec 2020-Feb 2021 — Increased news about large corporations and/or governments declaring bankruptcies and/or getting bailouts. In particular, areas related to IT, telecoms, electric power, social networks, aerospace, etc. may be affected. More generally, there may be a lot of restructuring in these areas. Changes may be accompanied by service outages. Outages may also be caused by turbulent weather (winds, electric storms, ice storms) and/or increased seismic activity. 

Global/USA: April, August, and December of 2021 — Increased focus on gold prices and the value of US dollar. Gold prices may reverse at those times; this may be related to some monetary policy changes in the US. The situation or issues may first arise in April, be reviewed in August, and reach final resolution/peak in December.

Global: Sep 1-3, 2021 — Increased stressful news about oil, gas, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, navy, religion, drugs, poisons, lies, beverages, music, movies, etc. This may result in a large market drop on Sep 3, 2021.

USA: 2022-2023 — Difficult and may be even turbulent times. Coincides with Neptune’s (confusion, deception, water, oil, chemicals, etc.) transit through the 4th house of real-estate, land, farming, banks, assets, etc. as well as Pluto return (a major overhaul of all old systems and power structures, a rebirth; may be accompanied by scandals and power struggles at the top). Fluctuation in real-estate prices, problems with the banks and financial institutions (banks under water?), floods destroying land and agriculture, oil spills, chemical poisoning of soil, confusion about the borders (of the country and individual entities, such as states), confusion about the leadership, overhaul of the financial system, power plays among corporate and governmental entities [to gain control over resources / profits], overhaul of the power structures, reform or dismantling of power structures or powerful organizations (such as police, nuclear power plants, and banks), massive tax reforms, and even constitutional changes. This may be a chaotic time, but the events may result in certain outdated power structures and dysfunctional systems being purged/reformed. 

Global: Neptune conjunct Saturn in 2025 through early 2026 may coincide with another major viral epidemic. Neptune/Saturn conjunction was in effect during the deadly Spanish flu pandemic of 1918, which killed an estimated 20-50 million people. With Neptune entering Aries at the same time (Aries rules things like military, war, sports, surgery, fire, etc.), the outbreak may be associated with inflammation, fever, dehydration, etc. and/or may be related to bioweapon development, fires spreading pollution, lack of [clean] water due to drought, etc.  

USA: Apr 21 – May 30, 2025 (esp. May 5-12, 2025) and Jan-Feb 2026 — Greater than usual moves in gold and/or silver prices, notable events related to US monetary policy and/or currency value changes. 


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