November 2-8, 2020: Weekly financial astrology predictions


Global: Video with 2020 predictions on my YouTube channel

For ongoing background influences for 2018-2026, see Long Term Astrology Forecast post (no new entries this week). It will be updated as I come up with new long-term predictions. If I do, I’ll mention that the long-term forecast was updated



Global: Ongoing background influence (2019-2020) — Increased probability of a major disaster, very strong earthquake, accident, government reshuffling, corporate restructuring announcement, geopolitical changes, old/established governmental or corporate leaders quitting/dying, changes in leadership of governments or large corporations, or of violent/terrorist attacks. As last week, this week, there may be increased news about governmental/corporate leaders being ousted or attacked, retiring, dying or losing their power in some way. Additionally, there is an increased probability of important events, announcements, or accidents involving mining, coal, steel, minerals, tunnels, bridges, old buildings in general, earthquakes, mudslides, etc. This energy will [again] begin to intensify Sep 23, 2020 and remain strong through the end of the year. (The probability of accidents and disasters will remain high in January of 2021, but in 2021 the focus may shift from earthquakes to violent storms, power outages, airline accidents, fires, etc.) This week, the influence is the strongest November 5-6. 

Global: On-off all year (intensified especially in August and November of 2020) — Increased focus on governmental regulations, controls, embargoes, taxes, tariffs, shortages, delays, and building or reorganizing some structures (e.g., literally, building large objects such as dams or bridges, or, changing leadership or restructuring). Increased news about large established corporations going through restructuring and possible shake-ups at the top. These shake-ups may be due to natural disasters, wars, or changes in power/leadership. These changes may be accompanied by increased anti-governmental protests, violence (e.g., shootings, fires, or explosions), news about corruption, scandals involving governmental or corporate officials, attacks on governmental or corporate leaders, etc. The entire month of August may see above average number of various shakeups (incl. natural disasters and corporate restructuring). 

Global/China: Jun 15 – July 10 (esp. June 28-30) and then Nov 04 – 20 (esp. Nov 11-13), 2020 — Increased news about nuclear power, radiation, power plants, recycling plants, shifts in governmental leadership (power changes hands at the top), secretive activities, spying/hacking, underground activities (burials, mining, waste storage, etc.), terrorist activities, and religious activities (not necessarily spiritual but more related to “correct behaviors” or “correct values”), and so on. The nature of the news may be expansion (e.g., new religious rules, new regulations for the power plants, new leadership at governmental or corporate level, an accident that leads to the increase in radiation, etc.), or, death/transformation/rebirth (e.g., death of a prominent leader [esp. religious, diplomat, judge, or professor], closure of related businesses, the end of some program, restarting of a nuclear plant, etc.). The changes will likely involve international partners or groups/community, and may involve changes in regulations (e.g., related to immigration or movement/shipment across borders). With China’s chart transits at the same time, it is possible that one or more scenarios above will involve China (e.g., the country may introduce new regulations on trash recycling, opens a new trading route that possibly goes over the mountains, or deploys some powerful navy vessel).

Global: November 2020 (esp. 2nd and 3rd week) — Increased focus on governmental regulations, controls, embargoes, taxes, tariffs, shortages, delays, and building or reorganizing some structures (e.g., literally, building large objects such as dams or bridges, or, changing leadership or restructuring). Increased news about large established corporations going through restructuring and possible shake-ups at the top. These shake-ups may be due to natural disasters, wars, or changes in power/leadership. These changes may be accompanied by increased anti-governmental protests, violence (e.g., shootings, fires, or explosions), news about corruption, scandals involving governmental or corporate officials, attacks on governmental or corporate leaders, etc. The same time period (esp. around Nov 13 +- a few days) may coincide with a major TOP or BOTTOM of the stock market (my guess is TOP at this time). Update (09.13.20): Around November 13 (Friday) to November 16 (Monday), 2020 we can expect a similarly large market move as we had back on April 3 to April 6 (Friday to Monday). On April 6, 2020 Dow Jones closed up 1,627.46 points or 7.73%, at 22,679.99, posting its third biggest point gain ever (reference1), with DJIA dropping 2.7% the week prior (reference2). In any case, November 16, 2020 looks like a large move day (probably up). By November 19, 2020 the direction may change to down. This may coincide with an announcement about the US election results — it is possible that the final election results are delayed until mid-November, which could trigger greater than usual stock market volatility.

USA: September – December 2020 — Increased focus on finance, earnings, assets, banks, financial institutions, financial policies, rates, debt, loans, taxes, and insurance. This includes concerns about financial manipulations, hidden money, illegal payments, corruption, debt, bankruptcies, loss of earnings because of some governmental regulations, arguments over police or military costs, etc. Concerns about earnings, financial institutions, and debt may remain strong in September-October 2020 and then re-ignite in late December 2020 through early January 2021. In November 2020, around Nov 6-9, some governmental regulations may be put in place to provide support to banks/financial institutions [through “tough love” approach, like by asking them to cut operational costs], better control financial flow/transactions, or to increase earnings by imposing some limitations (import quotas? tariffs? budget cuts?). In November, we may also hear about restructuring of banks/financial institutions, reduction in the number of locations, reduced services, or some other losses or voluntary cuts.

USA: Oct 9-31, 2020 (esp. Oct 16-28 and within this period, the 20th) — Increased possibility of a significant announcement related to the military, sports, fires, explosions, accidents, tensions in international partnerships and escalations in negotiations with adversaries. This may signify a moment of escalating tensions or a dangerous situation. For ex., some agreement is broken and arguments escalate to threats or even military actions. Additionally, there may be increased news about businesses related to anything risky, entertainment industry, casinos, gambling, etc. — we may hear about new projects, new regulations, large gatherings (like a concert), risky or dangerous situations, or some brave actions. A positive manifestation of this energy could involve setting a new record (e.g., in sports), reaching a new frontier by taking a riskier approach (e.g., by increasing speed or generating more power), using military or peacekeepers to distribute humanitarian aid, successfully extinguishing a major fire, and so on. We may also hear about a large spending bill, investment, expense, or a purchase. This may be related to navy, oil, gas, pharmaceuticals, chemicals, beverages, movies, etc. — for example, a large investment is made in some medicine, a spending bill authorizes funding for some navy project, a gas pipeline leaks and requires expensive repairs. 

China: Oct 5 – Dec 23 (esp. Oct 7-9, Nov 7-13, and Dec 15-19), 2020 — Increased news about water, pollution, floods, navy, oil, gas, pharmaceuticals, infectious diseases, hospitals, hidden places, secrets, etc. Update (10.21.20): Crude oil stockpiles (esp. those housed in floating storage) and port congestion may increase and possibly peak (particularly around Nov 7-13). Also, during this period (Oct – Dec 2020), a structure, company, leader, or a project in one or more of the areas above may be removed, cancelled, or replaced. The events may be a part of some large long-term initiative to completely revamp or reform one or more of these domains. For example, we may hear about a new major undertaking to address water pollution, deal with port congestion, update nuclear power plants, expand navy capabilities (incl. nuclear subs), expand the number of oil tankers or other floating structures (e.g., floating storage, nuclear stations, ships, etc.), build a solution to prevent devastating floods or rebuild after such floods, reform healthcare approach, or distribute an innovative medical treatment (incl. vaccines and any treatments that aid in tissue regeneration, extend life, or deal with mental health issues). The efforts may include implementing new laws, seeking support from the international community, expanding international influence, expanding projects related to long-distance travel/shipments (e.g., increasing the number of ships, routes, ports, stations, etc.), withdrawing from some international arrangements, creating new international alliances, and so on. The changes will likely be major and long lasting (decades).

China: Oct 24 – Dec 08 (esp. Oct 29 and Nov 27-28), 2020 — Increased probability of an important announcement related to banks, financial institutions, earnings, currency, loans, rates, etc. We may hear about a forceful move forward to accomplish some important goal in this area (e.g., to increase earnings, establish a dominant position, etc.). There may be an announcement of a new ambitious project. There may be two separate announcements, one at the end of Oct and one, at the end of Nov; or, there may be two phases to the proposal/project.

China/CORONAVIRUS outbreak: Issues related to the viral illness outbreak will likely persist throughout the entire year. There may be escalations or some sort of increased activities around Mar 9 – 27 (esp. Mar 17-22), Jul 6 – 24 (esp. Jul 11-12), and Oct 26 – Nov 20 (esp. Nov 9-13), which may be followed by positive news of a lucky break, improvement, drop/rise in death toll, regulations, radical measures, or a major transformation of the status quo (e.g., a reform in how something is handled). The period of Aug-Nov of 2020 will probably be the most intense.

OIL: Nov 2020 – Feb 2021 (esp. end of Jan 2021) may see an accident possibly resulting in water pollution and/or some other significant developments related to oil, gas, chemicals, etc. At the same time (end of Jan 2021), there may be some surprising unexpected developments related to earnings, finance, currencies, and banks; this may involve airlines, telecoms, and IT companies — sudden bankruptcies? companies breaking into multiple entities? Massive power/service outages? A spike of problems in the areas above and increased market volatility are likely around Jan 18-29, 2021. Then, in Apr 2021 (esp. 8-11), there may be renewed tensions and fighting over oil or about oil prices. These tensions may be accompanied by a large market drop on Apr 8 and/or 9, 2021. Yet another time of increased oil news (as well as news about gas, chemicals, and pharmaceuticals) will be on Sep 1-3, 2021. The news will probably involve tensions, attacks, arguments, etc. — this may result in a large market drop on Sep 3, 2021.



NOV 2, 2020 (MON): Medium influence; market may go up (55%). 

Nov 2-6, 2020 — Delays in contracts, delays in flights, stalled negotiations, problems/losses for communication and transportation businesses, errors in communication, blocked communication channels, misuse of information, etc. Contracts or deals reached on Nov 2-3 may be revised (e.g., a temp order is extended) or reversed in a few days. Similarly, missing or lost shipments, mail, communications, cars, etc. may be rediscovered or returned in a few days. If a temporary constraint is imposed on communication or travel on Nov 2-3, it may be adjusted in a few days as well (probably not lifted but rather extended or better defined). Finally, announcements made on Nov 2-3 may be reversed in subsequent days. In particular, confusion or issues from Nov 3 may return and be re-reviewed/revisited on Nov 5-6.

USA: Nov 2-4, 2020 — Positive news (e.g., increased profits or some beneficial developments, including financial support from the government or a large investor) for IT, telecoms, electric cars, aerospace, high tech, etc.

China: Oct 27 – Nov 30 (esp. Nov 6-16), 2020 — Increased focus on oil, gas, water, navy, pharmaceuticals, chemicals, floods, pollution, deception, secrets, etc. as well as financial institutions, earnings, rates, and loans. There may be an important announcement, such as about a new financial policy or a start of an aggressive/risky initiative to increase earnings (this may well involve military or weapons). This focus on oil, navy, floods, pharmaceuticals, etc. will likely persist through the end of Nov and may be accompanied by increased problems or accidents. 

NOV 3, 2020 (TUE): Medium influence; market may go up (60-65%). 

USA: US Presidential election 2020 on November 3, 2020 — A quick look (only looking at the natal charts of Biden and Trump) shows the transits for that day to be more prominently aspecting Trump’s chart. Whatever the outcome, Trump may subjectively feel that the outcome somehow aligns with his life’s purpose or is pointing him to his life’s purpose (as in, he may subjectively feel that the circumstances are beyond his personal control and the outcome is somehow fated). 

USA: Nov 03-16, 2020 (esp. Nov 9-10) — Increase in the value of businesses or products related to oil, gas, pharmaceuticals, chemicals, navy, water, fish, beverages, drugs, lies/confusion, religion, movies, music, etc. The cost of the related products or profits from related areas may go up. At the same time, the quantities or availability of the related products may increase (e.g., some law is passed that benefits oil industry, pharmaceutical companies, movie studios, etc.). There may also be important legal changes and/or financing decisions (made by the governmental authorities or large corporate entities) that are supportive of the related industries. For ex., some source of funding is approved, an international contract is signed with beneficial terms, or, related items (e.g., alcoholic beverages, medicines, oil, fish, etc.) are made easier to import/export. This period may also see an increase in real estate prices and increase in banks’ assets. 

NOV 4, 2020 (WED): Medium influence; market may go up (55%). 

NOV 5, 2020 (TH): Medium-Strong influence; market may go down (60%). 

Nov 5-16, 2020 — A major TOP or BOTTOM of the stock market (my guess is TOP around Nov 13-16). Additionally, increased focus on ballooning debt, increase in taxes/insurance, legal reforms, tax reforms, changes in immigration policies, international relations, and long distance shipment/travel. Also, a period when we may hear about massive lawsuits (esp. involving police, spies, taxes, and secrets), protests against laws (e.g., immigration laws) and against the police. There may be increased news about new laws or scandals involving police, secret agencies, immigration, higher education, or foreign affairs (e.g., a police reform is announced or international agreements are severed). Also, increased news about power plays among international partners, attacks on judges/clergy/professors/immigrants, and manipulative/illegal behaviors involving diplomats, judges, religious figures, and universities. For ex., a famous professor (or judge, diplomat, clergy person, leader of some immigrant community, etc.) is discovered to be a spy, attacks someone, or is attacked. This week, Nov 6 morning (New York time) seems to be the peak time for protests and attacks, as well as news about new laws (e.g., related to police reform or taxes).

NOV 6, 2020 (FR): Strong influence; market may go down (65%). Tense day, globally and for China. 

Nov 6-19 — Greater than usual market moves are likely, regardless of the direction. Developments at this time may be related to some geopolitical tensions, arguments over contracts/deals/tariffs/taxes, scandals, and possibly some announcement out of China related to finance/earnings (alternatively, China’s announcement is going to be in response to these outside developments).  


>>>> Glance ahead (updated):

USA: Nov 13 – Dec 10, 2020 (esp. Nov 18-19 and Dec 3-10) — Increased focus on earnings, banks, financial institutions, loans, rates, debt, taxes, etc. This may especially involve education, communication, and transportation; and can include news about contracts, loans, deals, sales, and negotiations with international partners. There may be some legal changes in how these businesses operate, conditions for borrowing,  tax obligations, or rates. The changes may be significant and have long-term effects. The events may include some restrictions imposed around Nov 18-19 followed by the lifting of the restrictions or some improved conditions in early December.

China: Dec 17, 2020 – end go Jan 2021 (esp. Dec 25 through Jan 2) — Focus on major new beginnings for the country. New grand visions and plans, re-building, restructuring, large engineering projects, grand projects involving IT, AI, aerospace, high tech, networks, power plants, as well as healthcare and veterinary care. Increased sense of importance and significance of some new start or acceleration to achieve greater heights. Increased focus on international relations and greater involvement in organizations, building new alliances, and status changes (e.g., related to Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) membership). At this time, some previously hidden projects may gain the attention and be proudly presented to the world. These may relate to oil, gas, chemicals, water, floods, dams, navy, pollution, healthcare, infectious diseases, vaccines, hospitals, prisons, movies, music, and audio-visual equipment. Also, some new laws and regulations may be passed, possibly related to human rights and freedoms. 

NEW Global: Second half of Dec, 2020 — Tense times with increased probability of strong earthquakes, geopolitical tensions, disasters, accidents, protests (esp. against governments, old established leaders, police, or entities involved in secretive illegal activities), violent attacks, fires, explosions, etc. In particular, Dec 23, 2020 looks tense. 

NEW Global: Dec 19-23, 2020 — Important changes for businesses related to IT, aerospace, telecoms, social media, high tech, electric cars, electronics, etc. This may involve new laws that aim to regulate these businesses, protect intellectual property, or establish some legal precedent. We may also hear about limitations imposed on international travel, immigration, and higher education. 

Global: January 07 – February 07, 2021 (esp. Jan 9-31; Feb 5) —  Eventful time with greater than usual market volatility, surprising developments (esp. related to IT, telecoms, aerospace, cryptocurrencies, communication and transportation businesses, social media, and education). We may hear about important legal decisions, new laws, international agreements (or conflicts), decisions about long distance travel and announcements about the funding, sale or acquisition of major businesses (possibly related to banking, IT, social media, news, communication, and aerospace). For ex., we may hear about some surprising decision to start/stop funding on a major transportation project (esp. related to rail ways, cars, and airplanes). There may also be increased news about earthquakes, power outages, and accidents/disasters (esp. involving explosions, fires, and strong winds).

NEW USA: Jan 20, 2020 (Presidential Inauguration day) — Exact Mars conjunction Uranus in Taurus (both squaring Jupiter and Saturn in Aquarius) — Increased probability of surprising unexpected developments, incl. accidents (esp. involving airplanes, flying objects, gas, or some airborne objects), fires, explosions, service outages (esp. social media or trading platforms), power outages, super windy conditions, and stock market volatility (incl. Forex and cryptocurrencies). 

China: October – December 2020 — Heightened risk of dangerous situations due to floods, infectious diseases, pollution, etc. (esp. the week of Oct 12, the week of Nov 9, and mid-December). Also, increased probability of large earthquakes, mudslides, or some other disasters/accidents that involve old structures, ancient sites, earth, nuclear power plants/weapons, dams, recycling businesses, underground storage, waste storage or disposal locations, and long distance transportation (esp. in the mountains, tunnels, underground, over water, or under water).

Global: Dec 2020-Feb 2021 — Increased news about large corporations and/or governments declaring bankruptcies and/or getting bailouts. In particular, areas related to IT, telecoms, electric power, social networks, aerospace, etc. may be affected. More generally, there may be a lot of restructuring in these areas. Changes may be accompanied by service outages. Outages may also be caused by turbulent weather (winds, electric storms, ice storms) and/or increased seismic activity. 

Global/USA: April, August, and December of 2021 — Increased focus on gold prices and the value of US dollar. Gold prices may reverse at those times; this may be related to some monetary policy changes in the US. The situation or issues may first arise in April, be reviewed in August, and reach final resolution/peak in December.

Global: Sep 1-3, 2021 — Increased stressful news about oil, gas, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, navy, religion, drugs, poisons, lies, beverages, music, movies, etc. This may result in a large market drop on Sep 3, 2021.

USA: 2022-2023 — Difficult and may be even turbulent times. Coincides with Neptune’s (confusion, deception, water, oil, chemicals, etc.) transit through the 4th house of real-estate, land, farming, banks, assets, etc. as well as Pluto return (a major overhaul of all old systems and power structures, a rebirth; may be accompanied by scandals and power struggles at the top). Fluctuation in real-estate prices, problems with the banks and financial institutions (banks under water?), floods destroying land and agriculture, oil spills, chemical poisoning of soil, confusion about the borders (of the country and individual entities, such as states), confusion about the leadership, overhaul of the financial system, power plays among corporate and governmental entities [to gain control over resources / profits], overhaul of the power structures, reform or dismantling of power structures or powerful organizations (such as police, nuclear power plants, and banks), massive tax reforms, and even constitutional changes. This may be a chaotic time, but the events may result in certain outdated power structures and dysfunctional systems being purged/reformed. 

Global: Neptune conjunct Saturn in 2025 through early 2026 may coincide with another major viral epidemic. Neptune/Saturn conjunction was in effect during the deadly Spanish flu pandemic of 1918, which killed an estimated 20-50 million people. With Neptune entering Aries at the same time (Aries rules things like military, war, sports, surgery, fire, etc.), the outbreak may be associated with inflammation, fever, dehydration, etc. and/or may be related to bioweapon development, fires spreading pollution, lack of [clean] water due to drought, etc.  

USA: Apr 21 – May 30, 2025 (esp. May 5-12, 2025) and Jan-Feb 2026 — Greater than usual moves in gold and/or silver prices, notable events related to US monetary policy and/or currency value changes. 


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