Predictions for Greece (next couple of weeks or so) — mid-July 2015 looks significant

The rest of July and early August have a strong theme of fighting for country’s identity and defining it through conflict with partners. I expect a major public announcement about Greece’s future path/vision/identity and partnerships with other countries around July 9-15 (esp. the 10th and 14th, Athen’s time). Below, I list a few key aspects that are coming up in the immediate future. I could comment even further, but there is only so much time I have to look at this.

Key aspects:

➡️ transiting Mars (warrior, fighter) will cross Mercury (communication) and Saturn (limitations, rigidity) in the 12th house (hidden enemies, isolation, elderly, sick). Peak energy= July 9-12

— Saturn in Greece’s chart rules the 7th house of partners and Mercury rules the 12th house as well as the 4th house (motherland, roots, real-estate, savings), so expect increased arguments and fights with rigid/conservative partners over the needs of elderly, sick, and to protect the land and savings.

➡️ transiting Mars will cross the Ascendent (identity, goals, purpose) while transiting Pluto (major transformation, death/rebirth, dealing with powerful/manipulative entities or being such an entity) will continue to sit on the Descendent (partnerships, relationships with others, agreements, marriage). Peak energy= July 11-16

— expect intensification of arguments over Greece’s identity and agreements with other entities. Other entities will be perceived as manipulative and dictatorial (Pluto on the DSC) while Greece will be fighting to assert its identity and its own vision (Mars on the ASC). This is definitely the energy of fights and breakups rather than compromising/coming together — agreements will be broken off or will be very very hard to reach.

➡️ transiting North Node (public announcements, group relations [among other things]) will cross Pluto/Moon conjunction (intense feelings about safety, attachment to motherland/roots). Peak energy= July 9-17

— Moon in Greece’s chart rules the Ascendent (identity, focus on personal goals as opposed to partners’ goals) and Pluto rules the 5th house (risk, speculation); Pluto+Moon are in the 4th house of motherland/real-estate/savings. So, expect a public announcement about a change in Greece’s goals/vision for the future related to country’s identity, real-estate and [banks and/or people’s] savings — it will focus on protecting the land/real-estate and savings, and ensuring the safety of its people/motherland (e.g., that people have enough food, borders are secure, etc.). The announcement may involve making a risky speculative move perceived as a gamble. Since Moon also rules silver, its possible that there may be some connection to this metal, but am not sure how — just wanted to mention it in case others have deeper insights.

➡️ transiting Saturn (limitations, restrictions) will continue to square (tension, conflict) Greek Mars in the 3rd house of communication. At the same time, Jupiter (expansion, increase), as well as Mercury (talks) and Venus (money) will cross over Mars. Peak energy= end of July – early Aug

— Mars in Greece’s chart co-rules the 10th house of social status/world standing, so expect increased fiery/straightforward/aggressive communication and arguments about Greece’s position in the world and status. On the one hand, Greece will feel that it can’t say all it wants to say and will feel restricted; on the other, it may say too much or say things that are over-the-top (e.g., over-promise or be too aggressive). Various agreements may be signed, stalled, and broken off in the matter of days. Venus will retrograde (go backwards, as perceived from the Earth) over the position of Greece’s Mars, so communications over money or value of something may start-stop-reverse at least once.

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