June 29 — July 3, 2015: Weekly financial astrology predictions & Glance at the rest of July

JUNE 29, 2015 (MON): Strong influence; market may possibly go up (60%).

June 29-30: Despite the issues with Greece, I still see a greater probability of the market going up than down. This is due to supportive aspects to the US chart, and globally, culminating positive energy that has been around for the past several weeks (see paragraph on June 29-30 below for details). Even if the market goes down on Mon-Tue, the supportive aspects (Jupiter conjunct Venus, and both trine Uranus) will help to minimize the drop (optimistic/adventurous investors will jump in to buy the “bargains”). Alternatively, the positive aspects may indicate the joy of investors cashing in at the market peak, in which case the market would go down. Additionally, expect greater than usual foreign currency moves (esp. EUR-USD) — these would not be surprising and their direction would continue the existing trend.

June 29-30: As last week, increased focus on new [and likely successful] military initiatives and/or leaders. Additionally, focus in the news on innovations, improvements, and/or international expansion in the following areas: military equipment (esp. in the airspace area), airplanes, electric devices, wiring, devices that send/receive/generate energy, telecommunications, IT, and any business involved in rapid data processing. The emphasis of the news will likely be on new leadership, multiple entities forming groups (or merging) to expand or alleviate burden, and optimism about perspectives. On Mon-Tue, the energy that has been active for the past few weeks [Jupiter trine Uranus] will culminate and then begin to slowly dissipate. Accordingly, related opportunities may go away as will the feelings of optimism, excitement, good luck, and the desire for risks and rebellious [over-]expansion that it brings.

As a side note, Jupiter (expansion, excitement, luck) is heading toward a stressful square with Saturn (limitation, control, pessimism) next, which will likely dampen investors’ mood and reduce appetite for risk in late July through early Aug.

USA: June 29-30 — great days for the US movie industry, US military, and stock market (and/or any gambling businesses). Movies  or entertainment events that involve action, engines, sports, racing, etc. should yield good profits. There may also be increased (and likely positive) news about the labor market.

JUNE 30, 2015 (TUE): Strong influence; market may possibly go up (55%). Likely, a reversal day. During pre-open hours and in the early morning, the mood may be similar to that on Monday; however, market may change direction in the afternoon or the next day.

JULY 1, 2015 (WED): Medium-strong influence; market may possibly go down (55-60%). The direction will likely reverse from Tue (probably from up to down). In the early morning, there may still be some optimism about the leaders (e.g., about them getting along, agreeing on some expansion for mutual benefit, etc.) and financial situation (e.g., availability of cash, money flow, profits, risks paying off, etc.), but this energy will begin dissipating in the afternoon.

JULY 2, 2015 (TH): Medium influence; market may possibly go down (55%). The down prediction is based mostly on the diminishing influence of the positive aspects that I expect will help to prop the market up on Mon-Tue.

USA: Some important law may be passed, or, a ruling made that affects country’s identity and vision/goals for the future. This will probably relate to immigration, international relationships, higher education, military, and/or weapons.

JULY 3, 2015 (FR): Holiday in the US. [Edit (06.30.15) — disregard this — accidentally left from the prior week–>”Weak-medium influence; market may possibly go up (60-65%).”]


Glance at the upcoming dates in July (based on global aspects only; not looking at individual countries’ horoscopes):

July 6-8 (Mon-Wed) — likely down days, esp. Tue-Wed; mildly violent protests on Mon; Tue — unfruitful talks

July 9-10 (Th-Fr)  — Growing concerns about money shortages or financial restrictions. Concerns about these same issues will escalate over the weekend, July 11-12

July 13 (Mon) — 🚩nasty… I mean, really bad… likely a major down day AND increased probability of violent protests

July 14 (Tue) —market down; violent protests will continue and escalate through 15-16 (earthquakes, accidents [esp. in the mines or nuclear plants], attacks, etc. will also increase); concerns about money shortages may lessen slightly in the afternoon, but will persist through about the 17th

July 15 (Wed) — 🚩market down; a “fight” day. Violent protests, accidents, etc. may peak — lots of opposition to perceived governmental oppression or to [financial or any other] controls/restrictions imposed by the government or large corporate entities. Very bad time for any talks (about peace, banking, security, etc.) — the parties will absolutely NOT agree and may even result to name-calling or worse, violence. Drive carefully, avoid road rage, think before you speak, etc. 🙂

July 16 (Th) — market down; some fighting may continue, but will lessen compared to Wed

July 17 (Th) — market down; lingering concerns about financial restrictions, but the fighting/protests should be under control by now or a lot less intense

The end of July will have more days with increased probability of violent protests (demands for freedom, etc.), such as on July 23-24. Also, as mentioned above, Jupiter will form a square with Saturn, which will dampen the investors’ spirits. Finally, Jupiter will oppose the Moon in the US horoscope at the end of the month — I will need to do more research to give specific predictions, but in general, this may manifest as over-spending on, over-investment in, creating a bubble, too much expansion, risky trades, or some other type of over-doing related to stock market, banks’ savings/withdrawals (banks’  safety net may turn out to be much greater/smaller than assumed), gold and silver holdings, mines/mining, shadow banking, secret investments/savings, IRS, taxes, lending rates, homeland security, transportation/communication industries, and woman/motherhood-related issues.

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