October 14-17, 2014 Predictions: Financial Astrology

Here are some astro-financial predictions for October 14-17, 2014. Predictions for the rest of the month and additional month overview details to follow in the next few days.

Since transits to the USA natal chart appear to strongly correlate with market moves, a few related observations are included as well. The predictions are based on simple reading of ephemeris, no other methods were considered. The direction is my best guess based on previous market direction changes under similar conditions; I included some approximate percentages to indicate how likely I think that the market will move in a particular direction. The work is done by hand, rather than with statistical software, and for fun only, so I would caution all readers to do their own research to detect any potential astro-financial trends with higher precision. [All calculations are for NYC, times are in EST; by “market” I mean mainly DJI and entities with similar trading pattern.]

October 14 (Tue): Medium influence; market may possibly go up (60%); a good day for reaching international agreements or compromising. There may be an important public announcement about some governmental or large corporate entities signing a [financial or military] agreement, entering into some sort of financial collaboration, signing a truce, etc. The up influence is stronger globally than for the US.

USA: Increased focus on the relationships with other countries and applying military force to resolving conflicts. There may be some disagreements or pull-push dynamic in the discussions. The opposition or disagreement may come from international sources, researchers, or academic circles (e.g., professors, universities, etc.). This energy is the strongest in the early morning.

October 15 (Wed): Medium influence; market may possibly go down (60-65%). The down influence is stronger for the US than globally.

USA: Likely greater than usual focus on the international relationships (especially laws that govern these relationships, like immigration laws), healthcare, and water-related problems (e.g., flooding, contamination, etc.). There is an increased probability of arguments/disagreements/misunderstandings with international partners. Farming and real-estate may also receive greater attention than usual. The news will probably be distressing or upsetting, like there may be an aggressive demand to take some action, or, an action may be difficult to implement properly because of some obstacle (e.g., something is vague, someone lied, or some info is missing).

October 16 (Th): Medium influence; market may possibly go up (55%). The up influence is stronger for the US than globally. A busy news day with the focus on international relationships and/or corporate partnerships. The issue(s) being discussed will likely pertain to something that has already been discussed before (e.g., some agreement/contract) and is now receiving a closer look. This may be a follow up or a second review, etc.—some details need to be reviewed again, perhaps because they were missed during the first round of discussions.

USA: Good day for resolving international tensions diplomatically. The day also favors spending money on military-related objects and services. Military financing or expenses have a greater than usual chances to be approved. An alternative manifestation is that equipment or services used for military purposes, surgery, or fire-fighting may go up in value.

October 17 (Fr): Medium influence; market may possibly go down (55%). The down influence is stronger for the US than globally. On a global scale, the day may actually have a relatively positive mood with the focus in the news on international agreements being reached and problems resolved in a mutually-beneficial way.

USA: Minor tensions around international partnerships and the country’s influence on the world stage. For ex., the US leadership may express dissatisfaction with the status-quo in some awkward way, or, a US partner may express dissatisfaction over a lack of agreement, or, an important political/business leader may act in a manner that exacerbates the tensions and undermines the discussions. The tensions/disagreements may also pertain to taxes, loans, mining operations, and insurance.

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Just very very talented... what can I do? :) Recently learned that my nakshatra is Purva Phalguni, in case you were wondering...
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1 Response to October 14-17, 2014 Predictions: Financial Astrology

  1. tolstunka says:

    Oh, I see now that Oct 13 was a trading day despite the US holiday. Oops. Sorry for not posting Monday predictions on Sunday. I find it hard to follow all these holidays. :/ 😒

    Retroactively, I don’t see any super special energy on Monday that was not there on Fri or will not be there tomorrow. On a larger (multi-year) scale, we are experiencing a slowly-unfolding tense aspect (opposition) from the transiting Uranus (unexpected change/shock/electricity/electronics) to Saturn in the US chart (rules sector associated with banks and financial system). The current Uranus transit (strongest effect through the end of Oct) is in retrograde direction and corresponds to re-evaluation of the status of the financial system, reflecting on the situation, and doing some internal planning. When Uranus returns to make a direct opposition to the US Saturn around late Feb–March 2015, we will likely see the culmination of the energies currently brewing under the surface and the results of the planning (or absence of thereof) being made at this time.

    What’s more, around the same time next year (late Feb), transiting Pluto (major transformation, death/rebirth, annihilation, power/control, etc.) will form a tense square aspect to the US Saturn. This will be the first of three Pluto squares (1st direct–initiation, 2nd retrograde–reflection, and 3rd direct–final resolution/culmination). The second and third Pluto transits will occur around mid-June 2015 and late Dec 2015, respectively, and will coincide, I believe, with major changes in the financial system and/or bank regulation. The old way of doing business will have to end as it will be seen as totally dysfunctional and the US financial system will be reformed in some significant way. Since Pluto will be forming the square from the sign of Capricorn (sign of big businesses and government), the changes will likely be initiated by large corporations or governmental entities.

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