October 6-10, 2014 Predictions: Financial Astrology

Here are some astro-financial predictions for October 6-10, 2014. Predictions for the rest of the month and additional month overview details to follow soon (I know that’s what the last post said, but it’s been a busy week 🙂 ).

Since transits to the USA natal chart appear to strongly correlate with market moves, a few related observations are included as well. The predictions are based on simple reading of ephemeris, no other methods were considered. The direction is my best guess based on previous market direction changes under similar conditions; I included some approximate percentages to indicate how likely I think that the market will move in a particular direction. The work is done by hand, rather than with statistical software, and for fun only, so I would caution all readers to do their own research to detect any potential astro-financial trends with higher precision. [All calculations are for NYC, times are in EST; by “market” I mean mainly DJI and entities with similar trading pattern.]

General: October 6-10—very important week for the US in terms of international partnerships and financial system. Increased chance of the news from the US about its financial system (e.g., some key issue is highlighted or an authority makes a decision on it). Around October 10, plus/minus 1-2 weeks, should be a very good time for the US in terms of being recognized for its leadership, and/or it will be a time when its leaders will feel more empowered and supported by the public. Additionally or alternatively, some new laws may be passed or proposed that relate to profits from investments, taxes, insurance, mining, oil drilling, and research in general—if any such laws are up for discussion, they will likely be approved swiftly and without much objection.

October 6 (Mon): Strong influence; market may possibly go up (60-65%).

Oct 6-8: The mood may be more optimistic than usual. Surprises are likely in the afternoon of the 6th or in the morning of the 7th. These may involve sudden changes in relationships among large corporations or countries—e.g., they may suddenly enter into or break agreements. In general, international relationships will likely be featured prominently in the news, with joined activities initiated easily and/or military support provided easily/quickly.

USA: On Oct 6 specifically, there may be some brief tensions with international partners—like not seeing eye-to-eye on some issue. At the same time, this should be a good day for industries related to communication and transportation, incl. electronic devices, telecoms, airlines, etc.

USA: On Oct 6-7, financial system and banks will likely be in greater focus than usual. Some issue may be clarified and light may be shed on some situation—for ex., a direction of some desired transformation may become clear. The area of interest will probably involve taxes, savings, loans, mortgage rates, and insurance; mining, oil exploration, and any materials derived from underground can also be affected. The developing situation will somehow involve US status in the world and partnerships with other countries—for ex., a new approach to managing international agreements is introduced and it affects banks and taxes, or, vice versa—changes related to banks and taxes are introduced and they affect how other countries enter into agreements with US companies. These developments should have a beneficial [transformative/revolutionizing] effect on the partnerships and/or US status in the world.

October 7 (Tue): Strong influence; market may possibly go up (60-65%).

October 8 (Wed): Very strong influence, especially early am; market may possibly go down after reaching a MAX (60%). Likely a direction reversal day, probably from up to down. A very high-energy day (exact aspects among multiple transiting planets, full lunar eclipse aka “Blood Moon,” and aspects to the US chart [transits, progressed, and solar arc charts activated]). The mood may still be pretty exuberant and optimistic. The down prediction is to reflect that this “high” excited energy may reach its peak today and reverse.

In focus today: Partnerships of any sort (breakups quite possible, or, unusual alliances may form). There may also be tensions between old governmental or corporate structures and financing of partnerships—for ex., partners may ask for money, but may not get it because governmental/corporate leaders will decline to help. Additionally, income from mines, excavations, oil exploration, etc. may receive greater than usual attention.

October 9 (Th): Medium-strong influence; market may possibly go up (55-60%).

USA: There may be some financial misunderstanding with international partners, or, overconfidence over how strong financial ties with international partners are, or overspending on some international expenses. Financial laws/regulations may also receive greater news coverage than usual.

October 10 (Fr): Medium-mixed influence; market may possibly go down (55%). The down influence is stronger in the afternoon. In the morning, the market may well go up. In the afternoon the optimism may wane and there may be news from the US about its financial system that may call for a more practical/realistic attitude.

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