Stock market predictions September, 2013: Financial Astrology

Here are some astro-financial predictions for September 2013. Since transits to the USA natal chart appear to strongly correlate with market moves, a few related observations are included as well, mainly to note whether transits to the US chart support the market direction I would predict based on the general planetary positions alone. Beginning in May, I have also started incorporating heliocentric transits into the analytical process. The predictions are based on simple reading of ephemeris, no other methods were considered. The direction is my best guess based on previous market direction changes under similar conditions; I included some approximate percentages to indicate how likely I think that the market will move in a particular direction. The work is done by hand, rather than with statistical software, and for fun only, so I would caution all readers to do their own research to detect any potential astro-financial trends with higher precision. [All calculations are for NYC, times are in EST; by “market” I mean mainly DJI and entities with similar trading pattern.]

SEPTEMBER: With several stressful transits, including Mars squaring Saturn September 3-6 and Venus conjuncting Saturn, September 13-18, the month looks bearish. Additionally, transiting Jupiter has by now passed Venus, Jupiter, and Sun in the US chart, which has given a boost to the US market in July and August (especially in July, since it was a month of a so-called “Jupiter return,” a cycle that completes every 12 years).

Additionally, I noticed that Saturn (limitation) and North node (publicity) will be passing over the Sun (ego/core energy/identity) in the Microsoft chart drawn for their latest incorporation date (11/01/93 in WA) – this would indicate some [potentially negative] publicity and tensions/restructuring for the company. Since Microsoft’s stock is part of DJI, this may have a down effect on the market. While Venus (money) will pass through the same degree as well, its effect is not as powerful; so, even if there is any news about Microsoft’s profits increasing, it would likely be at the cost of downsizing and/or narrowing the focus to fewer key issues and letting other areas go. My best guess is that the strongest tension around Microsoft will be around September 16-23.

USA-specific: Transiting Neptune retrograde will be approaching trine with the US Venus all month, to become exact on September 30. This will likely bring an increased focus on healthcare, labor market, and social improvements. The manifestation of this energy will likely be in the form of some vision crystallizing, such as what approach/policy related to healthcare and/or job market would work the best. Whatever the issues, the situation will likely keep unfolding slowly and will proceed generally in the same direction as before – meaning, there will likely be no drastic changes or unexpected events. Instead, these issues will either be “on hold,” or, they will be [re-] evaluated/reviewed. This could be a good time for collecting information and making slow continuous progress in these domains; this month should generally favor entities/businesses involved in healthcare, insurance, drugs, medical care, etc.

Additionally, on September 22-23, solar arc Sun will square US Uranus (in the 7th house of relationships, rules 3rd house of communication/transportation). This could manifest as stress in international relationships/partnerships and/or some sudden events breaking out to relieve tensions. Affected areas will likely include IT, transportation (including airlines/aviation/space), communications, telecom, retail-sales, etc. For example, there could be stressful news related to an IT company [Microsoft?] or travel disruptions (esp. related to air travel). Because of the recent news about Syria and Uranus ruling airspace, this could also be related to potential airstrikes (let’s hope it won’t come to that).

September 3 (Tue): Medium influence; market may possibly go down (55-60%). Aspects to the US chart indicate potential news/talks about international relationships in connection to some domestic issue, such as homeland security.

September 3-6 – the buildup of tense energy (to culminate over the weekend), related to some sort of a stalemate, such as leader(s)’s action(s) being blocked by some limiting forces/entities (e.g., old rules, conservative individuals, [old/secretive] authority figures, etc.)

September 4 (Wed): Medium influence; market may possibly go down (55-60%).

USA: September 4-5 – there could be some news about banks overspending, growing too fast, and/or hype about how well banks are doing. Additionally, we may hear about a push to spend money to improve international relationships and/or fix international debt issues. These news/talks will likely be related to the US image, such as whether too much international debt devalues partners’ view of the US as a global power.

September 5 (Th): Strong influence; market may possibly go down (55-60%), although there could be some slight optimism and related upward move early morning.

September 6 (Fr): Medium-mixed influence; market may possibly go down (60-65%). There could be strong tensions related to blocked actions of some leader(s), but also some hopeful feeling/enthusiasm, potentially related to land, real estate, farms, food supply, homeland security, bank savings/stability, etc. This will likely be a very busy news day, especially during pre-market hours, with the focus on labor market and/or healthcare.

September 7-8 (Sat-Sun): Likely a tense weekend, with tensions related to the blocked action issue that will have been unfolding during the work week – the issue may come to a head and some parties may demand that it be resolved. The affected areas will likely include IT, telecom, electronics, airlines, etc. There could be some unexpected/surprise actions, such as leaders abruptly beginning/ending something.

USA: Several transits to the US chart on September 7-9 taken together indicate a possibility of some talks/news about “hidden enemies,” vague/secret/elusive enemies and/or threats. (Alternatively, the concerns may be related to healthcare.) Overall, these aspects do not favor a nice/pleasant approach to dealing with the issue. At the same time, the time is favorable for taking assertive (not necessarily aggressive) actions allowing the US to maintain good partnership relationships with other countries, while following its vision/maintaining good image. The day is also favorable for smooth unobstructed energy flow in the areas related to IT, electronics, retail sales, transportation (including airlines), etc. – actions taken to improve these areas should go as planned.

September 9 (Mon): Strong influence; market may possibly go down (60-65%). There could be tensions in the pre-open hours or early morning. The focus in the news will probably be on the stalemate situation, where old restrictive structures are trying to deny/limit leader(s)’ action(s). [The resolution of the stalemate situation may well come over the weekend; however, it may still affect the market on Monday, especially in the early morning.]

September 10 (Tue): Weak-mixed influence; market may possibly go down (55%); the influence is stronger for the US than internationally. My original prediction was up; however, transits to the US chart indicate a possibility of some disruptive news about the workforce, healthcare, and/or overall societal well-being. Thus, I changed the prediction to down.

September 11 (Wed): Medium influence; market may possibly go up (55%).

USA: September 11-12 – there will likely be an abundance of news in general and especially related to international relationships/partnerships. The news will likely be optimistic, such as that the US standing in the world and/or its vision/identity are strong and continue to expand. This would likely have a positive effect on the market.

September 12 (Th): Medium influence; market may possibly go down (55-60%).

September 13 (Fr): Medium-strong influence; market may possibly go down (60%); the influence is stronger internationally than for the US. There may be some positive news out of the US related to the labor market, but I don’t think this by itself will drive the market up.

September 13-14 – Good time for assertive actions related to making changes/improvements in domains related to IT, electronics, airlines, and/or space. There is also a possibility that military-related discussions will resume, and, this time favors the discussions going smoothly/gaining track. If there is any ongoing discussion about airstrikes, this course of action may be perceived more favorably today and/or these talks would proceed smoothly without stress/opposition. Hence, this could bring the market down.

September 13-19 – Some tensions may begin building up [again], to culminate around the 19th. The focus of the tensions may be on the restrictive/limiting influence of some old rules and/or authority figures, including some information coming from the secret/hidden sources and/or mining industry. It may also be related to a sober look at the situation with bank loan policies or taxes; there will likely be concerns about the lack of money and/or reduced profits or problems with the loans/debt.

September 16 (Mon): Medium-strong influence; market may possibly go down (65-65%). Likely a super busy news day, with rapid sequence of news coming out, especially pre-market and in the early morning. The news may possibly be related to sudden actions/decisions by the leaders, such as abrupt endings/beginnings of some actions. The actions will likely be in the area of IT industry, electronics, telecom, airlines, space, etc.

USA: September 16-17 – not the best days for meetings/conferences/public announcements – these may have good intentions behind them, but may not go completely as planned (e.g., an agreement may not be reached or an announcement may not be received favorably). There is also an increased likelihood of international news/talks and/or miscommunication/tension during these talks potentially resulting in a disagreement.

September 17 (Tue): Strong influence; market may possibly go down (65-70%); this influence is stronger internationally than for the US.

September 17-18 – likely, concerns about the lack of money and/or some restrictions around loans/debt/taxes. There could also be concerns about the value of the commodities that come from the mines (metals/rocks) and/or mining industry in general.

USA: The US will likely be prominently featured in the news and receive a lot of attention, especially for its leadership and power. This is a positive energy (shining in the limelight kind of a moment); however, I don’t think it will be strong enough to bring the market up. Additionally, there could be news about financial system and the banks – some data may be released or agreements signed; this is not a good or bad influence per se, rather, some practical matters will likely be in focus.

September 18 (Wed): Medium-strong influence; market may possibly go down (55-60%).

September 19 (Th): Medium influence; market may possibly go up (60%). Probably happier mood/better news compared to the 17th-18th. At least, I expect an abundance of news/ communication, likely related to partnership agreements and domestic security.

USA: Favorable day for improving relationships with any sort of “hidden enemies lurking in the dark” or reducing worries about healthcare. The day is also favorable for taking actions with respect to financial system and/or banks – these actions should go smoothly, with minimal to no resistance; good day for taking a conservative approach to investment.

September 20 (Fr): Medium influence; market may possibly go up (55-60%). There could be some surprising/unexpected/unsettling news early am about things related to IT, electronics, telecom, planes, etc.; however, the mood overall should improve over the course of the day.

USA: Mostly a positive day, the with the sense of international relationships improving, public feeling more at ease, and/or leadership trying to use a more peaceful approach to resolving international situations (especially over the weekend). Good day for successful military talks, improving relationships and/or reaching agreements about which [military] actions to take.

September 23 (Mon): Weak-medium influence; market may possibly go down (55-60%); this influence is stronger for the US than internationally. My original prediction was UP, but I changed it to DOWN because of the potentially stressful news in the US.

USA: September 22-23 – possible stress around international relationships/partnerships and, potentially, some unexpected events that break the tensions. Affected areas will likely be IT industry, transportation (including air travel), communications, retail sales, telecom, etc. For example, there could be a disruption in communications or news may come out that some airlines/ IT companies/etc. aren’t doing so well.

September 24 (Tue): Weak-medium influence; market may possibly go up (55- 60%); this influence is stronger internationally than for the US.

USA: Increased likelihood of some talks about or with other international partners, with focus on the US status in the world and how it is perceived internationally. The talks may be somewhat tense, although some resolution may be reached (and will release the tension).

September 25 (Wed): Weak-medium influence; market may possibly go up (55-60%).

USA: There could be some news, likely positive, about the labor market, healthcare and/or social improvement programs. Additionally, there may be some good news about retail sales and or loans/debt/taxes.

September 26 (Th): Weak-medium influence; market may possibly go down (55%). The influence is strongest in the afternoon. The market may possibly go up in the morning and then change direction midday.

USA: An elusive/”hidden” enemy or threat and/or healthcare issues may be in the news. There could be some increased and possibly tense talks, but the parties will probably arrive at an agreement, as some sort of a resolution will be necessary to release the tension.

September 27 (Fr): Medium influence; market may possibly go down (55-60%); this influence is stronger internationally than for the US.

USA: This may be a relatively positive/optimistic day for the US, especially for its image, vision, and/or how it views itself.

September 30 (Mon): Weak-medium influence; market may possibly go down (55%).

USA: For the US, the influence is somewhat more positive than globally and favors an UP move a bit more. At least, there may be good news in the areas related to healthcare/medications/health insurance/labor market. These topics will likely be prominently featured in the news today (and probably during the whole last week of the month).

Glimpse at the early October: October 1-3 look tense, especially 1-2 – the market will likely go down then.

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3 Responses to Stock market predictions September, 2013: Financial Astrology

  1. tolstunka says:

    To follow up on the predictions for September 22-23, 2013 about some tensions/stressful events in the area of IT and/or transportation (incl. airlines) for the USA — there were a few developments on Sep 22-24 that match this astro signature:

    – South Korea rejected Boeing Co.’s bid for the $7.7 billion contract (Sep 24 )

    – Norwegian Air called in Boeing to explain Dreamliner glitches (Sep 23

    – American & US Airways extended merger deadline to wait for the outcome of an antitrust lawsuit (Sep 23

    – Blackberry announced a deal to go private at $9 a share (Sep 23 [Now, Blackberry is Canadian, but the news does affect many shareholders in the US]

    – Pandora gets thumped as iTunes Radio debuts (Sep 23

    On the other hand, there were also positive/neutral news in IT domain, which shows that tense astro aspects may also just indicate a time of some significant event, change, and/or announcement in the related area:

    – Apple reports First Weekend iPhone Sales Top Nine Million, Sets New Record (Sep 23, and

    – Microsoft introduces new Surface tablets (Sep 23

    [Note that I didn’t know these devices will be coming on sale on these dates – I wasn’t planning on buying any & don’t watch TV; so if there were announcements, I either didn’t see them or didn’t pay any conscious attention.]

    • tolstunka says:

      The reason I follow up on my own predictions like this is to see how useful US astro chart is for making predictions about economy/events. In particular, I want to keep an eye on the upcoming stressful aspects related to financial sector/banks. For ex., in an older post ( I wrote:

      “Uranus will also oppose US Saturn several times around in mid-May 2014, late Sep/early Oct 2014, and early March 2015. Saturn rules 2nd house in the US chart—the house of self-earned income, income from what a country’s economy actually produces vs. borrowed money or taxes, as well as banks, financial institutions, and country’s accumulated money/solid savings (such as a pile of gold in the vault). These transits will likely coincide with the times of sobering realizations of how things are there (how much money is actually being made and saved). There could be sudden/unexpected changes or surprises in this domain (e.g., banks go under in a flash, some unexpected financial reforms are implemented, or, there is a surprise about how much US has/hasn’t saved, etc.). Uranus is a planet of sudden/shocking revelations/changes—so any changes will likely be abrupt, sudden, and/or unexpected.”

      Coincidentally, at the end of April 2014, Mars, Jupiter, Uranus, and Pluto will form a potent grand-cross — indicates a major market direction change. In the past (need to look up exact dates/planets), a similar grand cross coincided with the all-time market high (tho the astro signature then was more positive overall, so in April 2014, it may either be a MIN or a MAX — will look closer later to try to predict which).

      Considering that the stressful Uranus transit to the US chart in mid-May 2014 occurs only about 2 weeks after the mundane (global) cardinal grand-cross in late April, I’d say there will be some major developments then; very likely banks/financial sector will be affected [key words – turmoil, stress, unexpected, sudden, overnight, etc.]. Cardinal signs symbolize the beginning of something, so some turning point likely (incl. social unrest, violence, nuclear issues, etc.); the presence of Jupiter may alleviate some of the stress or just increase the amount/volume of whatever is going on (Jupiter = excess).

      • tolstunka says:

        Ok, so to clarify, the previous bull cycle’s (2003-07) all-time market high (not adjusting for inflation) was in Oct 2007. It corresponded to a T-square [not a grand-cross as my earlier comment said], formed by Venus (money), Jupiter (expansion/excess), and Uranus (electric/excitement). The upcoming grand-cross in April 2014 should be equally as, if not more than, powerful as a T-square. However, with Pluto (violence/nuclear/power/death) and Mars (war/action/fire/accident) in the mix this time instead of the sweet Venus, we can expect much more intense energy building up.

        In sum, I definitely expect mid-to-late April 2014 to coincide with a major MAX or MIN turning point for the market as well as some important geopolitical events (like wars/violence/nuclear accidents/suppression/etc.). Many astrologers have already written about the grand cross; I bet there are many good insights out there if you search for cardinal grand cross April 2014.

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