Yahoo’s Marissa Mayer and ban on working from home–a few comments on her astro chart

Wanted to put out a few astro observations about Yahoo’s Marissa Mayer (, related to the recent ban on work-from-home. Surely, there are tons of articles interpreting her birthchart (, so I won’t go into any in-depth analysis here, but a few things caught my eye.

One thing that stood out was that MM has Mars (in Aries) opposition Pluto (Libra) in her natal chart—this is a strong signature of a person who is fiercely competitive (she also has Jupiter in Aries, so double that) & can be quite ruthless/dictatorial with others. It doesn’t mean she is a bad person, rather, very focused and intense – she is ready to destroy those whom she perceives as blocking her from moving forward (she’ll fight enemies to the death). MM is a very sensitive person, to be sure, with Venus in Cancer, but compromising may not be something she naturally prefers (unless there is some supportive Libra influence, but w/o time of birth, I can’t tell).

MM is also very action-oriented, enjoys/is good at beginning new projects, a fearless leader who will lead the team to the battle field, under the bullets/into fire—sort of like a warrior on a horse yelling, “Hurraaah!” and bravely galloping toward the enemy camp…

At the time she ordered a ban on working from home, Uranus (innovation, bright idea, sudden & dramatic change) conjuncted her natal Mars (and opposed Pluto)—this seems to be a sincere attempt to make a drastic change through sudden/revolutionary/new/different approach. Imagine a bladesmith making a sword in a hot fire pit (Mars) & then, you come and zap the poor guy with some electric wire (Uranus) and say, “Drop what you’ve been doing, immediately, and now do your thing in a new innovative way and it better be completely different than before (Uranus)! To hell with established rules—they ought to die (Pluto), before a truly new/fresh awesome sword I want you to make can come out of this pit (Mars)! ” That’s the kind of energy was going through MM’s chart at the time the ban decision was announced.

Also, transiting Jupiter has joined Sun in in MM’s chart at the same time (exact March 8-9, 2013)—optimism/expansion—she is currently feeling very VERY optimistic about this new approach and, generally, super good about herself. This same transit also occurred when she became Yahoo’s CEO. Form Wikipedia: “On July 16, 2012, Mayer was appointed President and CEO of Yahoo!, effective the following day.” Well, Jupiter conjuncted her Sun exactly on July 22, 2012.

At about the same time (shortly before getting the CEO position, and shortly before the ban), transiting Jupiter has also formed harmonious sextile and trine aspects to MM’s Mars and Pluto, respectively—so again, it looks like she is very optimistic about making these changes, confident they will bring good results (even if something has to die first), and feels like she is being innovative and doing things for the greater good.

MM will have Jupiter go over Mercury and Saturn in her chart, and trine Moon and Uranus in the upcoming months—this should bring about more subjectively positive/optimistic feelings (regardless of whether or not the company does well). Next year, May-June 2014 look quite important for her—especially mid-to-end of June—she may experience some lucky break and her income will likely increase. What does this mean for Yahoo? We’d need to look at the company’s chart (time of incorporation) and stock chart (first trade) for that—this post is just to illustrate that it can be useful to take into consideration CEO’s chart, as his/her decisions influence the company’s future.

Last thing—MM has Saturn (restriction/oppression/limitations) in Cancer (home/emotions/nurturing)—restricting work-from-home, anyone? 🙂 In Cancer, Saturn is in “detriment”—Saturn rules Capricorn, hence, it’s traditionally considered to be weak in its opposite sign. Manifestations of this aspect in one’s chart can include things like problems with mother figures, suppression of emotions, hardships at home, oppressive home environment that feels cold and unnurturing, etc. One may overcompensate and place too much attention on the nurturing/emotions/home and try to control this area of life too much. It’s of great importance to an individual to do things “right” here, in an orderly and responsible manner (perhaps, their mother wasn’t very nurturing, so they want to make sure their child always feels nurtured). So on a flip side, this can inspire one to become a super-Mom/Dad (responsible watchful parent, if a bit too micro-managing at times), have things in perfect order and in top shape at their home (although it may be a bit Spartan-like), express emotions carefully to avoid shocking others with wild mood swings, etc.

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