March 1, 2013 astro predictions & end of March preview

Here are a few short predictions for early March, to not skip March 1, which is already tomorrow. I will put together detailed daily predictions for the whole month of March over the weekend.

March 1 (Fr): Down (realism about financial reforms: Sun sextile Pluto [reform/transformation] & trine Saturn [realism/structure]; realism tends to bring market down, even though aspects themselves are actually harmonious and favor improvement)

March 4 (Mon): Up – the influence is esp. strong early am/at the open—possibly opens higher than closed on Fr.

March 6-7 (Wed-Th): Down. Talk/communication about financial reforms will likely have a sober tone to it, but in a productive kind of way, not negative

Also, at a glance, the end of March looks pretty intense. March 22 and March 26-27 look stressful, with Mars forming a conjunction to Uranus and then, a square to Pluto—increased likelihood of accidents, military-related problems, and violence/anger; market will likely go down. March 28 (bunch of aspects) will definitely not be a neutral day—big move(s) likely, possibly up, esp. early am, although can turn down pm (will have to look closer and check US chart). March 29—also intense, possibly up, but has a mix signature (good feelings about money will be in the air [that there is enough to go around or that profits are good], but some sort of reform-related activities will be raining on the parade, so to speak, and may squelch the good feelings)—will look at this closer in detailed predictions (upcoming over the weekend).

Observation: Looking over the previous months’ predictions, I am definitely noticing that for DJI, transits to US chart are very influential—they either enhance the global/general trend (seen in aspects among transiting planets), or, more often than not, override the global trend in case there is a disagreement in the direction. For example, we saw a strong move up on Feb 27—the overall trend indicated somewhat stressful time for the economy, but on that day, Neptune formed an exact trine to US Venus (inspiration, dreamy mood, delusion [about money]) and the market went up. I plan on assigning an even greater weight to the transits to US chart in the future (and will possibly look at the progressed US horoscope as well, time permitting).

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