Stock market predictions October 18-31, 2012: Financial Astrology. Includes a few country-specific notes for the US, Germany, Spain, and Greece.

To avoid further delays, here are some astro-financial predictions for the remainder of Oct 2012 (Nov & Dec to follow soon). These are based on simple reading of ephemeris, no other methods were considered. The direction is my best guess based on previous market direction changes under similar conditions; I included some approximate percentages to indicate how likely I think that the market will move in a particular direction. The work is done by hand, rather than with statistical software, and for fun only, so I would caution all readers to do their own research to detect any potential astro-financial trends with higher precision. [All calculations are for NYC, times are in EST; by “market” I mean mainly DJI and entities with similar trading pattern.]

Predictions for countries depend on the accuracy of their horoscopes. For a useful reference, see national charts by Liz Greene at


OCTOBER: All month, Mercury rises right before the market opens in NYC, so I’d expect lots of news coming out each morning, especially during the last week of the month—some announcements may come right before open, likely related to commerce, transportation, and/or communications (e.g., announcements of new devices or technologies). Oct 24-25 are the most likely dates for such announcement(s).


Oct 18 (Th): Weak influence, market may possibly go up (55-60%).

Public mood may be a bit agitated or restless, wanting to act in some way—in the US, it may manifest through some unexpected/unusual public event or news announcement. This is because around 11am, Moon (public, emotions, etc.) will conjunct transiting Mars (action, war, fire, etc.), while both will be on the Asc. At the same time, this Moon/Mars duo will oppose Uranus (unexpected, abrupt, accident, etc.) in the US chart. Since Uranus is placed in the 6th house (per 5:10pm LMT US chart—1776, Jul 4, Philadelphia, PA) and rules the 3rd, this event/announcement may possibly relate to workforce, public health, “the armed forces, civil service workers and police” (quote from the 6th house in mundane astrology description at Coincidentally, FEMA ShakeOut earthquake preparedness drill ( is scheduled for Oct 18, 10:18am. Over 14 million of participants are expected.

Oct 19 (Fr): Weak influence, market may possibly go down (55%), esp. early morning. It may well go up later. Either way, I don’t expect a dramatic move.

Oct 22 (Mon): Weak influence, market may possibly go down (55%). Some tensions may be rising (e.g., concerns about upcoming restrictions or some may ponder if it’s time to sell yet), but this energy will likely just be gathering momentum, to culminate in a few days.

Spain: Some action may be undertaken regarding Spain’s finances/income that will affect its standing in the world/social status/how it’s regarded (transiting Mars will conjunct Spain’s Neptune in the 10th, ruler of the 2nd; at the same time Jupiter will be forming a harmonious sextile aspect to Spain’s Jupiter in the 2nd, ruler of the 11th). Looks like a positive opportunity for improving money situation—this may culminate on Oct 29 [Spain’s chart is for Nov 22, 1975, 12:45pm CET, Madrid.]

Oct 23 (Tue): Medium influence, market may possibly go down (65%).

Some public announcement(s) likely shortly before market opens—possibly about commerce, transportation, and/or communications, incl. new technologies. This could involve gathering at a major public event, like a conference; alternatively, it may be of significance to a large number of people. This likelihood remains high Oct 23-26.

Germany: Oct 23-24 may see some tension around participating in multinational organizations and over Germany’s status in the world (transiting Mars will square Germany’s Mars in the 11th, ruler of the 10th). [Germany’s chart is for Oct 03, 1990, 00:00am CET, Berlin.]

Oct 24 (Wed): Medium influence, market will probably go down (70%).

Oct 25 (Th): Medium influence, market will probably go down, esp. early am (75%). It may start going back up later in a day and/or, if a major down move happens on Oct 24, the market will possibly be going up throughout the day, to crest on Oct 26.

Oct 26 (Fr): Strong influence; market will probably crest, with sell-off more likely towards the end of the day. Whichever the direction, the volume is likely to be high and the move is likely to be bigger than average.

Oct 29 (Mon): Weak influence, market may possibly go down (65%). Some international agreement/decision may be reached in pre-open hours on Mon or on Sun; if so, international news may affect market on Mon morning.

Spain: Could be a time when Spain’s income increases or the time is beneficial for earning more money (transiting Mars will form a harmonious trine aspect to Spain’s Jupiter in the 2nd, ruler of the 11th, while Jupiter will form a sextile to it). At the same time, there may be major restrictions experienced regarding workforce/civil service/public health sector/police/etc.—there may be announcements or worries about cuts and lay-offs, or, some serious restructuring plans may be proposed (transiting Saturn will square Spain’s Saturn in the 6th, ruler of the 12th).

Oct 30 (Tue): Weak influence, market may possibly go down (55%).

Oct 31 (Wed): Weak influence, market may possibly go up (55-60%). The momentum may be building up towards a possible crest on Nov 1, with the minimum/low on Nov 2.

USA and Greece: Both countries may feel pretty realistic about their financial situation at that time—nothing to be overly excited about, but things may seem fairly stable and/or issues related to the long-term commitment to certain fiscal policies may arise (transiting Saturn will trine Venus in the charts of the US and Greece. US’ Venus is in the 7th house, ruling the 2nd; Greece’s Venus is in the 12th, ruling the 1st). [Greece’s chart is for Jul 24, 1974, 04:00am EET, Athens.]


Additional thoughts:

Nov 1: There may be an upsetting public event in Greece—likely related to public venting of anger and/or action by large numbers of people and/or some activity that involves large groups or takes place in a public space (a gathering, conference, meeting, protest, celebration, etc.) (transiting Mars conjuncts Greece’s North Node). On the same day, Germany may experience being pushed to make its foreign policy more clear and/or reveal some hidden plans (transiting Mars squares Germany’s Moon in the 9th house, ruler of the 12th).

Greece: Transiting Saturn (restriction, boundaries, authority, etc.) has entered the 5th house (fun, joy, creativity, self-expression, etc.) in Greece’s chart on Oct 8, 2012—it will stay there through December of 2015. This indicates a period of limitation and restructuring related to the country’s approach to how much fun to have, when, and how to have it (e.g., learning how to have fun responsibly, how to have fun while working, etc.). After that, Saturn will enter the 6th house, with the focus shifting to restructuring civil service sector and job market in general.

USA: Throughout October, transiting Uranus is squaring US’ Jupiter in the 7th, ruler of the 1st—this may indicate some unexpected/sudden/unusual decisions/actions related to relationships with its “partners” (other countries). There is a possibility of getting some lucky break (e.g., taking a different/unusual approach pays-off), but there is also a possibility of going overboard (e.g., overspending or breaking away from some relationship too rashly).

Germany: Throughout October, transiting Uranus is squaring Germany’ Uranus in the 6th, ruler of the 7th—this may indicate tensions in relationships with its “partners” (other countries) and/or regarding labor force. There may be a feeling of desiring greater freedom to do what Germany wants to do (e.g., which international partnership agreements to enter, as these decisions may affect German workers). This desire may result in Germany being impatient or acting too rashly.

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3 Responses to Stock market predictions October 18-31, 2012: Financial Astrology. Includes a few country-specific notes for the US, Germany, Spain, and Greece.

  1. tolstunka says:

    I see that Samsung Galaxy Note 2 is scheduled to be released in the United States on October 24th. This, of course, was known before I posted the predictions above. However, I just wanted to note that (a) with astrology, this is something that one could’ve predicted years in advance; and (b) Samsung has probably consulted an astrologer–on the 24th, Mercury is conjunct North Node, and both are rising around 9:30am EST, at NYC location (w/Mercury approaching NN w/in less then 1 degree at that time)–great for announcing new communication technology to the masses, or, technology that will affect masses (there are other aspects too, but it’s beyond the scope of this comment).

  2. tolstunka says:

    Oct 19: “Stocks Drop Most Since June on Earnings; Metals, Oil Fall” (Bloomberg article at Hmm… that sounds dramatic enough to me 🙂 I was expecting the nega sentiment to begin gaining momentum starting Mon, but apparently it has already begun on Fr.

  3. tolstunka says:

    No big move on Oct 26 either. I was expecting a stronger move on Fr. given Jupiter-Mars opposition due on Sun. There is a chance that this aspect will influence things on Mon morning, but it will be separating by then and separating aspects aren’t usually as potent as approaching.

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