Q4 note and general impressions through may 2013

Just a quick update to confirm that I am still planning on posting Q4 predictions within the next week or so. The Q4 dates that jump at me as rather stressful are Nov 26-27, 2012—with Venus conjunct Saturn, and Mars conjunct Pluto on virtually the same day, it will surely be a time of concern about financial restrictions. Some violent outbreaks and/or increased number of accidents are likely.

On a larger scale, from the beginning of Oct, the Uranus-Pluto square will be separating for a bit—until May of 2013, when global tensions (e.g., around nuclear power, financial and/or other major reforms, stand-off between forces demanding suppression/full control over something and forces demanding some sort of a break-through/revolution/freedom/radical change, etc.) will likely to intensify again.

In the meantime, Saturn will form a harmonious sextile aspect to Pluto, from around the end of Dec 2012 through early March 2013—this may be the time when structures (Saturn) that are needed to implement reforms (Pluto) will be put into place. Astrologically, Saturn “rules” things like austerity, restrictions, father, authority, large corporations/businesses/government, stone, rock, hard, wall, sculpture/architecture—something materializing as a concrete structure, etc.; Pluto is associated with things like [nuclear] power, destruction followed by reconstruction, death/rebirth, massive change, suppression, control, etc. With these energies in a harmonious aspect, I would expect any austerity-oriented reforms to proceed relatively smoothly, meaning that restrictions will likely be officially put into place as some concrete governmental/corporate rulings, affecting masses of people. As mentioned above, it may not be until the end of Apr 2013, when some tensions regarding these reforms may flare up strongly—especially in May.

This is just my general impression—I want to look at this more closely, noting any concurrent aspects to the charts of key EU countries, like Greece and Spain, to see if any particular dates stand out as more important than others.

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