Stock market predictions Quarter 2, 2012: Financial Astrology

Ok, so here are 2nd quarter 2012 astro financial predictions (after Apr9; for Q1 and some notes on early April, see Q1 predictions post-n-comments). These are based on simple reading of ephemeris (as one would read music off of a sheet), no other methods were considered. This is not an exhaustive list, but what jumped at me as some key dates; the direction is my best guess based on previous market direction changes under similar conditions. For Q2, I also tried to elaborate on how strong I think the influence will be & how certain I am about the direction. [All calculations are for NYC, times are in EST; by “market” I mean mainly DJI and entities with similar trading pattern.]

2nd QUARTER 2012


APRIL = Overall, may not be too bad; not too many strong bad aspects, but nothing I see that would drive market up strongly. Also, ongoing opposition between Mars & Neptune (1-2 degrees separation), lasting virtually all April, will likely prevent market from taking off.

April 16 (Mon): Weak influence, market likely going down, especially pm. There could be some negative news on Sun (Apr 15) —if so, some harsh realizations may dampen the mood on Mon morning.

April 23 (Mon): Weak influence, market possibly going up, mostly am. There could be some news on Sun (Apr 22) about IT/space/airlines/networks/communications/ commerce—these could influence trading on Mon morning.

April 30 (Mon): Weak influence, market possibly going up a bit.


MAY = Overall, likely conservative approach to investing predominates; carefully evaluating all financial decisions; serious/long-term investments being more in focus; maintaining status quo or constricting/pulling back resources (especially, May 10-24, and within that frame, May 16-21)—that’s how I read the long-lasting/slow-unfolding Venus-Saturn trine happening in May.

May 7 (Mon): Weak influence, market possibly going down. On May 5 (Sat), there could be some sad news or news about lack/restrictions, unsuccessful communications. This news may possibly influence the market on Mon, but it’s also possible that the influence will dissipate by then.

May 10 (Thur): Weak influence, market possibly going down, especially at the end of day. Likelihood of some vague news and/or news about religion; there may also be a brief feeling of an inspiration, being able to deal with difficulties.

May 14 (Mon): Weak influence, market possibly going up am, then down pm. On Sun (May 13), there could be some positive news coming out that will inspire optimism and could spill over into Mon morning, supporting an up move.

May 16 (Wed): Medium-strong influence, am pretty sure the market will be going down/reach a low.

May 21 (Mon): Weak influence, market possibly going down.

May 22 (Tue): Medium influence, market possibly going up, especially am/at opening. There could be some pre-market news in am about some expansion or something positive, like some ruling, and/or international news.

May 23 (Wed): Medium influence, am pretty sure the market will be going down, especially pm/at closing.

May 25 (Fr): Weak-medium influence, am pretty sure the market will be going down, especially pm. Possibility of some news at the end of day influencing the market—something may be vague/unclear/lies/confusion.

May 28 (Mon): Weak-medium influence, market possibly going down. There could be some news on Sun (May 27) about IT/space/airlines/networks/communications/ commerce—these could influence trading on Mon morning. There is a small possibility that market will actually be going up a bit am, and then goes down pm.

May 30 (Wed): Weak-medium influence, am pretty sure the market will be going down. There could be some upsetting news, unresolved argument/fight, someone can’t work together/not reaching partnership agreement.


JUNE = Overall, pretty much a down month for the market; greater than usual likelihood of bad weather and/or some disaster even—likely related to nuclear power/radioactivity/energy and floods (separately or together).

June 1 (Fr): Weak influence, market will possibly be going up. Could be a brief respite & good news day; at least, some increased talk about money—this may increase hope about more $ coming in.

June 4 (Mon): Weak-medium influence, market will likely be going down. Rather busy at the opening—possibly opens at a low (lower then closed on Fr). There could be some news on Sun eve that are rational and make everyone aware of how things “really” are—practical approach/attitude prevails over “rose-colored sunglasses.”

June 5 (Tue): Medium influence, market will likely have a mixed day. Mixed feelings may drive market up-n-down throughout the day, some decision may be reversed or contrary evidence may be introduced, or, there are both positive and negative news. More positive mood may manifest toward the end of the day.

June 7 (Thur): Weak-medium influence, market will possibly be going down, but may not be too bad. Or, it may not even go down—it could also just be that the volume is higher and investors are a bit more aggressive than usual.

June 8 (Fr): Weak influence, market may possibly be going up (or at least not falling down abruptly)—an easier/lighter day for the market. Alternatively, the direction will remain the same, uninhibited—so no special events and/or reversals, but rather a smooth continuation of the previous pattern (so if it was down the day before, it could continue down steadily, without major unexpected swings).

June 11 (Mon): Strong influence, am fairly certain that market will be going down. Looks like some bad news, distress.

June 12 (Tue): Medium influence, am fairly certain market will be going down. At 2:04pm—this could be a low point for the day, or, a reversal point signaling a sudden drop.

June 13 (Wed): Weak-medium influence, market will likely be going down.

June 20 (Wed): Strong influence, am fairly certain that market will be going down. Some negative news likely—practical/realistic thinking over “rose-colored glasses.” Although, the market may possibly go up at the end of the day.

June 21 (Thur): Medium-strong influence, am fairly certain that market will be going down.

June 22 (Fr): Medium-strong influence, am fairly certain that market will be going down. May not be as dramatic of a down move as on June 20-21, but market continues going down slowly.

June 24 (Sun): Strong influence, important day. Possibility of some really bad weather and/or disaster—[nuclear?] power unleashed/radioactivity out of control and/or floods/rain/storm—too much water!! It flows & flows & flows… Also, spirituality comes into focus—possibly some religious undertones to the situation (religious war? praying to stop disaster?).

June 25 (Mon): Strong influence, am fairly certain that market will be going down, probably influenced by [likely continuing] events from June 24.

June 29 (Fr): Strong influence, am fairly certain that market will be going down, especially am. Likely due to fear/concern about something (e.g., safety); increased communication/news about international things and/or religious issues and/or weather (water/floods/etc.); some optimism about being able to resolve this is also possible.


As always, check astro aspects (e.g., transits, progressions, etc.) to YOUR chart to see if a particular time is favorable for engaging in trading activities for YOU (or for your company, etc.). Above all—we are always in charge of our destiny, so ultimate outcome of any activities is up to us.

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Just very very talented... what can I do? :) Recently learned that my nakshatra is Purva Phalguni, in case you were wondering...
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12 Responses to Stock market predictions Quarter 2, 2012: Financial Astrology

  1. tolstunka says:

    So based on the April 10, 2012 DJI drop, looks like the Mars-Neptune opposition is doing a good job at suppressing the market. While this aspect is in effect all month 🙂 [push-pull effect of action-Mars vs. confusion-Neptune], its effect will be strongest through abt Apr 20–aspect is tighter AND the planets align with important chart axises at opening (and closing).

    Apr 16: Taking into consideration the close alignment of Neptune/Mars with MC/IC at opening (in addition to other stuff going on that day)–let’s “upgrade” Apr 16 to medium-strong influence & a definite DOWN move at the opening (or opening low).

  2. tolstunka says:

    June 24 +- few days: Also, likely some news (probably good, and/or news abt increase/expansion) related to drugs/pharmaceuticals–for pharma companies/stocks, this may actully be a time of increase in value.

    • peace says:

      Thank you so much for your kind 2nd quarter report. you are correct .God bless you. What is your Gold and silver outlook. It came down , so should we enter gold etfs? Please let is know. Thank you and God bless you and your loved ones with a rain of blessings.

      • tolstunka says:

        Thx for the nice wishes! All the best to u also! 🙂

        I’d have to analyze the trading pattern of a particular ETF (e.g., GLD) against the note-worthy planetary arrangements unfolding over time, to be able to answer ur question. In the past, I rememebr noting that silver (SLV) trading pattern varied from DJI and GLD, but I had no interest in exploring it, so I can’t say at the moment, how silver ETFs will do in a down market that I expect to unfold over the upcoming months.

        As for GLD, specifically, it seemed to diverge from general DJI pattern, when things got really bad–so it’s possible that the same thing will happen over summer. This is not a prediction, as I haven’t yet done any specific analyses, just a passing observation. I do plan on looking into GLD over the next couple of weeks, before things really start going down in mid-June, & will be sure to share my insights.

    • tolstunka says:

      My prediction was based on the Neptune (drugs, water, illusion, anyting that dissolves boundaries) / Jupiter (law, expansion, optimism) square (tense energy aspect, often manifests as some “events/happenings” [as opposed to smooth unfoldment/easy flow of energy]). Looks like this one has manfifested, among other things, as passing of the Health Law in the U.S. on June 28, 2012.

      Supreme Court upholds health-care overhaul

      • peace says:

        Thanks for that predictions and you are right on the money on that. You said some resolution and optimism is possible, thats what we are seeing today with europe. Is this euphoria going at least few more days? Is it a real solution of fix and whats ur further updates on the markets. Thank you and god bless you and all.

      • tolstunka says:

        Thanks for your interest & kind words. Blessing to you also! 🙂 The euphoria today coincides astrologically with 2 aspects, in my view:

        1. Mercury (news, communication) conjunct (joining/blending of energies) Jupiter (law, expansion, international)—so, happy news about some ruling, international events/communication, positive thinking, optimism, good for signing legal contracts, etc. This aspect will only last today, with influence felt since yesterday, as it was approaching within 1 degree of being exact.

        2. Jupiter square (unbalanced energy, tension that builds up until it erupts and goes overboard) Neptune (water, drugs, mystical experiences, delusions, movies)—this can manifest as too much water/floods, overdosing on drugs, legal ruling affecting healthcare, too much optimism, increased faith and/or being delusional, etc. Jupiter has slowly been approaching this aspect in the past 1.5 weeks or so, but the energies are now equally slowly separating. I did expect increased potential of floods and expansion for pharma stocks, but I didn’t expect this much delusional (in my personal opinion) euphoria about the economy, since realistically EU debt situation isn’t stable at all.

        Mon-Tue (Jul 2-3) have very slight nega aspects (but nothing super bad), so overall I’d expect a slight down move, especially on Tue. I’ll post more on July and Q3 over the weekend.

        Ongoing Uranus (sudden jolt/revolution/ breakthrough) — Pluto (debt/power/death/ transformation) square, which will last through 2017, indicates that it will be some time before things are truly “fixed.” That said, I will now be looking more closely at aspects to Jupiter and/or Neptune, to better account for potential “delusions” in my predictions. On this note, am noticing that Neptune turned retrograde (energy directed inward, not expressing itself naturally/freely as usual) on Jun 5, and won’t turn direct till mid-Nov—I wonder if this is manifesting as misguided belief and contributing to market going up despite clear problems in the economy. (Btw, end on Nov, e.g., 26th looks rather tense.)

  3. roni says:

    hi tolstunka
    can u tell us please when is going to be the top of the dollar this year ? tnx again 🙂

    • tolstunka says:

      🙂 I honestly don’t know. Assuming you mean USD wrt to EUR, I would have to analyse those patterns to try & make some predictions. It sounds like an interesting research project, but a bit too time consuming for me for the moment. In the past, I noticed that predicting currencies trajectory was more difficult compared to individual stocks and/or indexes, probably because more factors come into play. Since I currently do all analyses in my head, “eyeballing” the ephemeris for each day, the probability is high that predictions would not be very reliable.

      • peace says:

        Hi Mr.Tolstunka,
        Thank you so much for your time and very kind caring replies. I appreciate your accurate predictions and you are so right on the target with your market predictions and day trading predictions, specially your 2nd quarter predictions ending june. What about from july and august, does the market going to hit new lows? OIL is going down, do you think , it will go further down? Thanks and God bless you with all his blessings in your chosen interests. Please reply at your convenience.

  4. tolstunka says:

    Just wanted to comment briefly re June 24, 2012 weather prediction–it’s interesting that tropical storm Debby hit FL on that day, disrupting oil production in the Gulf of Mexico. The storm is slow moving, so it’s dumping tons of water. In addition, there has been some really severe flooding in MN and WI in the past 2-3 days; Duluth, MN, for example, has experienced the worst floods since the 70s.

    Tropical Storm Debby spawns fatal tornado in Florida, drenches coast:
    Minnesota, Wisconsin residents cope with deadly flooding:

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