Greece natal chart–a few more observations

Given that transiting Pluto (major transformation/massive power/destruction-n-rebirth) and Uranus (unexpected upheaval/radical change/demanding freedom) will be making strong negative aspects to important points in Greece’s chart for a while, especially square and opposition, respectively, to Saturn (old/responsible/boundaries/restrictions) in 12th house of isolation (ruler of 7th house of partnerships/fairness/balance), I’d say the trying times will continue at least till arnd April 2014. (Btw, that month looks important for the stock market in general–could see a strong direction swing.)

There is lots more to be analyzed in Greece’s chart, but Pluto + Uranus transits to Saturn are noteworthy by themselves—they indicate major & radical transformation occurring through struggle (negative aspects) and restrictions imposed by its “partners” (Saturn in 12th house of limitations, rules 7th house of partnerships). The old ways (Saturn) about approaching how Greece enters into agreements with others [countries or entities] will need to be reformed. The lesson is likely about becoming more responsible (Saturn) about their commitments to other countires/entitites (Saturn rules 7th house).

Looking at the most immediate future, March 5 and March 23-25, 2012 (as well as a few days immediately preceding these) will likely be rather uncomfortable for Greece:

(A)   On March 5, transiting Uranus will square Venus (money/pleasures) in 12th (rules 11th–social groups).

(B)   On March 23-25, tr. Uranus will oppose Pluto+Moon conjunction in 4th house of home/domestic issues(Pluto rules 5th house of creativity-n-fun, Moon rules 1st house of self-identity and symbolizes nurturing, including via food & emotional support).

Basically, I’d expect spikes of rebellion (Uranus) and/or some unexpected sudden events that have to do with

(A)   March 5th:  Social groups (11th house ruler is aspected), such as restructuring of the party (parties) w/in the country or change in Greece’s status among its “peers” [other countries and/or group of countries] for the worse—so that it feels isolated (Venus is in 12th); and

(B)   March 23-25: Domestic upheavals (planets in 4th house are aspected) due to massive fear (Pluto) of being provided for (Moon). Pluto+Moon conjunction (uniting of energies) is an intense one and typically symbolizes a deep-seated fear of being annihilated by improper nurturing, or, “dying” because of lack of nurturing—so real or perceived lack of basics (e.g., food, shelter, etc.) is extremely scary. Also, for Greece in particular, since Moon rules 1st house  of identity and Pluto rules 5th house of fun/creativity/self-expression, the issue of country’s image may also come up—[some Greek] people may feel like rebelling, because they may feel  that Greek people are being asked to change who they are and how they express themselves.

p.s. The chart I am referring to is the one given by Nicholas Campion in his 1994 “The Book of World Horoscopes” = Greece-democracy, July 24, 1974, Athens, 04am EET. Great book–tons of info. I don’t make a dime, am just recommending.

I see it on Amazon

p.s. Ok, here’s the chart, for your reference Greece-democracy natal chart (07.24.74, 4:00am EET, Athens)

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  1. vijay sahota says:

    ‘The government says the offer must be made to bondholders by Friday and completed by March 12, before a March 20 deadline when 14.5 billion euros of debt repayments fall due.’

    Greece’s Venizelos Says Greek Bond Exchange to Occur March 12

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