November 16, 2011–likely an up day for the market

I expect Nov 16, 2011 to be a neutral (steady continuation and/or flat) or an up day for the stock market, as Mars (energy, movement) will be forming a positive trine aspect with Jupiter (expansion, abundance). Given that Pluto (massive power) is still in a lose trine with Jupiter, Mars will be tying this configuration for a lose grand trine in the earth signs (practical, down-to-earth matters= favorable for real-estate, farming, construction, etc.).

The energy of a trine favors smooth flow, rather than drastic changes. So, it’s not so much that I expect sudden positive news to bring the market up, but rather I expect fewer negative news, removal of obstacles and generally favorable conditions for existing positive initiatives to unfold in a more fruitful way.

Things should be moving easier and faster, in a harmonious way, with more energy and less friction/effort than usual (e.g., mechanical parts of an engine, new projects, travel, exercise, etc.)

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1 Response to November 16, 2011–likely an up day for the market

  1. tolstunka says:

    Well, Mars-Jupiter trine didn’t exactly send DJI to a new high 🙂 After recovering by 2pm from the early morning drop, DJI sank, ending up almost 2% down for the day.

    The daily astro chart for Nov 16, 2011, really looks pretty good overall, with no new negative aspects forming that day, so the drop for the day wasn’t caused by any new developments, such as unexpected negative news coming out. While positive aspects forming that day (e.g., Mars-Jupiter and Moon-Uranus trines) didn’t manifest as a gain for DJI, I believe they actually helped it from sinking any lower.

    At the same time, “oil broke above the $100-a-barrel level Wednesday, the first time it has crossed that threshold since the summer [July 26]” & there was a “0.7% rise in industrial production reported Wednesday by the Federal Reserve that was nearly twice as much as economists expected” ( Also, NAHB Housing Market Index up 3 points (, although, of course, this was a tiny gain.

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