November 7, 2011 Intraday market

As mentioned previously, I expect Nov 7 to be a day marked by energies of confusion about what to do (e.g., invest or not? how to proceed—cut corners or not? avoid the issue/retreat or move forward?).  I also expect higher probability than usual for some news about floods or religion/spirituality.

That is because there will be an opposition of Mars (action, energy, engine, fire, accident, war, weapons) and Neptune (water, dreams, spirituality, deception, confusion, drugs, music). As you can imagine, water and fire don’t combine easily, and an opposition between the two planets will bring events into our awareness that will somehow underscore this. For example, there could be an explosion (Mars) of an underwater (Neptune) volcano (Mars), like what’s happening in El Hierro (

For the stock market, I predict a down day or, at least, a strong down move right at the opening (9:30am EST, NYC). At that time, the Mars-Neptune opposition will be almost exact, and the Moon will be conjuncting IC. Additionally, in the following hours, there will be a few more aspects that can intensify the down move (DJI):

10:15am = Saturn conjunct MC = reversal and/or a down move.

10:40am = Pluto conjunct AC = reversal and/or a down move.

10:54-56am = Jupiter conjunct IC , with Moon squaring AC= not as strong as the ones above, so may or may not be associated with a reversal, but could further deepen the down move, if one is happening at the time.

[…there will be more aspects happening later too, obviously, I just don’t feel like looking at all of them…]

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1 Response to November 7, 2011 Intraday market

  1. thoughngine says:

    is this market ever going to reach 13,000 ever again with all these troubles or are we going to 10,000 by the year end

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