Another winner–Murugan Idli Shop

Idli (not shown cos I ate it), sambhar (gone too), half-eaten dosa...

Idli (not shown cos I ate it), sambhar (gone too), half-eaten dosa…

Murugan Idli Shop

81 Syed Alwi Road
Singapore 207660

This one is right across the street from the Mustafa Shopping Centre.

Quick service, clean, friendly (not like smiling & welcoming u with open arms, hehe, but friendly)… Tasty idli, dosa, and sambhar… inexpensive… great coffee!

Small place, but typically not too crowded, unless it’s peak times for lunch.

Here are 2 pics taken by me… yes, I know, I should have taken pics “before” I ate my food 🙂 Check out the link above for their professional pics/menu…

Murugan Idli Shop Singapore

Murugan Idli Shop Singapore

UPDATE (Sep 2012): By popular demand, here are a few more photos, showing food before it was consumed! I’d take more pics, but taking these was awkward enough… 🙂

Idli sambar

Idli sambar

Dosa (this one is soft, but you can order crisp or soft)

Dosa (this one is soft, but you can order crisp or soft)

South indian style coffee

South Indian style coffee

Everything tastes really good and very fresh. Between 9am and 3pm they also serve several different types of rice dishes (e.g., tomato rice, tamarind rice, lemon rice, etc.).

It started to get quite busy in the evenings. If you come and all tables are taken, just give your name and wait a few min–a table or a spot (if you don’t mind sharing a table) will open up very quickly. It’s well worth it! Outdoor sitting area opens in the evenings; there is also an upstairs section, which opens when they need to accommodate more people, but service is a bit slower there, as the kitchen is on the first floor only.

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