Natal chart for Greece–insights about the financial crisis

So I looked at the horoscope for Greece (natal chart for Greek Democracy, founded on 07.24.1974, as given in the 1994 “Book of World Horoscopes” by N. Campion), to see if it provides any insights about the ongoing financial crisis there. I see that several planets in Greece’s astro chart have been “negatively” aspected by the slow moving planets, for some months now.

For example, since January of 2010, transiting Pluto and/or Uranus have been forming (on and off) “negative” aspects to Greece’s natal Pluto+Moon conjunction (fear about safety) and Venus (sweetness/ money). These rather difficult transits have to do with learning to adopt new values, deciding what’s really important for one’s survival and what needs to be purged, also, with facing one’s deepest fears instead of putting on a sweet face and pretending everything is ok.

Additionally, Neptune has been opposing Greece’s Mars since about January of 2010 (confusion about what to do and how to do it/doing things in an underhanded way or behind scenes). For Greece, specifically, Mars rules the area of the horoscope that symbolizes its government, corporations, and large businesses.

There are/were other noteworthy “negative” aspects (e.g., Saturn transited over Greece’s Pluto+Moon, while squaring Greece’s Venus back in late December 2009 through early February 2010, then again in early September of 2010) that surely contributed to the current state of affairs, but there’s way too much info to try to analyze it all in a short post.

To focus on the immediate future and limit the scope of the post, let’s just look at the Uranus in Greece’s chart, since it symbolically rules this country’s debt/income from loans/money received from other entities.  Transiting Saturn (oppression/lack) will conjunct Greece’s natal Uranus on November 13, 2011 (Sunday), soo… mid November 2011 may not be the happiest time for Greece, as their reliance on financial support from others will likely be limited somehow. I’d say the 10 day window before/after the exact aspect, Nov 3 to Nov 23 (this corresponds to 1 degree orb), will be a time of increased hardship for Greece’s economy because of the concerns about securing external financial support.

They will probably still get the rescue package (in mid-Nov, transiting Jupiter will be forming a supportive sextile to Greece’s Venus, while transiting Uranus will be forming a harmonious trine to Greece’s Sun), but the rescue package may either be less than expected, or, Greece will have to pay off money sooner than previously planned, or, it will be asked to make some drastic changes to get support, or there may be some other constrains.

The supportive aspects from transiting Jupiter and Uranus should make it easier to “swallow the pill,” and bring some opportunities for Greece to find ways to raise capital on its own, likely, by finding new innovative ways to earn/make money “at home” (in Greece’s horoscope, Sun symbolically rules self-earned income, and transiting Uranus [innovation] will be forming a harmonious aspect, trine, to it, while passing through the area of Greece’s natal chart that symbolizes “home”).

Interestingly, on October 4, 2011, transiting Venus (sweetness/money) went over the Uranus in Greece’s natal chart (in Greece’s chart, Uranus symbolically rules debt/loans), and on that same day, “finance Minister Evangelos Venizelos said Greece has enough cash to operate until mid-November” ( So, there was some relief (Venus) delivered to soothe the debt issue (Uranus), with mid-November named as the critical deadline.

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3 Responses to Natal chart for Greece–insights about the financial crisis

  1. thoughngine says:

    Are you going to do anymore on the stock market for the month of octorber???? Missing your comments

    • tolstunka says:

      Thx for checking 🙂 Yeah, I probably will, time permitting…

      I tried to touch on some highlights in other comments… For Mon, Oct 17, I see there is a Mercury-Jupiter opposition (overlooking minor details OR focusing on details instead of the larger picture, international news, news abt travel/shipments/customs, increased communication/discussions/traffic, etc.). Given the absence of any major negative aspects, I’d say it’ll probably manifest as optimism (Jupiter) overcoming (pulling stronger into its side of the opposition) the minor worries about some details that may need attention (Mercury)–e.g., signing contracts w/o reading the fine print cos it feels good & one is excited!

      For Oct 17, 2011, intraday, this M-J opposition will align with MC-IC horoscope axis at 1:30pm (EST NYC), so I expect a brief reversal at that time or right prior to that, say 1:26-30pm. Possibly a brief down move (or things staying flat), associated with some news coming out–nothing particularly bad, perhaps some facts/data are posted, so the focus may temporarily shift on processing this info/details, while Mercury (news/info) crossess the MC (out in the open/public/visible). However, any down move wld be short-lived, in my opinion, with Venus (pleasure, money) crossing the MC shortly after, which cld manifest as a reversal (up move) at 1:42-46pm.

  2. tolstunka says:

    Quick observation–given that transiting Pluto (major transformation/massive power/destruction-n-rebirth) and Uranus (unexpected upheaval/radical change/demanding freedom) will be making strong negative aspects to important points in Greece’s chart for a while, especially square and opposition, respectively, to Saturn (old/responsible/boundaries/restrictions) in 12th house of isolation (ruler of 7th house of partnerships/fairness/balance), I’d say the trying times will continue at least till arnd April 2014.

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