August, 2011 stock market

Very brief summary—just putting my previously twitted predictions in a blog. May get back to this to elaborate, if have time.

Quick look at astro stuff indicates Aug 8-24, 2011 could be eventful times: fires, violence, mechanical breakdowns, floods… Esp. Aug 9-10 & 20-24.

  •  Aug 9-10: fires, violence, extreme weather or event(s) [even nuclear power-related], accidents, anger, impatience.
  •  Aug 20-24 (esp 24): floods, water, delays, impasse, stalemate, catch22, pessimism, caution, restriction.

Stock market will react—most likely by trading down (although gold and swiss frank, etc., may go up—whatever people feel is a more secure investment).

  • Aug 8-11 may seem more exciting than usual & some may buy, hoping to profit by catching good stocks at a low point, but on
  • Aug 20-24 pessimism will rule—probably overall trading volume will be low and/or people will be pulling cash out.

Interestingly, both times exactly trigger points in horoscope of the USA:

  • Aug 9-10 = Jupiter & Venus conjunction (relates to power, international affairs, money luxuries, and pleasures).
  • Aug 20-24 = Sun & Saturn square (symbolically represents tension, developing strong identity by going through hardships, hard work, strict father, compromised health).

I’d monitor the market, watch the news and use other indicators around those times to confirm the direction. I do, however, expect these to be the days of some news/activity that may impact the market.

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Just very very talented... what can I do? :) Recently learned that my nakshatra is Purva Phalguni, in case you were wondering...
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12 Responses to August, 2011 stock market

  1. tolstunka says:

    Well, lo & behold:

    GLD = 167.12 +5.37‎ (3.32%‎) Aug 8 4:00pm ET
    FXF = 131.10 +1.95‎ (1.51%‎) Aug 8 3:59pm ET

  2. tolstunka says:

    Just saw this news abt riots in London:

    “A wave of violence and looting has raged across London since Saturday, as authorities struggled to contain the country’s worst unrest since race riots set the capital ablaze in the 1980s.”

  3. tolstunka says:


    “The Dow ended up 37 points for the day, gaining about a third of a percent closing at 10,854.65. The Nasdaq inched up 5.5 points, a .15% gain, while the S&P moved up .3 points, an .03% gain.” (

    GLD = 184.59 +4.64‎ (2.58%‎) Aug 22 4:00pm ET
    FXF = 125.25 -0.57‎ (-0.45%‎) Aug 22 4:00pm ET

    Gold is still going strong; swiss frank declined a bit since the 8th, but personally I think it’ll continue an upward climb over the upcoming months. Overall, market ended up pretty much were it opened. I do still expect pessimism to be the predominant mood in the next few days, so no huge rallies & very likely a decline, esp. on the 24th.

  4. tolstunka says:


    “News that Libya’s six-month rebellion was on the verge of toppling Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi boosted investors’ confidence and rallied US stocks.”

    The Dow rose 3%, gold fell 4%, swiss frank stayed put.
    DJI = 11176.76 +322.11‎ (2.97%‎) Aug 23 4:04pm ET
    GLD = 177.67 -6.92‎ (-3.75%‎) Aug 23 4:00pm ET
    FXF = 124.88 -0.37‎ (-0.30%‎) Aug 23 3:59pm ET

    However, the square between Mars & Staurn is yet to become exact late Wed/early Thur, so I am still expecting a decline. I’ll post an astro chart for the market opening on the 25th to illustrate.

    As for other events–we had 2 very unusual major earthquakes in the US on 08.23.11– swarm of quakes in Colorado (5.3-max) & Virginia (5.8 main & 2.8 aftershock). VA earthquake caused nuclear plant (North Ana) to shut down.

  5. tolstunka says:

    08.24.11: GLD declined 6%, Dow rose 1% after an up-and-down day, FXF remained virtually unchanged.

    No particular news jumped at me today, except Steve Jobs resigning… perhaps there were impt things going on, but I don’t watch TV & was too busy to spend more than 5 min on research… Curious to see what markets do on the morning of 25th 🙂

    • tolstunka says:

      As far as mechanical breakdowns in the news–Russian Soyuz rocket crashed on Aug 24, 2011, so now the International Space Station may need to be abandoned by Nov, 2011. Also, the VA earthquake of Aug 23 was apparently stronger than what the North Anna nuclear plant was built for (as admitted by Dominion power company on Aug 29, 2011); the NRC announced that it is sending additional experts to investigate possible damage on site.

  6. tolstunka says:

    So overall, the week of Aug 22, 2011, wasn’t bad, with DJI gaining about 4% from Aug 22 to 26. Aug 25, the day of the precise square bet. Mars & Saturn, was the only down day (just 1.5%). We did, however, have some spike in the news about floods & weather/nature-related events (e.g., several unusual earthquakes and hurricane Irene).

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