Impressions about Elenin comet and YU55 asteroid

So a few days ago I learned about the Elenin comet and YU55 asteroid and was wondering what effect their approach/alignment(s) occurring this fall may have on the Earth. To get a glimpse into that, I wrote some questions on 16 blank cards. Then, I drew these cards at random (w/o looking, numbering them with my eyes closed as they got pulled out), and wrote down any mental images/impressions I got. I wrote 16 questions total, two of which were related to this topic, while the remaining 14 had to do with my personal life. To emphasize, for each answer/impression I didn’t know which of the 16 questions I was answering. Once I answered all 16, I matched the questions to answers. Here’s what I got for the two questions about the comet/asteroid situation:

Q6 of 16: “What is the energy around Elenin and/or YU55 this fall?”

A6 of 16: “Clock tower, Missouri, barn, Barnstaple, countryside, cows; some unusual animal appears out of place – Lion in Midwest? Unusual – surfing on a small normally placid lake. Missiles shooting into sky. Dark & red sunset/sunrise. Sharp claws – or claw-like silvery objects falling/descending from the sky. ”

Q8 of 16: “Should I stockpile supplies to prepare for comet/asteroid impact?”

A8 of 16: “Indigenous hut, knight – someone peaking through narrow opening – eyes shifting left and right – checking who’s out there – kinda unsettled — preparing for possible attack. Bakery, possibly preparing for (royal) wedding – woman trying on a hat with flowers [that] looks like cake. Mountains (3?) – orange, far away, with snow peaks; princess crowned; [something that looks like a] crown – [same object] also [looks like a] gate/opening into domed tunnel or cave dwelling…; landslide as volcano about to erupt; once [the volcano] calms down – all smooth, but killed all vegetation, only frozen lava [is left]; face of a child – ½ of child’s left eye (boy, dark hair); lots of markers rolling [on the ground] – dark pink with white; Amish woman on a one-horse carriage – austere (nun-like); and can do man’s job – strong; young woman with long dark hair hanging sheets (blue – white) outside [to dry] – coy, youthful, feminine and playful – contrast to Amish woman – young lady is much more approachable and seductive. Globe rotating [like one of those plastic globes in swing meridian mounting] and/or may be she’s pregnant and it’s her belly (?) [i.e., bulging belly of the young woman]; same child’s face again. Missiles shooting parachuted people to get them far away quickly (?) “Ice cream house” – image/fantasy of a perfect house – but it is too small – can’t get in and live there. Some complicated dancing ritual or performance – blue and red with glitter [colors refer to outfits; it looked like a man and a woman dressed in East Indian colorful silk outfits with gold patterns or glitter – in the first ritual/dance performance they wore blue, second—red].”

Interestingly, in none of the other 14 answers (to questions related strictly to my personal life) did I get any impression of “missiles,” which in my mind’s eye looked like Russian “Katyushas.” 🙂

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Just very very talented... what can I do? :) Recently learned that my nakshatra is Purva Phalguni, in case you were wondering...
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5 Responses to Impressions about Elenin comet and YU55 asteroid

  1. tolstunka says:

    This is probably unrelated, but four dozen wild exotic animals, including lions and tigers, were killed after they escaped from the farm in Zanesville, Ohio (Oct 19, 2011):

    Btw, asteroid 2005 YU55 will be passing by on Nov 8, 2011… YU55&orb=1

  2. tolstunka says:

    I wonder if the volcano/landslide thing I saw in my mind’s eye was related to the El Hierro situation.

    I only learned about this volcano (& scary mega-tsunami scenarios 🙂 ) about a week ago, but it reminded me of this prediction. The important thing to remember is that everything happens for a reason and for our best and highest good… so nothing to fear…

  3. tolstunka says:

    Re my vision of animals appearing out-of-place:
    Curiously, there have been at least 2 reports in the past few weeks of birds that live only in Asia appearing in the US (“rare Asian hooded crane” in TN & “rare duck normally only seen in Asia” in CA). Who knows how they got there, but I thought it was worth mentioning, plus, they are cute! 🙂


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