Precognitive dream

Birds flying at sunset on an alien planetMany people have precognitive dreams. The more we focus on them, the better we can remember and relate the dreams to our waking-life events. Some examples would be too personal to share, but here’s one good plain one.

A few weeks ago I had this dream, where I was watching a beautiful big eagle-like bird flying. Then, it turned towards me and started approaching fairly low. I covered my head with my hands for protection, in case the bird was going to come too close. Well, it actually landed on my head(!), at which point it became a white swan. The swan was trying to get my attention by using its beak to poke at my hands. I didn’t feel attacked or scared, but it was annoying, so I waved my hands for it to go away.

The swan moved onto a floor and was lying on its back. I could see now that it was hurt—it had a red bloody hole in its stomach. I realized that it was trying to get my attention so I could help it. I looked at the hand I used to try to brush it off of my head, and it had some blood on it. I felt bad for the swan, so I called a vet emergency clinic. I also took the swan to an acquaintance, as I didn’t want my dog to attack it while it was recovering. Sometime later, I picked the swan up from her and the swan was doing much better, so a happy ending there…

Now, to the interesting part—what actually happened later that day, after I woke up:

That evening, I went to see “True Grit,” but unexpectedly it was sold out. The only other movie playing around that same time was “Black Swan,” which I HAVEN’T seen previously. In fact, I didn’t even know it was still playing in the movies, as it’s been released quite some time ago. So I went to see “Black Swan” instead, and it was pretty good. The light bulb went off at the very end of the movie, as I recalled my dream. [For those who haven’t seen the movie, I’ll stop here to not spoil the fun.] For those who have, you’ll appreciate the connection between the two stories.

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Just very very talented... what can I do? :) Recently learned that my nakshatra is Purva Phalguni, in case you were wondering...
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3 Responses to Precognitive dream

  1. sharmishtha says:

    I too believe in precognitive dreams.

  2. Kevin Samuel says:

    Can you contact me via my email. I want to share my dreams so that we can profit in stock market.

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