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March 1-7, 2021: Weekly financial astrology predictions

Financial Astrology forecast for the week of Mar 1, 2021 — On March 1-5 (especially on the 4th), expect increased news about travel, shipments, communication, and education, as well as about lawsuits and laws affecting these areas. For example, we may hear about lawsuits aimed at airlines, IT companies, social media companies, education entities, etc. — these could focus on improving the flow of information or improving travel conditions. Some new laws may also be passed to facilitate the movement of people and goods over long distances (esp. by train, planes, and electric vehicles). Also, increased news about education, students, and young people — there too may be focus on laws governing travel, immigration, as well as the use of high tech solutions, including mobile apps and electric vehicles. For example, some new app comes out that enables students to connect faster, or, some app makes a transition from being for local use only to an international audience. Continue reading

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