Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Scorpio afflicted by Square from Saturn 

Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse in Scorpio will take place on May 16, 2022. New and Full Moons correspond to greater than usual market moves. With Sun in Taurus (money, finance, earnings, banks, financial stability, value, currencies) and Moon in Scorpio (rates, loans, debt, taxes, insurance, markets, secrets, underground, manipulations, hacking, spying, procreation, reproduction, death and rebirth, regeneration, crime), the emphasis of this eclipse will be on financial issues as well as issues related to reproduction and crime. 

Lunar Eclipse May 16, 2022 Astrological Chart

Moon and Sun are in opposition (polarized views) and in a t-square to Saturn (loss, restriction, end of cycle, old established leader, government, large corporation) in Aquarius (IT, electronics, telecoms, networks, aerospace, e-vehicles, electricity). To top it off, Mars will conjunct Neptune in Pisces at the time of the eclipse. This may coincide with accidents, fires, skirmishes, protests and other upsetting events related to oil, gas, pharma, chemicals, navy, floods, beverages, movies, music, drugs, religion, deception, etc. (see a separate post on Mars/Neptune conjunction). 

This is a difficult alignment, which may bring news about financial losses, reduced value, reduced financial stability, problems with taxes or insurance, concerns about excessive or untimely regulations (e.g., of banks, currencies, IT/telecoms/etc. companies), hacking, financial manipulations, currency(-ies) losing value, issues related to reproduction/death/crime, etc. Saturn brings restrictions and regulations; squares bring sudden breaks, outages, upsetting problems, accidents, etc. Sun and Mon being in opposition bring focus on opposing values and views (e.g., how should something be regulated, what is the true value, what is truly valuable, and so on). With this difficult alignment, there will likely not be an easy answer.

The square from Saturn may bring anxiety and disagreements about the issues above (incl. finance, rates, reproduction, crime, IT, technology, electricity) due to losses, breakdowns, limitations, regulations, and projects ending. The energy of a lunar eclipse will continue to have an impact for about 2-3 months following the eclipse. This means that issues that come up around the eclipse will continue to be in the news for several months. This may manifest as similar types of issues coming up in different parts of the world and/or as follow up events triggered by the main event that occurs around the eclipse. For ex., some financial entity or a high tech company announces a hack or financial loss on 5-16, and this triggers increased governmental scrutiny and controls that are implemented over the next two months. Or, news about some regulations related to reproduction/death/crime/spying/hacking/etc. trigger follow up events that go on for 2-3 months and involve changes in values, earnings, or funding of the related areas (e.g.,  prison or police reform).

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