Financial Astrology Predictions for 2021

In Sum:

*January 2021 looks to be a wild month. Market volatility and accidents, especially around 1/24/2021.

*Apr 8-9 and Sep 1-3, 2021 — Focus on oil, gas, navy; possible major market drops (immediately followed by rallies).

*April, August, and December of 2021 — Increased focus on gold prices and the value of US dollar. Gold prices may reverse at those times; this may be related to the US monetary policy changes.

*End of June through early July — another tense time period with market volatility and increased probability of major accidents.

*Saturn square Uranus on/off (2021-2022) — Ideological clashes, geopolitical tensions, slow-simmering battle between entities favoring more radical/revolutionary/no limit approach and entities favoring status quo/slow/controlled approach. Scientific advancements in aerospace, IT, high tech, telecoms, etc. but with delays, restrictions, and losses (e.g., a space project suffers a loss, which leads to tighter regulations and innovations to correct the flaw).   

I will write up the detailed 2021 predictions in the next week or so. In the meantime, please enjoy the video on YouTube where I go over the highlights for the year. 😊


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Just very very talented... what can I do? :) Recently learned that my nakshatra is Purva Phalguni, in case you were wondering...
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