Aug 10-14, 2020: Weekly financial astrology predictions


Global: Video with 2019 predictions. Video with 2020 predictions on my YouTube channel. 

Global: 2019-2020 — Slowly unfolding Saturn/Pluto conjunction in Capricorn. This conjunction’s effect will persist through 2020 (esp. in January when it is exact). Previous times of hard transits between Saturn and Pluto (0, 90, and 180 degrees) have coincided with increase in military activities, terrorist attacks, and seismic activity. Thus, this time period will likely see major geopolitical changes, including international tensions, tightening of the budgets, reduced spending, increased governmental controls, corporate restructuring, changes in the governance structure or leadership of key power player countries/corporations, etc. With occasional transits to Pluto/Saturn conjunction from Mars  and Jupiter, there may be an increase in earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, disasters (esp. related to mining, tunnels, [older] structures, dams, bridges, oil rigs, nuclear power plants, recycling facilities, etc.), violent terrorism attacks, protests and military clashes. There may also be invasions of one country by another, countries or their portions claiming independence, countries forming new blocks or separating from former unions, death of prominent governmental/corporate leaders, major health epidemics or pollution incidents [esp. nuclear], etc. “A whole lotta shaking” will be going on [both at the level of the planet, meaning its crust, as well as governments and large corporations]. This general global trend has begun in 2018 and will continue and intensify into 2019-2020. Additionally, with Uranus (sudden change, abrupt closures/endings, volatility, surprises, internet, IT, high tech, innovation, etc.) transiting through Taurus (financial industry, banks, building industry, farming, etc.), we may see increased volatility in currencies (regular and cryptocurrencies) and sudden or surprising changes in the banking industry. 

To evaluate which countries or companies may be affected the most, additional research would be needed, but at a glance it appears that USA, China, Belgium, Czech Republic, Serbia, Greece, Madagascar, Mexico, New Zealand, Japan, Saudi Arabia, Syria, Vietnam, and European Union may be affected.

Global: Mid-May, 2018  through Apr 2026 (Uranus transit though Taurus) — Increased focus on cryptocurrencies, electronic financial transactions, virtual banking, community banking, and greater than usual fluctuations in currencies’ value (electronic or otherwise). Similarly, this will be a time of change for banks and financial institutions, with entities suddenly appearing, rising to prominence seemingly overnight, then equally abruptly disappearing, or entities radically changing their business. Currencies’ values will be volatile and/or there may be new “weird” hybrid currencies (something that combines virtual and “real” value, or, crosses international borders, or, is valuable only in some special exclusive community, such as a social network [Facebook/Google/Amazon currencies?]). Update (1/14/18): Kodak just announced its KODAKCoin cryptocurrency last week. Surely, more companies will follow. How about, Facebook “Fast Bucks,” Google “Rubles” [lol], and Amazon “Bezos”? 😜😂 Update (06.23.19): On June 18, 2019 Facebook announced a digital currency called Libra set to launch in 2020. 

With Taurus = money/finance/stability; Uranus = revolution/lightening bolt/sudden change, this may be a period of significant changes for the financial industry. We will likely see a lot of changes in this area and a big push for all transactions to be conducted electronically (no cash?). In finance and related industries, the focus may shift to all things electronic and community-based (incl. increasing ties between social networks and banks). There will be many fluctuations, changes in direction, and an overall sense of instability/volatility. Uranus is a planet associated with community, equality, being non-gender specific, and somewhat cold (not personable or affectionate) — I imagine this may lead to closures or drastic reduction of bank branches that conduct in-person transactions. Uranus also has to do with all things electronic, high tech, complex, and super fast — this may manifest as increased utilization of big data (esp. from social networks or some large communities) and leveraging advanced technology and fast data processing to make money.

Other manifestations of the Uranus transit though Taurus may include: weird non-gender specific space-y (alien-looking) fashion, clothes used to produce electricity, increased interest in wearable electronics, unusual food growing practices (e.g., growing food in a lab or space, using robots to harvest crops, etc.), harvesting electricity from plants, community farming, unusual construction methods, building things in space, using space technologies in construction (esp. to collect/use electricity more effectively), communities coming together to build things (in places where this normally doesn’t take place), appearance of unusual plants or plants engaging in some unusual activities (blooming in a wrong time of the year? male/female plants becoming intersex? strange hybrid plants?), rise of social networks that focus on money or enable exchange of valuable products/services, and/or expansion of virtual reality communities/activities that provide real source of income or provide virtual services in exchange for real/virtual currency.

Global: Dec 2019 through Dec 2020 — Increased focus on government, laws (esp. international laws, laws governing relations among entities comprising one country or union, laws governing status of governmental leaders, etc.), immigration status, older judges, controls imposed on international travel, limitations of higher education or struggles of higher ed institutions, etc. This is a beginning of a background influence that will be in place for about a year and will bring greater limitations or restructuring to the areas above — so tighter checks at the border, stricter immigration rules, decrease in the flow of immigrants, tougher standards for higher ed institutions (or decrease in enrollment or some other problems), increase in the number of governmental bodies and of their powers (esp. conservative), favorable time for large established  corporations (less risk, predictability, large governmental contracts, etc.), international negotiations taking on more reserved tone, harsher non-compliance penalties for international partners, etc. Also, focus on mining, steel/metals, coal, minerals, large scale construction projects (involving governments and large corporations), and excavation in general — these businesses may see expansions, restructuring, and/or new laws may be put in place that affect them (e.g., to facilitate shipments of products over long distances).

USA: Background influence that started around the end of Jan, 2020 and will continue through early Oct, 2020 and then will pick up again mid-Nov, 2020 to mid-Feb, 2021 — Expect increased focus on businesses related to communication, transportation, IT, retail sales, education, religion, immigration, law enforcement-related (incl. judges and police), as well as various agreements and negotiations. There may be significant changes, incl. new laws, end/beginning of new partnerships, withdrawal from or entering new international organizations, death/removal of leaders, changes in regulations (incl. international travel, shipments, tariffs, etc.), expansion or reduction of outlet locations on a massive scale (esp. internationally), and so on. For ex., we may hear about dramatic changes in the the sales. Also, similarly to the news about Microsoft closing their stores, we may hear about similar closures or relocations [to overseas?] announced by other businesses in the areas above. This includes businesses related to cars, phones, airplanes, schools, retail stores, newspapers, media outlets, IT, etc. There may be emphasis on new laws, immigration, international relations, or international connections as a reason for changes, or areas that are affected by changes. For ex., overseas sales are down, so locations close; or, domestic sales are down, so locations move overseas. The scale of changes is likely to be massive with a high probability of going overboard and “throwing the baby with the bathwater.” Decisions made earlier in the year may come to bite, be reversed, or have some follow up actions [e.g., another round of closures, changes in immigration policies, re-opening of the locations closed earlier in the year, etc.] come November, 2020 (mid-Nov 2020 to mid-Feb, 2021).

USA: Jan 27, 2020 – Dec 7, 2021  (in 2020, significant dates are Feb 14 – July 7 [esp. March 20-29]; Nov 16 – Dec 12) —  Significant news are possible related to international agreements, negotiations, diplomatic relations, partnerships, retail sales, media outlets, and communications/transportation in general. We may hear about an end of a cycle, bankruptcy, problems with taxes, concerns about loans/rates, death, spying, or hacking related to important businesses/entities in the areas above. For ex., we may hear about secret communication, secret manipulation, whistleblowing, etc. Some secret info may be revealed and/or the news may relate to companies that deal with underground locations (e.g., a coal or a mining company), trash, recycling, or nuclear power. Additionally, there may be increased news about maternal health, procreation, sexually transmitted diseases, or safety of children. We may hear about a revival of some old approach (e.g., an old retired leader is brought back), reorganization, or restructuring of a business in these same areas. The restructuring may be needed because of stricter governmental regulations, increased safety controls, efforts to prevent spying/hacking, initiatives to improve homeland security, efforts to improve the safety of women and children, etc. There may be concerns about increased governmental controls (e.g., controls imposed on financial flows, real estate investments, or food production), stricter guidelines for financial institutions, reduced cash flow, changes in taxes (incl. sales tax), insurance fraud, debt/loans, etc. 

USA/ Kilauea: The volcano will likely continue building up tension and/or erupting more frequently or with more intensity for the next few years. In 2018 and 2019, the intensification may occur during the following periods: mid-Aug to mid-Sep  2018 (minor), early Nov 2018 to late Jan 2019 (minor), early to mid-Feb 2019 (possible eruption), end of June 2019 (minor), mid-Nov 2019 (minor). Then, the entire 2020 will likely see significantly increased activity with either one continuous eruption or series of periodic eruptions. (In 2020, there will be an increase in earthquakes globally in general.) In 2021, the intensification may occur in early Jan, early June, and mid to late Oct.  

Then, in 2022 (possibly Feb-Mar, late June-early July, early Aug) and/or 2023 (esp. May, Aug-Oct), there may be additional significant eruptions that can significantly alter the surrounding landscape. Alternatively, during 2022-2023, a major effort will be undertaken to rebuild the surrounding area. Either way, the result may leave the area unrecognizable. 

China: 2018-2020 (esp. 2019) — major reform(s) in the following areas: pharmaceuticals, healthcare, treatment of elderly (end-of-life care), prisons, religion, chemicals, beverage industry, movie industry, navy, oil industry (or businesses related to power generation in general, such as nuclear or hydroelectric power plants), recycling industry, and any industries that rely on hidden/secret activities (e.g., hacking) or on dissolving borders between larger groups/categories (e.g., creating hybrids, removing separation between bodies of water, developing new powerful chemical mixtures [possibly for nuclear power generation], developing new drugs that expand consciousness, blending modern and traditional medicine, etc.). 

In 2018 through 2020, China will undergo a major transformation in a number of areas, incl. oil, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, navy, movies, and any hidden/obscure areas of influence that are somewhat ephemeral and hard to pin down/discover (e.g., spying, bioweapons, drugs, submarines, religion, movies, etc.). The transformation will likely be accompanied by scandals, power manipulations, uncovering hidden agendas, and possibly accidents (esp. nuclear or pollution- and water-related), esp. in the beginning, followed by some massive reforms, and ultimately greater expansion/improvements. This transformation will be gradual and result in long-term changes. It will take place under a very slow Pluto transit to China’s 12th house Jupiter. The 12th house deals with water, navy, oil, religion, prisons, chemicals, drugs, poisons, isolation, hidden influence, etc. and Jupiter brings expansion and abundance. With Pluto hovering over Jupiter, the country can experience greater expansion in related areas, but also potential problems due to over-expansion, stretching too far, or some powerful “hidden” enemies (e.g., hacking, espionage, poisons, etc.). The influence will likely manifest both ways — the country may engage more in these types of activities as well as external players may engage in them more often to influence China. 

China: 2020 — Increased news about hidden activities/lies, religion, movies, music, beverages, poisons and drugs. For ex., a powerful pollutant/chemical/poison/drug is identified as causing more damage than it was previously known or revealed, leading to increased control over its production/distribution or its removal; or, it is discovered that waste is not recycled properly and is polluting the environment (esp. water) to a greater than expected degree; or, it is discovered that an epidemic is spreading on a larger scale than it had previously been revealed (SARS-like outbreak?) — this may affect international and/or long-distance transportation; or, some deceptive international activity (e.g., hacking) yields greater than expected results (brings more power); etc. Given the recent news about an unidentified “new type of coronavirus” spreading in China, this may indeed grow into a larger issue over the next few months. At the same time, the true extent and/or the origin of the virus may remain hidden. Additionally, here is an increased probability of a large earthquake, mudslide, or some other disaster/accident that involves old structures, earth, nuclear power plants/weapons, recycling businesses, underground storage, waste storage or disposal locations, and long distance transportation (esp. in the mountains, tunnels, underground, over water, or under water). All of these issues will continue to be hot topics in the upcoming months; however, this week may see a spike of concrete news or events with follow up events unfolding in subsequent months (e.g., in March of 2020).

China: Mar 2020 – Jan 2021 (esp. late Apr – early June 2020; and late Dec 2020 – early Jan 2021) — Increased focus on reforms, new goals, new vision, new leadership, participation in new international organizations (or under a new status), and new governmental structures or regulations (e.g., restructuring of the existing governmental bodies, changes in leadership [esp. leaders who have been in power for the previous 7-14-21-28 or so yrs.], corporate restructuring, new controls on how something is produced, scaling up existing projects to implement innovation on the industrial scale, etc.). This may especially involve areas related to IT, telecoms, aerospace, innovation, AI, high tech, social media platforms, internet, data processing, etc. 

Global/OIL: IF horoscope dates for Iran and Saudi Arabia are correct (e.g., I see astrotheme gives them as 04/01/79, 12:01am, Tehran, Iran and 09/23/32, 12:01am, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia), then starting in 2019, we may hear about intense transformations or some significant tensions in these countries, which may potentially affect oil prices. First such period will be from about Mar 2018 through 2020 (esp. 2019-2020) with Saudi Arabia’s chart being affected more (for Iran, tensions will be felt mostly in 2020). Another such period will likely be in 2023-2025. Additionally, for Iran only,  2021- early 2022. 

With Saturn Neptune conjunction (expected to be a major turning point in oil prices cycle) coming up in 2025-2026 and Neptune entering Aries in 2026, oil prices may indeed continue to rise till then. At a minimum, as mentioned in the Long Term predictions – OIL section below, we may hear about oil and other Neptunian businesses or products (e.g., chemicals, pharmaceuticals, etc.) undergoing major changes in 2025-26.

OIL: With Neptune/Saturn square now separated for good after spending about 2yrs in a tense transit associated with suppressed oil prices (see Oil prices fluctuations and Neptune-Saturn cycle: Financial astrology insights), we should now see a multi-year recovery. After that, I would look at the conjunction of Saturn and Neptune (2025-26; esp. late Jan-Feb 2026) for the next big top/bottom in the oil prices with related geopolitical turmoil (similar in scale [though not necessarily the same in direction] to what we experienced in 2015-16 but likely even more dramatic). At that time, Neptune will also be leaving its own sign, Pisces, which will make that time period even more significant wrt oil prices and anything related to Neptune, including chemicals (esp. chemical weapons or weapons that work through affecting mind/mood/etc.), drugs/pharmaceuticals (esp. chemical and bioweapons), water, navy, spirituality, etc. 

Given that Neptune also rules chemicals, alcohol, beverages, pharmaceuticals, navy, water, drugs, poisons, pollution (of water or with chemicals), music, movies, photography, spirituality, healing (with drugs or through alternative approaches), etc., and that Saturn rules big corporations and governments, businesses related to the areas above (esp. large corporations or governmental entities) will likely experience major changes in their structure, profit schemes, popularity of their products, and/or manufacturing technologies around the same times. For ex., the Dow Chemical  and DuPont merger was announced in 2016 under the Neptune/Saturn square —> Neptune=chemicals, Saturn=large corporations, square=forcibly breaking an old pattern. We may hear about other Neptunian businesses or products undergoing major changes around the times of hard Neptune/Saturn aspects (e.g., in 2025-26).

Vatican City [06.07.1929]: In 2017 (esp. Jan, Aug, and Oct-Dec), transiting Pluto (major transformation, death/rebirth, nuclear power, power plays, sex, dictatorship, terror, debt/loans, espionage, secrets, etc.) will oppose Vatican’s natal Pluto. This transit indicates a period of major transformation/reforms and may bring out some hidden issues into the light [to reform them]. Likely, increased news about power struggles and news related to the issues listed above. It will be worthwhile to observe this period carefully as in a few years, in 2022-23, the US will experience a Pluto return (transit of Pluto over the natal Pluto) — this period will bring a similar energy to the US, except in an even more intense way (esp. related to hidden issues, spying, healthcare/end of life care, navy/oil/chemicals/drugs/water, debt/loans, and financial institutions). The US Pluto return is an interesting subject on its own and I plan to write a separate blog post about it.

USA: 2022 – 2023 — Pluto returns to its place in the country’s natal chart — major changes in the government and a transformation of the country. Markets may go down globally around Dec 2021 (Uranus Saturn square Dec 2021 – Jan 2022). Then, in Jan-Feb 2022, we may see more significant events [gradually] unfolding in the US; these will relate to governmental leadership and structure. At the same time, there may be confusion or concerns about borders, land, homeland security, banks, stock market, real estate; problems with flooding, navy, snowstorms, movie industry, oil, chemicals, pharmaceuticals; and religious disagreements (transiting Neptune will square US Mars, ruler of the 5th, and Neptune, ruler of the 4th). Around Feb 1-17, 2023 (esp. the 10th), there may be major changes related to US currency and/ monetary policies, which in turn may affect the price of precious metals and other currencies.



Global: Ongoing background influence (2019-2020) — Increased probability of a major disaster, very strong earthquake, accident, government reshuffling, corporate restructuring announcement, geopolitical changes, old/established governmental or corporate leaders quitting/dying, changes in leadership of governments or large corporations, or of violent/terrorist attacks. As last week, this week, there may be increased news about governmental/corporate leaders being ousted or attacked, retiring, dying or losing their power in some way. Additionally, there is an increased probability of important events, announcements, or accidents involving mining, coal, steel, minerals, tunnels, bridges, old buildings in general, earthquakes, mudslides, etc. This week, this influence is quite strong and peaks on Aug 11-16 (esp. the 11th and 16th).

Global: On-off all year (intensified especially in August of 2020) — Increased focus on governmental regulations, controls, embargoes, taxes, tariffs, shortages, delays, and building or reorganizing some structures (e.g., literally, building large objects such as dams or bridges, or, changing leadership or restructuring). Increased news about large established corporations going through restructuring and possible shake-ups at the top. These shake-ups may be due to natural disasters, wars, or changes in power/leadership. These changes may be accompanied by increased anti-governmental protests, violence (e.g., shootings, fires, or explosions), news about corruption, scandals involving governmental or corporate officials, attacks on governmental or corporate leaders, etc. The entire month of August may see above average number of various shakeups (incl. natural disasters and corporate restructuring). For the USA, the month of August (esp. 13-21) may bring increased focus on governmental and corporate leadership changes, power shifts, and restructuring as well as rates, loans, debt, and bankruptcies (esp. related to retail sales, communication/transportation, travel, social media, news papers, car manufacturers, rental car businesses, etc.). There may also be concerns about or significant changes related to schools, real estate, farming and food production — we may hear about increased regulations, delays, shortages, lack of safety, or major changes in how these businesses function. For China, Aug 9-17 may be significant and may see increased focus on healthcare, pharma, navy, secretive activities, chemicals, oil, pollution, recycling, etc. 

Global/China: Jun 15 – July 10 (esp. June 28-30) and then Nov 04 – 20 (esp. Nov 11-13), 2020 — Increased news about nuclear power, radiation, power plants, recycling plants, shifts in governmental leadership (power changes hands at the top), secretive activities, spying/hacking, underground activities (burials, mining, waste storage, etc.), terrorist activities, and religious activities (not necessarily spiritual but more related to “correct behaviors” or “correct values”), and so on. The nature of the news may be expansion (e.g., new religious rules, new regulations for the power plants, new leadership at governmental or corporate level, an accident that leads to the increase in radiation, etc.), or, death/transformation/rebirth (e.g., death of a prominent leader [esp. religious, diplomat, judge, or professor], closure of related businesses, the end of some program, restarting of a nuclear plant, etc.). The changes will likely involve international partners or groups/community, and may involve changes in regulations (e.g., related to immigration or movement/shipment across borders). With China’s chart transits at the same time, it is possible that one or more scenarios above will involve China (e.g., the country may introduce new regulations on trash recycling, opens a new trading route that possibly goes over the mountains, or deploys some powerful navy vessel).

China/CORONAVIRUS outbreak: Issues related to the viral illness outbreak will likely persist throughout the entire year. There may be escalations or some sort of increased activities around Mar 9 – 27 (esp. Mar 17-22), Jul 6 – 24 (esp. Jul 11-12), and Oct 26 – Nov 20 (esp. Nov 9-13), which may be followed by positive news of a lucky break, improvement, drop/rise in death toll, regulations, radical measures, or a major transformation of the status quo (e.g., a reform in how something is handled). The period of Aug-Nov of 2020 will probably be the most intense.

OIL: Globally, Aug 29-30 — Increased news related to negotiations, sales, and/or transportation of oil, gas, chemicals, etc. The news may be slightly stressful (e.g., a deal is not reached, a shipment is not allowed to go through, the details of the deal are unclear, and  so on). In the US, Aug 30-31 may also see increased focus on oil sales and prices (e.g., negotiations, deals, and projects related to oil transportation) — the news from the US will probably be positive (e.g., a large sale is made or some transportation deal is signed). Nov 2020 – Feb 2021 (esp. end of Jan 2021) may see an accident possibly resulting in water pollution and/or some other significant developments related to oil, gas, chemicals, etc. At the same time (end of Jan 2021), there may be some surprising unexpected developments related to earnings, finance, currencies, and banks; this may involve airlines, telecoms, and IT companies — sudden bankruptcies? companies breaking into multiple entities? Massive power/service outages? A spike of problems in the areas above and increased market volatility are likely around Jan 18-29, 2021. Then, in Apr 2021 (esp. 8-11), there may be renewed tensions and fighting over oil or about oil prices. These tensions may be accompanied by a large market drop on Apr 8 and/or 9, 2021.


AUG 10, 2020 (MON): Strong influence; market may go up (60-65%). Increased probability of surprising developments related to IT, airlines, aerospace, telecoms, social media platform, on-line sales, high tech, electric devices, batteries, power plants, etc. as well as cryptocurrencies, fin tech, banks that are regarded as more technologically advanced, or financial institutions/projects that incorporate the most cutting edge technologies. The surprises may involve unexpected deals/agreements, abrupt start or ending of a project, power outages, announcement of a sale/acquisition, or some surprising communication/announcement (probably about leadership change, change in services provider, or pivot to focus on a new customer group [younger, students]). 

The entire month of August, 2020 but especially Aug 10-28 — Tense times. Global unrest, angry clashes, and increased news about various problems (e.g., protests, accidents, etc.). Within this period:

  • 10-16 — Intensified military tensions or more frequent skirmishes, increased news about violent attacks, protests, accidents, fires, explosions, fighting, etc. Fires/explosions/fighting may particularly involve governmental entities, large corporations, old established leaders, tall buildings, mountains, old/ancient buildings or sites, underground locations (like a mine, nuclear waste storage facility, or some underground archeological site), nuclear power plants, waste storage, mineral homes, prisons, etc. There may be attacks on or accidents involving old established leaders (incl. corporate and governmental entities). Additionally or alternatively, protests or fighting may involve militarized groups as well as elements involved in spying/hacking/sketchy activities. There may be fights between groups who are more openly militaristic or official army types and groups who are undercover/illegal/terrorist. There is also an increased potential of prominent athletes (esp. fighters or racers) suffering some attack or injury. Lastly, there is an increased probability of large earthquakes, mudslides, volcanic eruptions, etc. 
  • Aug 14-18 (esp. the 16th) — Greater than usual possibility of strong fires (probably accompanied by winds), notable solar events of some sort [strong solar flare?], or excessively hot weather (warmer than expected at this time of the year at a given location). If a fire breaks out at this time, it may be difficult to put out.
  • Aug 22-28 — Likely, continuing anti-governmental protests. Increased probability of large earthquakes, mudslides, volcanic eruptions, as well as attacks, protests [esp. anti-governmental or anti some large corporation], disasters (like large old structures collapsing),  and various difficulties involving military, weapons, and/or athletes who are extra macho and/or old, are fighters, racers, etc. Some situation may arise where a group that is protesting, attacking, or pushing aggressively for improvements may become a subject of harsh restrictions of have their effort stifled. Accidents or disasters in the news during this time may involve hot and fast moving objects coming to an abrupt stop (e.g., a hot racing car runs into a wall, an engine fails because an old steel part abruptly snaps under too much pressure, etc.).

USA: Aug 10-14 — Increased probability of positive news regarding earnings, long distance travel, import/export, immigration, and international affairs. A profitable deal may be reached, long distance travel conditions may improve, or some new act is passed that is seen as improving immigration policy.

China: Aug 9-17 — Increased focus on healthcare, infectious diseases, pharma, navy, secretive activities, chemicals, oil, gas, pollution, recycling, etc. There may be a lot of tensions, fighting, and arguments around these areas. The tensions may lead to military tensions or threats. Additionally, there may be flare ups of infectious diseases, problems with pharmaceuticals/drugs, increased number of accidents, large earthquakes, mudslides, and unrest/protests (esp. in places that are normally hidden, like prisons, hospitals or monasteries). Some secretive hidden manipulative activities may become public — these may involve China as the perpetrator or as the victim; either way, there may be a lot of anger around the issue(s). Some problems may occur near or under water (e.g., islands, dams, submarine, etc.) — these may involve fires, explosions, and release of pollutants into water. There will likely be a strong emphasis on anger over secrecy and deception. Secrecy or hidden manipulations may lead to rush decisions & risky financial activities and negatively affect the earnings; alternatively, aggressive push for higher earnings may lead to cover-ups or secretive [illegal] activities.  

AUG 11, 2020 (TUE): Strong influence; market may go up (60%).

AUG 12, 2020 (WED): Strong influence; market may go up (60%).

AUG 13, 2020 (TH): Strong influence; market may go up (60-65%).

USA: Aug 13-21 — Increased focus on governmental and corporate leadership changes, power shifts, and restructuring as well as rates, loans, debt, and bankruptcies (esp. related to retail sales, communication/transportation, travel, social media, news papers, car manufacturers, rental car businesses, etc.). There may also be concerns about or significant changes related to schools, real estate, farming and food production — we may hear about increased regulations, delays, shortages, lack of safety, or major changes in how these businesses function.

AUG 14, 2020 (FR): Strong influence; market may go up (55%). Increased probability of an important announcement related to IT, communication/transportation (e.g., cars, social media, travel, etc.), retail sales, as well as women and children (esp. related to education). The announcement will likely be perceived positively by the public. 


>>>> Glance ahead (repeated from last week):

USA: Aug 17-18 — Increased probability of positive news for the areas related to IT, telecoms, social media, airplanes, aerospace, high tech, etc. Companies in these areas may report greater than expected profits or some project may be reported to be doing better than expected.

USA: Aug 25 – Sep 4 — Increased news about financial institutions, banks, earnings, assets, rates, etc. There may be concerns about illegal manipulative activities, hidden money, illegal payments, corruption, debt, loss of earnings because of some governmental regulations, arguments over military costs, etc. There may be fighting over some fiscal policy or the policy may come out that adjusts military funding or expenses associated with weapons. 

Global: Aug 28-31 — Increased news about financial institutions, banks, earnings, assets, rates, etc. There may be concerns about illegal manipulative activities, hidden money, debt, loss of earnings because of some governmental regulations, and so on. At the same time, there may be increased news about oil, gas chemicals, pharmaceuticals, infectious diseases, pollution, drugs, religions, music, movies, photography, etc. The news may have to do with sales, agreements, and profits — there may be slight concerns about these areas. 

China: Aug 28-31 — Increased news about oil, gas chemicals, pharmaceuticals, infectious diseases, pollution, recycling, navy, lies/deception, prisons, secretive locations or activities, drugs, religions, music, movies, photography, etc. The news may have to do with uncontrolled expansion, excessive expenses, escape, crossing or expanding the borders, pushing the limits, etc. There may be announcements about large investments in or profits associated with areas above (e.g., vaccines, innovations in medicine, new recycling methods, navy-related activities, gas/oil/chemicals, etc.).

USA: Aug 30-31 — Increased probability of positive news for the areas related to retail sales, social media, cars, airplanes, education, and communication/transportation in general. We may near about increased earnings, greater stability, or improved conditions favoring growth.

Global: Sep 1-3 — Concerns about decreased earnings, decreased cash flow, problems with financial institutions or banks, or issues with assets, rates, savings, etc. The mood may be more practical/realistic with focus on slow long term growth and safe investments (esp. real estate or land).  

Global: Dec 2020-Feb 2021 — Increased news about large corporations and/or governments declaring bankruptcies and/or getting bailouts. In particular, areas related to IT, telecoms, electric power, social networks, aerospace, etc. may be affected. More generally, there may be a lot of restructuring in these areas. Changes may be accompanied by service outages. Outages may also be caused by turbulent weather (winds, electric storms, ice storms) and/or increased seismic activity. 

Global: Neptune conjunct Saturn in 2025 through early 2026 may coincide with another major viral epidemic. Neptune/Saturn conjunction was in effect during the deadly Spanish flu pandemic of 1918, which killed an estimated 20-50 million people. With Neptune entering Aries at the same time (Aries rules things like military, war, sports, surgery, fire, etc.), the outbreak may be associated with inflammation, fever, dehydration, etc. and/or may be related to bioweapon development, fires spreading pollution, lack of [clean] water due to drought, etc.  

USA: Apr 21 – May 30, 2025 (esp. May 5-12, 2025) and Jan-Feb 2026 — Greater than usual moves in gold and/or silver prices, notable events related to US monetary policy and/or currency value changes. 

VIDEO: In the video version, I also review the previous week’s predictions. It is in a more rambling style 😉

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