Aug 19 – 23, 2019: Weekly financial astrology predictions


Global: Video with 2019 predictions. Will write up the details + dates in a separate blog post. 

Global: As we enter 2019, we will gradually begin to experience the effects of the upcoming Saturn/Pluto conjunction in Capricorn. This time period will likely see major geopolitical changes, including international tensions, tightening of the budgets, reduced spending, increased governmental controls, corporate restructuring, changes in the governance structure or leadership of key power player countries/corporations, etc. With occasional transits from Mars to Pluto and Saturn in Capricorn, as well as North Node and Jupiter, this may be accompanied by an increase in earthquakes, disasters (esp. related to mining, tunnels, [older] structures, dams, bridges, oil rigs, nuclear power plants, recycling facilities, etc.), violent terrorism attacks, protests and military clashes. There may also be invasions of one country by another, countries or their portions claiming independence, countries forming new blocks or separating from former unions, death of prominent governmental/corporate leaders, major health epidemics or pollution incidents [esp. nuclear], etc. “A whole lotta shakin’” will be going on [both at the level of the planet, meaning its crust, as well as governments and large corporations]. This general global trend has begun in 2018 and will continue and intensify into 2019-2020. For ex., as mentioned in the long term section above, March – July of 2019 look particularly stressful (e.g., June 14, 2019 looks very stressful with a chart similar to that of the SL-1 nuclear reactor meltdown in 1961 with and addition of a Neptune/Jupiter square indicative of a steam explosion or tsunami). Additionally, with Uranus (sudden change, abrupt closures/endings, volatility, surprises, internet, IT, high tech, innovation, etc.) entering Taurus (financial industry, banks, building industry, farming, etc.), we may see increased volatility in currencies (regular and cryptocurrencies) and sudden or surprising changes in the banking industry. 

To evaluate which countries or companies may be affected the most, additional research would be needed, but at a glance it appears that USA, China, Belgium, Czech Republic, Serbia, Greece, Madagascar, Mexico, New Zealand, Japan, Saudi Arabia, Syria, Vietnam, and European Union may be affected.

Reposting from an older blog, to give a flavor of upcoming times (note that countries that have been affected during previous times of Saturn/Pluto conjunction will likely be affected again (so we may expect increased India/Pakistan tensions, for ex.):

“Prediction: With transiting Saturn conjunct Pluto virtually all year, 2019 looks like a tense year. At that time, we may hear about various transformations taking place, esp. in the governments, large corporations, or other large entities that act as powerful leaders/rulers on a national or multinational level. Other areas that may undergo significant changes or experience some tribulations include industries related to mining, nuclear power, and natural resources. For ex., in 1947, when Saturn and Pluto were conjunct as well, there was a Partition of India (millions were displaced or died in the process). When Saturn and Pluto formed a close conjunction in Leo back in August of 1947, sovereign states of India and Pakistan have been officially created. Also, at the time of the last Saturn/Pluto conjunction in 1982, the Canada Constitution Act of 1982 was passed basically making Canada fully independent from the UK.” 

Global: Jan, June and Sep of 2019 —  Jupiter/Neptune square will bring increased focus on issues related to oil, gas, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, navy, water, beverages, drugs, poisons, deception, religion, movies, music, etc. as well as migration, foreign relations, long distance travel, laws, judges, etc. There may be greater than usual volatility in prices and availability (e.g., oil transportation is blocked due to weather, laws, or foreign relations). There may be news about the abundance of related products or events (e.g., floods,  snowstorms, lawsuits, and so on). The square aspect is tense one and typically manifests as a buildup that suddenly bursts/culminates in a big event or a resolution. For ex., a drought is suddenly followed by major flooding; hot dry weather is followed by a massive snowstorm; build up of water/oil/some chemical in a storage location exceeds the capacity and spills over; oil shipment is first blocked but then suddenly released; large illegal chemical/drug shipment is busted; chemical shipment is forbidden because of the changes in laws; deception associated with a religious figure is exposed; movement of immigrants, travelers, or international shipments across some border suddenly stops but then there is a break through after a large build up at the border; and so on. There will likely be increased news about the legal status and international shipments of pharmaceuticals or drugs (legal and not; esp. addictive substances) — there may be some some confusion and volatility due to high expectation that may not pay off (e.g., a treatment is not approved, a shipment is delayed, ethical concerns lead to the trial cancellation, etc.). Finally, there may be increased news about confusion, addiction, drowning, disappearance, poisoning, illness, unethical behavior, moral disagreements, or deception related to judges, lawyers, professors, clergy, politicians that are heavily involved in international negotiations, or leaders of major shipping companies.

Global: Mid-May, 2018  through Apr 2026 (Uranus transit though Taurus) — Increased focus on cryptocurrencies, electronic financial transactions, virtual banking, community banking, and greater than usual fluctuations in currencies’ value (electronic or otherwise). Similarly, this will be a time of change for banks and financial institutions, with entities suddenly appearing, rising to prominence seemingly overnight, then equally abruptly disappearing, or entities radically changing their business. Currencies’ values will be volatile and/or there may be new “weird” hybrid currencies (something that combines virtual and “real” value, or, crosses international borders, or, is valuable only in some special exclusive community, such as a social network [Facebook/Google/Amazon currencies?]). Update (1/14/18): Kodak just announced its KODAKCoin cryptocurrency last week. Surely, more companies will follow. How about, Facebook “Fast Bucks,” Google “Rubles” [lol], and Amazon “Bezos”? 😜😂 Update (06.23.19): On June 18, 2019 Facebook announced a digital currency called Libra set to launch in 2020. 

With Taurus = money/finance/stability; Uranus = revolution/lightening bolt/sudden change, this may be a period of significant changes for the financial industry. We will likely see a lot of changes in this area and a big push for all transactions to be conducted electronically (no cash?). In finance and related industries, the focus may shift to all things electronic and community-based (incl. increasing ties between social networks and banks). There will be many fluctuations, changes in direction, and an overall sense of instability/volatility. Uranus is a planet associated with community, equality, being non-gender specific, and somewhat cold (not personable or affectionate) — I imagine this may lead to closures or drastic reduction of bank branches that conduct in-person transactions. Uranus also has to do with all things electronic, high tech, complex, and super fast — this may manifest as increased utilization of big data (esp. from social networks or some large communities) and leveraging advanced technology and fast data processing to make money.

Other manifestations of the Uranus transit though Taurus may include: weird non-gender specific space-y (alien-looking) fashion, clothes used to produce electricity, increased interest in wearable electronics, unusual food growing practices (e.g., growing food in a lab or space, using robots to harvest crops, etc.), harvesting electricity from plants, community farming, unusual construction methods, building things in space, using space technologies in construction (esp. to collect/use electricity more effectively), communities coming together to build things (in places where this normally doesn’t take place), appearance of unusual plants or plants engaging in some unusual activities (blooming in a wrong time of the year? male/female plants becoming intersex? strange hybrid plants?), rise of social networks that focus on money or enable exchange of valuable products/services, and/or expansion of virtual reality communities/activities that provide real source of income or provide virtual services in exchange for real/virtual currency.

Global: March – July of 2019 — Increased probability of major disasters, incl. earthquakes, tsunami, oil spills, nuclear accidents, mine collapses, major floods, etc. The scale of the events will be comparable to 2010 Haiti earthquake, Deepwater Horizon spill, etc. The actual event may be an earthquake, collapse of some solid structure (mine, dam, old buildings, etc.), landslide, etc.. At the same time, the event(s) may be triggered by or associated with water-related problems (e.g., steam escapes and causes a nuclear plant accident, tsunami damages structures, floods destroy buildings, etc.). Am currently looking at past events and individual countries’ charts to try to narrow down possible locations. I plan to elaborate on this with more details in a separate post. In general, there seems to be a pattern with solar flares, earthquakes, and major disasters occurring when slower moving planets form oppositions, squares and other more complex symmetric patterns around the Sun in heliocentric chart. Aspects to Chiron (geo- and helio-) from Saturn and Pluto appear to coincide with major disasters as well. 

USA/ Kilauea: The volcano will likely continue building up tension and/or erupting more frequently or with more intensity for the next few years. In 2018 and 2019, the intensification may occur during the following periods: mid-Aug to mid-Sep  2018 (minor), early Nov 2018 to late Jan 2019 (minor), early to mid-Feb 2019 (possible eruption), end of June 2019 (minor), mid-Nov 2019 (minor). Then, the entire 2020 will likely see significantly increased activity with either one continuous eruption or series of periodic eruptions. (In 2020, there will be an increase in earthquakes globally in general.) In 2021, the intensification may occur in early Jan, early June, and mid to late Oct.  

Then, in 2022 (possibly Feb-Mar, late June-early July, early Aug) and/or 2023 (esp. May, Aug-Oct), there may be additional significant eruptions that can significantly alter the surrounding landscape. Alternatively, during 2022-2023, a major effort will be undertaken to rebuild the surrounding area. Either way, the result may leave the area unrecognizable. 

China: 2018-2020 (esp. 2019) — major reform(s) in the following areas: pharmaceuticals, healthcare, treatment of elderly (end-of-life care), prisons, religion, chemicals, beverage industry, movie industry, navy, oil industry (or businesses related to power generation in general, such as nuclear or hydroelectric power plants), recycling industry, and any industries that rely on hidden/secret activities (e.g., hacking) or on dissolving borders between larger groups/categories (e.g., creating hybrids, removing separation between bodies of water, developing new powerful chemical mixtures [possibly for nuclear power generation], developing new drugs that expand consciousness, blending modern and traditional medicine, etc.). 

In 2018 through 2020, China will undergo a major transformation in a number of areas, incl. oil, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, navy, movies, and any hidden/obscure areas of influence that are somewhat ephemeral and hard to pin down/discover (e.g., spying, bioweapons, drugs, submarines, religion, movies, etc.). The transformation will likely be accompanied by scandals, power manipulations, uncovering hidden agendas, and possibly accidents (esp. nuclear or pollution- and water-related), esp. in the beginning, followed by some massive reforms, and ultimately greater expansion/improvements. This transformation will be gradual and result in long-term changes. It will take place under a very slow Pluto transit to China’s 12th house Jupiter. The 12th house deals with water, navy, oil, religion, prisons, chemicals, drugs, poisons, isolation, hidden influence, etc. and Jupiter brings expansion and abundance. With Pluto hovering over Jupiter, the country can experience greater expansion in related areas, but also potential problems due to over-expansion, stretching too far, or some powerful “hidden” enemies (e.g., hacking, espionage, poisons, etc.). The influence will likely manifest both ways — the country may engage more in these types of activities as well as external players may engage in them more often to influence China. 

OIL: With Neptune/Saturn square now separated for good after spending about 2yrs in a tense transit associated with suppressed oil prices (see Oil prices fluctuations and Neptune-Saturn cycle: Financial astrology insights), we should now see a multi-year recovery. After that, I would look at the conjunction of Saturn and Neptune (2025-26; esp. late Jan-Feb 2026) for the next big top/bottom in the oil prices with related geopolitical turmoil (similar in scale [though not necessarily the same in direction] to what we experienced in 2015-16 but likely even more dramatic). At that time, Neptune will also be leaving its own sign, Pisces, which will make that time period even more significant wrt oil prices and anything related to Neptune, including chemicals (esp. chemical weapons or weapons that work through affecting mind/mood/etc.), drugs/pharmaceuticals (esp. chemical and bioweapons), water, navy, spirituality, etc. 

Given that Neptune also rules chemicals, alcohol, beverages, pharmaceuticals, navy, water, drugs, poisons, pollution (of water or with chemicals), music, movies, photography, spirituality, healing (with drugs or through alternative approaches), etc., and that Saturn rules big corporations and governments, businesses related to the areas above (esp. large corporations or governmental entities) will likely experience major changes in their structure, profit schemes, popularity of their products, and/or manufacturing technologies around the same times. For ex., the Dow Chemical  and DuPont merger was announced in 2016 under the Neptune/Saturn square —> Neptune=chemicals, Saturn=large corporations, square=forcibly breaking an old pattern. We may hear about other Neptunian businesses or products undergoing major changes around the times of hard Neptune/Saturn aspects (e.g., in 2025-26).

Vatican City [06.07.1929]: In 2017 (esp. Jan, Aug, and Oct-Dec), transiting Pluto (major transformation, death/rebirth, nuclear power, power plays, sex, dictatorship, terror, debt/loans, espionage, secrets, etc.) will oppose Vatican’s natal Pluto. This transit indicates a period of major transformation/reforms and may bring out some hidden issues into the light [to reform them]. Likely, increased news about power struggles and news related to the issues listed above. It will be worthwhile to observe this period carefully as in a few years, in 2022-23, the US will experience a Pluto return (transit of Pluto over the natal Pluto) — this period will bring a similar energy to the US, except in an even more intense way (esp. related to hidden issues, spying, healthcare/end of life care, navy/oil/chemicals/drugs/water, debt/loans, and financial institutions). The US Pluto return is an interesting subject on its own and I plan to write a separate blog post about it.



OIL and other Neptunian areas (e.g., PHARMA): As past few weeks (esp. on Aug 20 and 24) — Increased focus on oil (as well as other Neptunian domains, such as gas, navy, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, movies/music, beverages, water/floods, religion, drugs, poisons, etc.). We may hear about problems and concerns about these areas — possibly due to international laws/regulations/tariffs, blocked shipments, wars/attacks (esp. involving navy/water and other places associated with Neptune, incl. places of warship, hospitals, movie theaters, concert venues, etc.), accidents (e.g., gas leak, chemical or oil spill, etc.), fires/explosions, natural disasters (esp. earthquakes), mine collapses, dam collapses, etc. Specifically for oil, it seems likely that there may be some problems with international shipments due to bad weather (at best) or accidents/attacks/wars (at worst). This may lead to imbalances of various kinds — too much oil accumulated in one place that cannot be shipped or sent along and shortages in other places, abundance of one kind of oil but shortage of a different kind, and in general, an imbalance in supply/demand and availability. For other Neptunian areas, I would pay close attention to chemicals (esp. those used in weapons and used to produce metals/steel), pharmaceuticals, wet weather, and navy. There again may be some imbalance — for ex.: too much water dumped in one location leads to floods, dam overfills/breaks, mine is flooded, some drug is in short supply due to problems with shipments/laws/spike of some disease, some drug’s legal status is questioned, shipment of some chemical is stalled, lawsuits mount over the use of some drug or chemical, navy ships aggregate in one location because their movement is disrupted (e.g., due to an attack, chemical spill, bad weather, etc.), and so on.

Global: Ongoing background influence (2019-2020) — Increased probability of a major disaster, very strong earthquake, accident, government reshuffling, corporate restructuring announcement, geopolitical changes, old/established governmental or corporate leaders quitting/dying, changes in leadership of governments or large corporations, or of violent/terrorist attacks. As last week, this week, there may be increased news about governmental/corporate leaders being ousted or attacked, retiring, dying or losing their power in some way. Additionally, this week there is an increased probability of important events, announcements, or accidents involving mining, coal, steel, minerals, tunnels, bridges, old buildings in general, earthquakes, mudslides, etc. This week, the peak day for this influence is Aug 20.

Global: All week (esp. on the 23rd) — Increased focus on healthcare, natural treatments, cattle, workforce, and governmental contracts. We may hear about new projects, contracts, or solutions. 

China: As last week, increased probability of news abut earthquakes, disasters, oil, navy, pharmaceuticals, pollution, secrets, deception, long distance transportation (esp. over water or railroad), and international agreements/expansion. This is a long lasting influence and will remain in place for weeks. This week, the peak days for this influence are Aug 21-22.

USA (NEW): Aug 19 –  Nov 05, 2019 (esp. Sep 16-18; Oct 1-5, 21-24) look tense with increased probability of conflicts, power struggles, major public announcements about leaders (esp. on Oct 2), announcements highlighting the country’s status as a leader on the world arena, as well as issues involving banks and finance (e.g., earnings, investments, stocks, rates, currencies, etc.). There may also be important public announcements related to laws, immigration, lawyers/judges, and long distance travel or shipments (esp. on Oct 2).

China (NEW): Aug 19 –  Nov 05, 2019 (esp. Aug 26-29; Sep 17-18, 22; Oct 5-8, 17-20, 24-27) look tense with increased probability of conflicts, power struggles, earthquakes, accidents, and disasters, as well as issues involving banks and finance (e.g., investments, stocks, rates, currencies, etc.). We may hear about new initiatives related to the financial sector, new deals, new controls/regulations, or some re-adjustments. New deals would be reached under pressure to limit something (access, number of partners, number of destinations, etc.), increase governmental controls, reduce waste, reduce pollution, or to cut losses. The pressure may come from secretive sources, governmental sources, large corporations, or be due to the need to reduce pollution, rebuild after a mine collapse or an earthquake, address water erosion, address conflict over a source of oil or body of water, or to fix some old infrastructure (like a dam or a road). The events may have an element of being done in secrecy, under cover, under ground [literally], or via illegal or indirect means.


AUG 19, 2019 (MON): Medium influence; market may possibly go up (60-65%). Increased focus on the price/value of gold, jewelry, and precious stones. 

AUG 20, 2019 (TUE): Medium influence; market may possibly go up (60-65%).

Aug 20-22  — Increased focus on international negotiations, immigration, communication/transportation businesses, and international sales/shipments. On the 20th, there may be optimism that negotiations are proceeding well. On the 22nd, the optimism may yield to concerns about finances that may affect the outlook of negotiations — there may be worries about the profits or the ability to move/sell the goods.

China: Aug 20-21 (esp. the 21) — Increased focus on negotiations with international partners. Communication may involve arguments, disagreements, and harsh/risky statements or even threats. Increased news about weapons, military, sports, fires, and accidents. 

AUG 21, 2019 (WED): Medium influence; market may possibly go down (55%). Increased news and surprises related to banks and financial institutions, currencies, and electronic payment processing. We may hear about improvements in the ability to track payments, more detailed earnings reports, or increased value of related businesses/services because of improved reliability.

China: Aug 21-22 (esp. the 22) — Increased focus on negotiations with international partners. Negotiations may involve disagreements, secrets, hidden manipulation, blackmail, nuclear weapons, hacking, spying, and illegal activities. Increased news about nuclear weapons, military, hacking, spying, pollution, secrets, underground locations, mining, and recycling —  we may hear about contracts, shipments, or discussions related to these topics.

AUG 22, 2019 (TH): Medium influence; market may possibly go down (60-65%). 

AUG 23, 2019 (FR): Medium influence; market may possibly go down (60%). All week, but especially today, increased focus on healthcare, natural treatments, cattle, workforce, and governmental contracts. We may hear about new projects, contracts, or solutions. In particular, treatments related to sports injuries or burns (incl. heartburn), as well as food supplements (esp. for athletic activities/exercise/weight management) may receive more attention than usual. There may be some news about sugar content, managing sugar levels, or using sugar as a source of energy. There may also be news about some medications increasing in price or causing some upset (again, this could be related to food supplements or blood sugar management).

Aug 23-26 — Increased focus on governmental services that involve providing healthcare, support for poor, teachers, nurses, and service staff —  there may be demand for pay raises, news about earnings from related businesses, or governmental contracts.

Aug 25 – 27 (SUN – MON) — Increased news about banks, financial institutions, rates, earnings, etc. There may be surprises, news about risky financial deals going through, sudden changes, removal of limits/constraints (e.g., on payments so that funds could go through), surprising/new sources of funding, or surprising details revealed about some financial deal or someone’s earnings. In general, these look like days when investors may be more likely to make risky or impulsive financial decisions. This could be because consumers are offered an additional ability to track their money (so more reassurance), new financial services provided by the governmental entities, perceived opportunity to score a good deal at this time (e.g., to lock a good rate or buy discounted goods), etc.


>>>> Glance ahead (updated):

Global (updated): Sep 2-3; 8-14 (esp. 9, 11, and 1214); 22-23; and 27-28, 2019 — Increased probability of significant  moves in the market, especially on Sep 13th (either down on concerns about oil and global tensions, or, up on some hype and expectations [such as about rate cuts]). Increased news about OIL, navy, gas, water, religion, chemicals, healthcare, pharmaceuticals, drugs, music, movies, deception, religion, etc. There may be news about large losses by some pharma companies; problems with healthcare providers; new regulations that affect health insurance, medications, etc.; international tariffs that affect the price or availability of oil, gas, chemicals, etc.; problems with transportation of oil, gas, etc.; attacks/accidents involving navy, gas or oil leaks; bad weather involving water (e.g., hurricanes and floods); accidents at healthcare facilities; attacks involving navy personnel or individuals under influence or mentally impaired; etc. More generally, bad weather news involving excess of water and focus on oil, pharma, healthcare, etc. will likely be prominent the entire month of September. Around Sep 9-14, there may be problems with oil transportation due to blocked waterways/pipelines, insufficient number of ships/vehicles, attacks on ships, ships suffering engine problems, and so on. On Sep 22-28, there is an additional risk of geopolitical conflicts, earthquakes, large scale accidents (esp. involving a collapse of old structures), and natural disasters (globally and in the US). 

(NEW) Global / OIL: Sep 12-14 (esp. 13-14), 2019 — Possibly, a major market drop. At least, more volatility than usual as well as increased news about oil, pharma, chemicals, navy, etc. There may be news of fighting over oil or over bodies of water, accidents involving water or chemicals, poisonings, epidemics of infectious diseases, etc. OIL prices may be up (possibly due to some regional fighting or natural disasters affecting production/shipments). 

(NEW) Global: Oct 5-6, 2019 — Increased probability of earthquakes, accidents, disasters, and stronger than usual market moves. The events may involve earth/soil/mining/old structures/government leaders (collapse, losses, deaths, reshuffling), financial sector (surprises, sudden changes), international agreements (deal reached under pressure, deal involves change in the governmental leadership), and airplanes/IT/telecoms/social media (surprises, sudden changes, problems due to winds).

(NEW) Global: Oct 25-27 (esp. 26), 2019 — Increased probability of earthquakes, accidents, disasters, violent protests, military tensions, and stronger than usual market moves. These same dates correspond to tense transits in the China chart, so it’s possible that the events will relate to developments in China and/or US-China tensions.

Global: Oct 26 – Nov 4 (+- several days; esp. Oct 26-27 and Nov 2, 4), 2019 — Increased probability of earthquakes, mudslides, volcano eruptions, building collapses, accidents, explosions, attacks, protests, fires, and other disasters (esp. involving underground or hidden/dark locations, mountains, nuclear power plants, recycling plants, terrorism, violence, cyberattacks, etc.). This may be accompanied by the loss of power and blackouts of services, incl. electricity and social media sites (esp. on Oct 26-27). There may also be increased focus on agreements, contracts, tariffs, and negotiations related to steel, minerals, mining, nuclear power, and recycling. There may be tensions surrounding these topics and/or their availability may be restricted (either because of some disasters/accidents or artificially [through tariffs or governmental regulations]). Also, increased geopolitical tensions, protests (esp. against governments, mining, nuclear power/weapons, etc.), death or attacks on governmental leaders, reshuffling among leaders of countries or large corporations, etc.

Global: Nov 22-24, 2019 — Increased probability of accidents (esp. involving airlines, space-related flying objects [e.g., rockets], and electric vehicles), explosions, sudden attacks, fires (esp. due to electric malfunctioning or lightening storms), and other disasters (esp. involving sudden changes, secretive activities, underground locations, electricity, engines, and aerospace). This may be accompanied by the loss of power and blackouts of services, incl. electric supply, social media sites, and financial services. Additionally, there may be surprising news about banks and financial institutions as well as currencies (esp. cryptocurrencies) and various financial services — we may hear about sudden loss of connectivity, loss of value, inability to access funds, or some other abrupt change (e.g., some offer is put out and then withdrawn). Market may go up (esp. on the 24th) on some hopeful news about international agreements, immigration, or long distance travel/transportation.

Global: Dec 12-13, 2019 — Increased probability of a significant  move in the markets (probably down). Increased focus on businesses and products related to steel, coal, oil, and mining. Value of related commodities or profit from them may go up. Increased news about restructuring or controls at the level of government or large corporations and possibly about rates/loans. 

Global: Dec 29, 2019 – Jan 15 (esp. Jan 9-12), 2020 — Increased probability of a major geopolitical event and/or some disaster (manmade or natural, incl. earthquakes, mudslides, storms, power loss, contagious disease epidemic, nuclear accident, collapse of a recycling plant or a mine, etc.). There may be an official public announcement about a new law, new treaty, new legal decision, creation of a new bloc of countries, separation of some long-term partner countries (“exit” from a bloc), etc. The event will have an international significance and affect large numbers of people; issues related to foreign affairs, immigration, and long-distance transportation will be prominent. This may be some country [or a large established corporation] breaking up into smaller territories [companies], territories uniting to create a country, a country undergoing a complete change in the government/leadership (leaders may die or be violently removed), major trial of some leader in court, court(s) deciding on  legality of some country’s actions against another country, etc. In particular, China and the US may be affected, as well as large established corporations and old/established/conservative leaders (they may die), as well as industries related to recycling, nuclear power, steel, mining, oil, spying, hacking, etc. Markets may experience larger than average moves at that time (probably down initially, but may then turn up after some legal document is signed or some agreement is finalized). The market moves may possibly due to concerns about US/China trade or relationships, and/or, some new legal international arrangements/goals/partnerships (possibly initiated by the US).

Global: Mar 22-31, 2020  (+- several days; esp. Mar 22 and 31)  — Increased probability of earthquakes, mudslides, volcano eruptions, building collapses, accidents, explosions, attacks, protests, fires, and other disasters (esp. involving underground or hidden/dark locations, mountains, nuclear power plants, recycling plants, terrorism, violence, cyberattacks, etc. as well as aerospace, electricity/power supply, IT, telecoms, networks, etc.). Also, increased geopolitical tensions and military threats, posturing, or attacks — this may be related to developments in June 2019 (US-Iran tensions) and upcoming developments in late Oct-early Nov 2019 (TBD; probably US-Iran tensions again). The situation may infold as overt military tensions accompanied by covert secretive operations, such as cyber attacks (esp. around Mar 22), followed by more attacks/problems affecting airplanes, drones, space-related objects, or networks/internet or other grids (electric grids?) around the end of Mar. Lastly, this may be a tense time for leaders of governments and large corporations as they may be displaced, removed, etc.

Global/OIL: IF horoscope dates for Iran and Saudi Arabia are correct (e.g., I see astrotheme gives them as 04/01/79, 12:01am, Tehran, Iran and 09/23/32, 12:01am, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia), then starting early next year (2019), we may hear about intense transformations or some significant tensions in these countries, which may potentially affect oil prices. First such period will be from about Mar 2018 through 2020 (esp. 2019-2020) with Saudi Arabia’s chart being affected more (for Iran, tensions will be felt mostly in 2020). Another such period will likely be in 2023-2025. Additionally, for Iran only,  2021- early 2022. 

With Saturn Neptune conjunction (expected to be a major turning point in oil prices cycle) coming up in 2025-2026 and Neptune entering Aries in 2026, oil prices may indeed continue to rise till then. At a minimum, as mentioned in the Long Term predictions – OIL section, we may hear about oil and other Neptunian businesses or products (e.g., chemicals, pharmaceuticals, etc.) undergoing major changes in 2025-26.

USA: 2022 – 2023 — Pluto returns to its place in the country’s natal chart — major changes in the government and a transformation of the country. Markets may go down globally around Dec 2021 (Uranus Saturn square Dec 2021 – Jan 2022). Then, in Jan-Feb 2022, we may see more significant events [gradually] unfolding in the US; these will relate to governmental leadership and structure. At the same time, there may be confusion or concerns about borders, land, homeland security, banks, stock market, real estate; problems with flooding, navy, snowstorms, movie industry, oil, chemicals, pharmaceuticals; and religious disagreements (transiting Neptune will square US Mars, ruler of the 5th, and Neptune, ruler of the 4th). Around Feb 1-17, 2023 (esp. the 10th), there may be major changes related to US currency and/ monetary policies, which in turn may affect the price of precious metals and other currencies.

USA: Apr 21 – May 30, 2025 (esp. May 5-12, 2025) and Jan-Feb 2026 — Greater than usual moves in gold and/or silver prices, notable events related to US monetary policy and/or currency value changes. 

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