M 7.1 and 6.4 earthquakes in Southern California on July 4 and 5, 2019 — Saturn conjunct South Node exact (with Pluto a few degrees away). Prediction of upcoming aftershocks and more earthquakes through 2020.


As I first predicted back in Dec 2018, major earthquakes struck on July 4-5 (6.4 and 7.1 [6.9]). They occurred near Ridgecrest, CA and were largest in SoCal in twenty years. 

The quakes occurred under the exact conjunction of Saturn and South Node in Capricorn (within one to several minutes). The Sun will oppose this conjunction on July 8-9 (Mon-Tue) — along with some other transits taking place at the time, this indicates an increased probability of a strong aftershock on July 8-9 (+- 1 day). More generally, on July 7-10, there is an increased probability of a major earthquake anywhere in the world.

Similarly, on July 16-17, transiting Venus will oppose the Saturn/South Node conjunction and there will be another possible period when a strong aftershock or a large earthquake in  general may occur. Additionally, this may be a period when money will be collected or publicly allocated to help deal with the aftermath of the earthquakes. There may be concerns that financial help is insufficient or slow, losses are high, and/or funds are not available. 

On July 10-11, there may also be increased news about airplane or aerospace-related accidents, power outages, market volatility, etc. — am unsure if these events will be related to earthquake activity or not.  

More earthquakes through 2020

Looking further into the future, we can expect a heightened risk of major earthquakes through 2020 during the slowly unfolding Saturn/Pluto conjunction in Capricorn. When faster moving planets or Moon Nodes trigger this conjunction, we can expect escalation of events, including major weather problems, earthquakes, mudslides, disasters, government collapses, wars, terrorist attacks, important geopolitical changes, epidemics (but also healthcare breakthroughs, esp. in the area of cancer, radiation, aging, regeneration [esp. of bones and teeth]), etc.

Some important dates (through mid-2020; haven’t looked at the second half):

Sep 8-13, 2019 (+- a few days) — earthquakes, disasters, etc., especially involving water, oil, or chemicals (e.g., tsunami, oil spill, hurricane, etc.)

Oct 5, 2019 (+- a few days) — earthquakes, disasters, geopolitical changes, etc.

Jan 9 – 12, 2020 (+- a few days) — VERY LARGE earthquakes, disasters, geopolitical changes, etc. In the Northern hemisphere, there will probably be very cold weather — so expect major blizzards, ice storms, and so on. Old buildings crushed due to quakes, accumulated ice, etc. Whatever the events, they will likely go down in history as THE GREAT Blah-Blah-Blah (e.g., THE GREAT blizzard, THE GREAT earthquake, etc.).

Mar 23-31, 2020 (+- a few days) — earthquakes, disasters, geopolitical changes, etc. Also, there may be anti-governmental protests, attacks, power plant malfunctioning, concerns about nuclear weapons or power plants, etc.

June 10-20, 2020 (+- a few days) — earthquakes, disasters, geopolitical changes, etc. Also, there may be maritime accidents, excessively wet weather, fighting over oil, oil spills, chemical contamination, etc.

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