November 13 – 17, 2017: Weekly financial astrology predictions


Global: Nov 17 – Dec 2, 2016 (esp. Nov 23-25, 2016), then Mar 23 – Apr 7, 2017 (esp. Mar 30-31, 2017), and finally Jul 28 – Aug 11, 2017 (esp. Aug 3-4, 2017) — larger than usual market moves and a significant reversal (probably from a MAX reached around peak days of Nov 23-24, 2016 as well as Mar 30-31, 2017 and Aug 3-4, 2017 to down in the days following the respective peak days). Increased focus on legal issues, lawyers, power struggles (over legal issues) or ethical problems due to hidden issues, spying, secrets, taxes, and/or [life] insurance. Additionally, there may be increased focus on taxes, loans, insurance, nuclear power, recycling plants, birth control, reproductive issues, end-of-life issues (e.g., is assisted suicide legal), and businesses that deal with trash disposal — these too may begin to undergo significant changes  due to some laws or expansion. Some issue(s) related to the areas above may reach a critical mass and an intervention may be necessary to fix it. Or, there may be a major agreement/deal/law/legal decision that affects related matters for months to come — for ex., a law is passed on how to handle recycling of certain types of radioactive trash, nuclear plant may be sued, or, a legal ruling is passed on how to deal with spies or entities who handle secrets.

At the same times, there may be increased news about large-scale or long-term government projects — projects that involve cooperation/partnerships may undergo significant changes, new partnerships/agreements may run into push back from the government(s), and/or such partnerships will pressure government(s). There may be increased focus on improving old structures (buildings and infrastructure like bridges and tunnels; structures may be related to nuclear power generation) —  either through massive expansive projects that aim to improve them, or, because something breaks (e.g., due to massive earthquakes or old age). Finally, projects/businesses related to mining, construction, minerals, metals (esp. steel), rocks, sculpture, etc. may undergo some major changes — they may hear about expansion and new opportunities, although these may come with some caveat (e.g., wrong timing, excessive optimism that leads to overspending, too much pressure that leads to something breaking, etc.).

Global: Dec 2016 and Jan through Nov, 2017 (esp. Jan-Feb and late Aug) — Favorable time for entering into long-term international agreements/partnerships and initiating large-scale international projects related to transportation, shipping, higher education, and/or immigration. These developments will also likely lead to long-term projects related to military, IT, telecoms, aerospace, electric devices, electric cars, electricity generation, etc. Themes of immigration, international collaboration, long-distance transportation, aerospace, electricity, internet, IT, and some high tech engineering will become prominent with focus on long-term or large-scale initiatives. New alliances may form and old partnerships may unexpectedly break up.

Long-term projects initiated at this time in the areas above (aerospace, electricity generation, etc.) will likely be more successful than usual and/or have long-lasting effects. We may hear about innovations or exciting projects in these areas. These projects may affect international relationships, involve international partners, or result from changes in international relationships. The projects may be very high tech but still practical and “doable” — some new technology may be successfully implemented. At the same time, there may be major surprises about partnerships, legal rulings, and unexpected contracts (esp. in Mar-Apr and early Aug, 2017). Some partnerships may be seriously tested, and/or businesses or projects in the related areas (e.g., electric cars, airplanes, telecoms, satellites, IT, etc.) may receive unexpectedly large support, or, be abruptly cancelled. These developments may be due to international problems (e.g., immigration, travel, or shipping), legal problems, governmental regulations, major changes in corporate policies, or disagreements about the value or something (e.g

., religious beliefs/values, moral considerations, or excessively high price).

Global: March – July of 2019 — Increased probability of major disasters, incl. earthquakes, tsunami, oil spills, nuclear accidents, mine collapses, major floods, etc. The scale of the events will be comparable to 2010 Haiti earthquake, Deepwater Horizon spill, etc. The actual event may be an earthquake, collapse of some solid structure (mine, dam, old buildings, etc.), landslide, etc.. At the same time, the event(s) may be triggered by or associated with water-related problems (e.g., steam escapes and causes a nuclear plant accident, tsunami damages structures, floods destroy buildings, etc.). Am currently looking at past events and individual countries’ charts to try to narrow down possible locations. I plan to elaborate on this with more details in a separate post. In general, there seems to be a pattern with solar flares, earthquakes, and major disasters occurring when slower moving planets form oppositions, squares and other more complex symmetric patterns around the Sun in heliocentric chart. Aspects to Chiron (geo- and helio-) from Saturn and Pluto appear to coincide with major disasters as well.

USA: Thorough Oct 2017 —Increased focus on oil, chemicals, navy, water, music, spirituality, secrets, and lies — there may be concerns about businesses or events in the areas above. The concerns or problems may be due to increased restrictions and regulations. These regulations may come in the form of laws, legal issues, or some international events. The pressures or increased controls will be related to some new goals of the country, new vision/identity, or international partnerships. The entities applying pressure or imposing controls will likely be large, conservative, and well-established (e.g., governmental authorities and large corporations).

USA: Dec 2016 – Oct 2017 (esp. 12/22/16 – 01/20/17 and 07/01/17 – 10/20/17) — possible escalation of military tensions, problems with military, pressure or suppression of military forces or weapons (esp. navy-related). For ex., restriction on some weapons, gun control, weapons embargo, old weapons breaking, restructuring in the army, etc. Other manifestations may include military-related scandals (e.g., inappropriate use of force or sex-related), accidents (e.g., some weapons dropped at the wrong place), death of important/old military leaders, ending of some military program, or retirement of some important military weapon/facility/vehicle (e.g., a ship, base, etc.).

Also, anger or disputes over banking [policies/actions] or push for change in the financial structure/banks. Also, problems with or restrictions imposed on businesses related to oil, pharma, chemicals, navy, movies, music, etc. Additionally, there may be increased controls on or restructuring of businesses connected to stock market, gambling, racing, sports, and entertainment. The source of controls/limitations will lie in some new initiatives, goals, direction, leaders or vision for the country. The new leadership that could bring about increased controls/restrictions will be masculine, macho, or aggressive, incl. military types, surgeons, athletes, etc.

USA: Jan 25 – Mar 06, 2017 (esp. mid Feb); May 08 – Jun 22, 2017 (esp. late May/early Jun); and Oct 25 – Nov 27, 2017 (esp. early-to-mid Nov) — Important news about the government, leadership, real estate, homeownership, homeland security, land, borders, food, farming, family planning/motherhood issues, banks’ savings/capital and activities related to preserving gains (esp. related to investments in land/real estate), and large corporations. There will probably be some major restructuring, increased regulations, limitations, losses, cuts, shortages, and restrictions. For ex., we may hear about decreased spending on family planning services and changes in the capital requirements for banks. Some old/established or outdated practices may be stopped, programs cancelled, and/or leaders may leave/die. The changes will be related to some new vision and goals for the country as well as foreign investments. The changes will likely not proceed smoothly or gradually, but will be implemented in an upsetting way and/or in response to something breaking or coming to an end. Developments taking place at this time will be of a permanent nature and have a long term (years) effect. The last time the US experienced a similar astrological influence was in 1987-88.

USA: Mar 18 – Sep 27, 2017 (esp. Apr 14-18 and Aug 18-22) and Jan 16 – Mar 14, 2018 (esp Feb 15-16)— hopeful mood about sales of or new agreements related to oil, chemicals, movies/music, beverages, and pharmaceuticals (esp. shipments [oil, chemicals, pharma] or dissemination via media [video, music]). Additionally or alternatively, deception or lack of clarity about agreements and spread of information in those areas. The hopeful expectations may be due to the lack of details or unrealistic representation of the situation. Time when shipments or dissemination of related services and products may be easier than usual; at the same time, there may be confusion about the exact contract details, details on how to implement things technically in practice, quality of products, accuracy of the information, etc. Favorable time for setting up shipments over water and disseminating info via video/music. Also, there may be an increase in religious/spiritual movements (incl. any alternative medicine-related ones or movements focused on something that is ephemeral/unreal) — we may see increased communications about the related topics (e.g., religion, spiritual movements, deceptive info, etc.) on social media, in the news, and at social gatherings.

China: Mar 13 – Oct 15, 2017 (esp. Apr 6-13 and Aug 23-29) and Jan 1 – Mar 20, 2018 (esp. Feb 7-14) — Increased focus on international partnerships and contracts, esp. those that are long term or involve building something permanent (e.g., bridge, large structure of metal and stone), mining, and governmental regulations (e.g., imposing strict controls on what each partner can and cannot do, how structures should be built, who can use water and how, how much pollution is too much, etc.). The focus will be on permanency, long term, stability, and establishing strict order and authority (e.g., limiting access to water or oil). The reason for the emphasis on stability and structure may relate to concerns or confusion about which [structures, authorities, partners, buildings, projects, etc.] are permanent and which are not, what is a mirage/deception and what is solid. At this time, the country may question stability of the partnerships, projects, and structures. The projects, partnerships, and regulations will probably involve construction (esp. related to mining, large machinery, and large rocks or metal objects), medicine, pharma, drugs, oil, chemicals, movies, music, navy, and water (e.g., beverages, alcohol, or weather protections like some walls to keep water away). Alternatively, the country may itself engage in some deception or make mistakes due to lack of clarity about something (e.g., underestimate how solid something is) and undermine stability and permanency of partnerships/projects/structures.

Yet another manifestation could be related to weather and natural events, such as struggle to contain water, chemicals, pollution, or some contagious disease. For ex., water erosion undermines large stone/metal structures, attempts to ward off water with walls fail leading to flooding, oil or some chemical spreads leading to contamination, etc.

Increased probability of a major earthquake. The current influence will take place under transiting Neptune’s opposition to Saturn in China’s chart this time. The last time there was a similar influence was in 1976 when transiting Neptune squared China’s Saturn. Note that Neptune= water/liquid, while Saturn=earth/rock. On July 28, 1976 there was Tangshan earthquake (magnitude 7.5) in China. Of particular interest is a description about soil liquefaction that accompanied that earthquake: “The shaking, which lasted 14 to 16 seconds, transformed much of the region’s exceptionally deep sandy soil into a fluidlike mass (liquefaction). Since few buildings were anchored to bedrock, the shaking and subsequent liquefaction of the soil destabilized and brought down most of the structures throughout the affected area.” (John P. Rafferty While this is just a single example, it fits the description of Neptune/Saturn hard aspect in action. Thus, there may be increased concerns about soil liquefaction once again.

USA: May 2017 – Apr 2-18 — Increased probability of surprising events related to financial institutions, banks, rates, end-of-life insurance, construction, healthcare (esp. of elderly), prisons, secretive activities, navy, chemicals, pollution, contamination, diseases, nuclear waste, etc. This influence will last a few months: from May through the end of Oct 2017 (increasing around June 14 and Sep 24) and will pick back up in 2018 to culminate around March 14 to through Apr 20 (esp. around Apr 1). The issues may arise suddenly and involve abrupt start/ending of some project, problems with electric supply or IT systems, sudden turn of events, unexpected twists/turnabouts, sudden technology failures but also innovations, etc. The origin of these issues will likely be risky activities, stock market volatility, or some sort of a gamble. There may be much drama surrounding some issue (probably military or some new high tech initiative) — the issue could be related to IT, technology, telecoms, and aerospace (e.g., problems with airlines, IT equipment, electric supply, electronic banking, or data processing). In sum, some risky activity may cause a sudden problem for financial institutions and/or healthcare, etc. and cause some secrets to be exposed or the activity itself will be a hidden one (sudden hacking? sudden spread of nuclear contamination or some disease?).

China: Sep-Oct 2017 (esp. early Oct) — increased tensions, controls, problems, delays, restrictions, broken plans, restructuring, etc. related to projects and businesses in the following areas: overseas expansion, international organizations, oil, water, navy, pharma, chemicals, healthcare, long-distance travel, religion, and movies. There may be shortages, lack, problems, and delays — something may need fixing or improved controls. While this may initially cause delays or attrition, in the long run, the situation will improve due to improved structure/discipline (e.g., some underperforming members will be dropped).

China: Late Nov – early Dec 2017 — an important announcement or public event related to military controls, spying, mining, hidden or underground activities, recycling, and nuclear power. Jan – early Feb 2018 — another important announcement or public event related to these same issues with additional focus on military preparedness and action, alliances, negotiations, and agreements.

China: Late Dec 2017 – Jan 2018, also late Apr- early May 2018, and Sep 2018: Positive news about financial sphere, incl. international expansion, new beneficial laws, increased income, expansion through real estate, transportation, and shipping (esp. international).

China: Feb – early Apr 2018 (esp. March) as well as late Sep – early Oct 2018: Positive news about the status on the world stage, increased influence, improved status of leadership or rise of some new prominent leaders, international expansion, new beneficial laws, increased focus on immigration, expansion in the area of international travel/shipping and investments.

China: Jan-Feb 2018, as well as Apr-early May 2018, and Sep 2018 will see increased focus on financial institutions, banks, laws, real estate, profits, and homeland security —  there may be some expansion, esp. internationally (gains more land?), and increased profits/opportunities (e.g., profits from foreign connections or as a result of new laws). Favorable time for profits from the activities related to the listed areas as well as initiatives related to long-distance travel/shipping.

China: 2018 will be a very important year — likely, the country will achieve significant success/profits and enhance its status on the world arena. Also likely are changes in participation in various organizations and one-on-one agreements/partnerships, as well as major developments in healthcare/medicine, pharmaceuticals, drugs, secret programs (esp. related to biology, medicine, end-of-life/death, mental health, prison population, supernatural powers, spiritual powers, etc.), programs related to religion/spirituality/beliefs, chemicals, navy, movies, music, travel/transportation, and education.

China: 2018-2020 (esp. 2019) — major reform(s) in the following areas: pharmaceuticals, healthcare, treatment of elderly (end-of-life care), prisons, religion, chemicals, beverage industry, movie industry, navy, oil industry (or businesses related to power generation in general, such as nuclear or hydroelectric power plants), recycling industry, and any industries that rely on hidden/secret activities (e.g., hacking) or on dissolving borders between larger groups/categories (e.g., creating hybrids, removing separation between bodies of water, developing new powerful chemical mixtures [possibly for nuclear power generation], developing new drugs that expand consciousness, blending modern and traditional medicine, etc.).

In 2018 through 2020, China will undergo a major transformation in a number of areas, incl. oil, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, navy, movies, and any hidden/obscure areas of influence that are somewhat ephemeral and hard to pin down/discover (e.g., spying, bioweapons, drugs, submarines, religion, movies, etc.). The transformation will likely be accompanied by scandals, power manipulations, uncovering hidden agendas, and possibly accidents (esp. nuclear or pollution- and water-related), esp. in the beginning, followed by some massive reforms, and ultimately greater expansion/improvements. This transformation will be gradual and result in long-term changes. It will take place under a very slow Pluto transit to China’s 12th house Jupiter. The 12th house deals with water, navy, oil, religion, prisons, chemicals, drugs, poisons, isolation, hidden influence, etc. and Jupiter brings expansion and abundance. With Pluto hovering over Jupiter, the country can experience greater expansion in related areas, but also potential problems due to over-expansion, stretching too far, or some powerful “hidden” enemies (e.g., hacking, espionage, poisons, etc.). The influence will likely manifest both ways — the country may engage more in these types of activities as well as external players may engage in them more often to influence China.

OIL: With Neptune/Saturn square now separated for good after spending about 2yrs in a tense transit associated with suppressed oil prices (see Oil prices fluctuations and Neptune-Saturn cycle: Financial astrology insights), we should now see a multi-year recovery. After that, I would look at the conjunction of Saturn and Neptune (2025-26; esp. late Jan-Feb 2026) for the next big top/bottom in the oil prices with related geopolitical turmoil (similar in scale [though not necessarily the same in direction] to what we experienced in 2015-16 but likely even more dramatic). At that time, Neptune will also be leaving its own sign, Pisces, which will make that time period even more significant wrt oil prices and anything related to Neptune, including chemicals (esp. chemical weapons or weapons that work through affecting mind/mood/etc.), drugs/pharmaceuticals (esp. chemical and bioweapons), water, navy, spirituality, etc.

Given that Neptune also rules chemicals, alcohol, beverages, pharmaceuticals, navy, water, drugs, poisons, pollution (of water or with chemicals), music, movies, photography, spirituality, healing (with drugs or through alternative approaches), etc., and that Saturn rules big corporations and governments, businesses related to the areas above (esp. large corporations or governmental entities) will likely experience major changes in their structure, profit schemes, popularity of their products, and/or manufacturing technologies around the same times. For ex., the Dow Chemical  and DuPont merger was announced in 2016 under the Neptune/Saturn square —> Neptune=chemicals, Saturn=large corporations, square=forcibly breaking an old pattern. We may hear about other Neptunian businesses or products undergoing major changes around the times of hard Neptune/Saturn aspects (e.g., in 2025-26).

Syria: Apr 17 – Aug 20, 2017 (esp. mid-June 2017); Feb 14 – Apr 11, 2018 (esp. mid-March 2018); and Sep 1, 2018 – Feb 11, 2019 (esp. 2nd week of Oct, 2018 and 2nd week of Jan, 2019) — Neptune (deception, confusion, oil, chemicals, water, navy, etc.) will conjunct (intensification, important developments, blending of energies) Syria’s Moon (security, nourishment, mother, women, emotion) ruler of the 10th house of leadership/government in the 5th house of stock market/risks/procreation/children. This could indicate increased focus on the areas above (e.g., leaders, children, and/or security) with themes of confusion or possibly poisoning. For ex., poisoning or chemical exposure of food, children, or mothers; confusion or lies about leadership; emotional confusion; increased drug use; increased floods; risky activities related to oil or chemicals; oil-for-food trading; etc. (Syria’s chart is for 01/01/44 midnight EET -2:00, Damascus, Syria). With Bashar Al Assad’s (,_Bashar) Saturn (authority, structure, rigidity, stability, conservatism, obstacles) being in about the same place as Syria’s Moon, he will experience these same periods (mostly the earlier part of each time range and a few weeks prior) as times of confusion about how to be an authority, how to set boundaries/rules, and how to maintain stability and structure. At these times, he will likely have to deal with an increased number of situations involving deception, confusion, chemicals, oil, healthcare, drugs, poisons, water, and navy.

North Korea and Israel: Solar Eclipse on 08.21.17 at 28LEO53 will occur on top of North Korea’s Saturn (limitations, restrictions, death of old structures, scarcity, lack) and Israel’s Mars (war, violence, anger, fires, rush behavior). This may bring increased developments, likely stressful, to those countries. These developments may take place in late Aug as well as several months before/after, when significant planets pass over the eclipse degree. In particular, Mars will transit over the degree of the eclipse in early Sep  — I expect intensification of any sort of tensions at that time.

Vatican City [06.07.1929]: In 2017 (esp. Jan, Aug, and Oct-Dec), transiting Pluto (major transformation, death/rebirth, nuclear power, power plays, sex, dictatorship, terror, debt/loans, espionage, secrets, etc.) will oppose Vatican’s natal Pluto. This transit indicates a period of major transformation/reforms and may bring out some hidden issues into the light [to reform them]. Likely, increased news about power struggles and news related to the issues listed above. It will be worthwhile to observe this period carefully as in a few years, in 2022-23, the US will experience a Pluto return (transit of Pluto over the natal Pluto) — this period will bring a similar energy to the US, except in an even more intense way (esp. related to hidden issues, spying, healthcare/end of life care, navy/oil/chemicals/drugs/water, debt/loans, and financial institutions). The US Pluto return is an interesting subject on its own and I plan to write a separate blog post about it.



Global: Increased focus on mining, underground locations, hidden secrets, spying, taxes, insurance, nuclear power, power plays, sex, dictatorship, terror, debt/loans, espionage, secrets, etc. This influence will last a few weeks. This week will be an especially tense one with increased probability of earthquakes, violence, accidents (esp. related to mines, nuclear power, fires, explosives, and weapons), conflicts, fires, angry protests (esp. against spying, hidden activities, or against governments or large corporations), etc. We may hear about aggressive actions or even a military intervention aimed at stopping some disruptive activities (some sort of a “sting” operation?).

This influence is related to the transit of Mars (male energy, sports, war, fire, weapons, violence, etc.) square (tension/disruption/major crisis) Pluto (terrorism, nuclear power, underground, secrets, spying, sex, death, rebirth, etc.). Pluto is in Capricorn (rocks, mountains, governments, large corporations, established conservative entities, old leaders, elderly persons, etc.) and Mars is in Libra (partnerships, agreements, marriage/divorce, justice, balance), so these areas may be affected the most (e.g., earthquakes, problems at a nuclear plant, terrorist attacks, legal problems for old established entities, death/removal of a senior leader, etc.). The influence has been in effect since last week [and we just had a deadly 7.3 earthquake in Iran and Iraq on 11/12/17] and will continue gaining strength throughout the week. It will reach its peak around Nov 16-18, 2017 and then slowly decrease over the following couple of weeks.

Global: This week and through about Dec 8 (esp. Nov 27 – Dec 2) — increased news about chemicals, oil, healthcare, drugs, poisons, lies, water, navy, movies, music, photography, religion, etc. There may be increase in the availability of the supplies and/or increase in earnings or prices. Something may flow without inhibition (e.g., oil pipe leaks and the oil keeps flowing, too much precipitation leads to flooding, some [sexually transmitted] decease may be spreading faster than expected, some religious movement rapidly gains followers, some drug is discovered to be more potent than expected, some epic deception/lie spreads easier than usual, some movie/video/photo quickly gains popularity, etc.).

Global: The next several weeks will be a good time for long-term projects related to IT, telecoms, aerospace, high tech, and electric power. New initiatives or progress on the old projects made at this time will be beneficial/successful long-term.

USA: Oct 30, 2017 – Nov 20, 2017 (esp. Nov 8-10) — increased news about government, leaders (old, established, conservative), and/or large corporations (old, established players). There will likely be major restructuring, changes in leadership, increased controls/checks and restrictions. Some projects, businesses, buildings or entities may cease to exist, end, fall apart; or someone may die/leave. Events occurring at this time will have a long-term effect.

USA: Nov 1 – 13, 2017 (esp. Nov 6-7) — increased focus on and improvements in international  relationships and projects involving international partners (at least, there may be an increase in international negotiations or contracts). Also, we may hear about a new progressive vision for the future [esp. involving international expansion], progress related to higher education, judicial system or quicker than usual resolution to some legal cases.


NOV 13, 2017 (MON): Strong influence; market may possibly go down (60%). As mentioned in the global overview above, there will likely be increased news about mining, underground locations, hidden secrets, spying, taxes, insurance, etc. The focus will be on the significant increase in profits and/or expenses in those areas. There may also be news about international expansion, international financial ties, profits from overseas, and/or legal issues related to international connections or immigration (e.g., increased profits due to expansion overseas, hidden profits overseas, tax evasion, increased expenses due to foreign connections or immigration, etc.).

Also, increased [and likely unpleasant] news about chemicals, oil, healthcare, drugs, poisons, pollution, water, navy, movies, etc. — we may hear about deception, legal problems, issues with international agreements/negotiations or sales, conflicts over immigration, confusion over someone’s communication, and travel disruptions (esp. international). The reason for the problems will be confusion, lies, insufficient info, or obscured vision (as in literally due to fog or precipitation, or, due to delusional thinking). Not a good time for trying to clarify issues either, as more info may lead to more confusion.

USA: Nov 13-14 — Increased focus on banks and financial institutions, governmental activities [esp. regulations/restrictions], large corporate entities, mining, oil, and earnings in general. There may be some upsetting situation, fight, anger, military activities, disagreement, protests, etc. An aggressive or decisive action may be taken (e.g., to implement or lift some regulations in areas above as well as related to weapons/military), which will likely trigger angry response or protests. Additionally, there may be disruptions related to fires, accidents, explosions, earthquakes, and problems with old structures (e.g., bridges) or old/established entities (e.g., anger directed toward a large corporation or an older well-known person who may somehow be perceived as an obstacle [and therefore removed]).

China: Nov 13-14 — Increased focus on the stock market [possibly some disruption or aggressive corrective actions], sports, or entertainment industry. Also, increased focus on banks and financial institutions, oil, chemicals, pharma, navy, etc. Again, we may hear about some disruption or aggressive corrective actions.

NOV 14, 2017 (TUE): Strong influence; market may possibly go down (60%).

China: Nov 14-15 — Increased focus on the country’s leaders and status on the world arena, esp. in the area of finance, investments, and loans/debt. Also, delays or strain in communication with [international] partners or agreement negotiations; this may relate to international sales and shipments.

NOV 15, 2017 (WED): Medium-strong influence; market may possibly go up (55%).

Nov 15-16 — Increased [and possibly positive] news about chemicals, oil, healthcare, drugs, poisons, water, navy, movies, etc. — we may hear about increased earnings or some favorable actions (e.g., some process goes smoothly or is a approved). If the news relates to pharmaceuticals, the area will likely be reproductive systems, life extension, radiology, and cancer. There may also be news about excessive precipitation and/or unobstructed flow of water [this may lead to floods in upcoming weeks].

NOV 16, 2017 (TH): Medium-strong influence; market may possibly go up (55%).

NOV 17, 2017 (FR): Strong influence; market may possibly go up (55%). The up influence is stronger for the US than globally. The day overall (as well as the following weekend) will probably be tense (e.g., protests, earthquakes, etc.), but it may not affect the market.

USA: Increased probability of positive news about earnings, some process proceeding smoothly, or someone being perceived in favorable light (esp. related to country’s leadership, famous persons, and/or international connections).


>>>> Glance ahead, global (updated):

Mar 30-Apr 3, 2018; Apr 25-27, 2018; May 11-15, 2018; June 4-9  (esp. 5, 8-9), 2018; and July 1-4 (esp. 2-3), 2018 — Increased potential for earthquakes, solar flares, military activities, accidents (esp. nuclear power-related on July 1-4), massive power outages and/or electric supply problems.

(NEW) Nov 28 – Dec 3 — Increased probability of surprises related to businesses and products related to aerospace, engines, firearms, military, electricity, IT, high tech, telecoms, etc. There may be abrupt cancellations, changes in partnership agreements, or surprising announcements; power supply disruptions are possible as well. For ex., airlines and electric car manufacturers may experience unpleasant surprises, incl. flight or production delays, power outages, accidents, and related disruption and anger.

(NEW) Nov 26-30, Dec 3-7, 2017 and then Jan 12-13, 2018 — Increased probability of delays, shortages, disruptions, cancellations, increased regulations, or some obstacles for businesses and activities related to retail sales, communications (e.g., news/media), and transportation (e.g., airlines). For ex., some negotiations may be postponed, there may be delays in shipments, or, sales may be lower than anticipated, etc. The three periods listed may all relate to a single issue, such that some problem is first encountered in late Nov, a solution is applied/considered in early Dec, and then the issue is finally resolved in mid Jan.

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