November 30 – December 4, 2015: Financial astrology predictions

Global: Sep 2015 – Dec 2017: Focus on oil, water, drugs, lies, religion, higher education, immigration, foreign connections, and long distance travel with a new sober/realistic perspective — the mood may be that these areas got out of hand, went over board, and need discipline/restrictions/regulation. Immigration control, control of religious ceremonies, structured approach to higher education, limitation on foreign currencies/connections/long distance travel, etc. This new perspective will strengthen over upcoming months and will remain till about the end of 2017.

USA: Feb 2015 — March 2016 (esp. late March/early April 2015, and Sep 2015 through Feb 2016) — Major changes in international relationships. This is a very slow gradual change with the ultimate effect of dissolving old ties and alliances. In the process, there will be a lot of confusion and possible deception and disillusion (e.g., partners fail to follow through on agreements). There will be a strong spiritual or religious element to these ties — some alliances may spring up or disappear because of similarities or differences in ideals and vision for the future. Other important areas that will affect partnerships are common views/goals related to oil, healthcare, and water/navy. This week, this influence will peak around Sep 7.

Astrologically, this influence relates to the transiting Neptune (religion) squaring US Descendent (marriage/partnerships). It is interesting that the Neptune transit to the US Descendent coincides with the first ever Pope’s visit to the USA. The last time this aspect was in effect was in 1851-52, which corresponded with important activities related to the LDS Church.

USA: Mar 2015 — Apr 2016 (esp. April 2015, mid-Aug 2015, and mid-Feb 2016) — Major changes in transportation and communication industries as well as retail sales (related mostly to web-based and electronic transactions, which require data transfers). This is a very slow gradual change with the ultimate effect of dissolving old ways of doing things (e.g., commuting, communicating, shipping, traveling, and buying/selling) and coming up with new ways. This is likely to involve dissolution and mergers of transportation and communication companies, incl. companies that process payments electronically (e.g., Western Union).

Other affected areas will be aerospace, telecoms, IT industry, electric engines, electronics, gadgets, and similar industries. The changes will likely have to do with oil (e.g., oil prices affect shipping and flights), healthcare (e.g., spread of some contagious disease affects travel), water (e.g., floods, rains, etc. affect transportation; travel by water becomes much more or less popular; new cable is laid under water; etc.), navy (e.g., there are some problems with or confusion about aerospace projects, island bases, submarines, ships that carry planes over water, etc.), chemicals/pollution (e.g., shipping accidents resulting in pollution or poisoning may increase), movies/music (e.g., developments in the entertainment industry will lead to reorganization of the media companies or push these companies to implement new hi-tech approaches for signal transmission), and spirituality/religion (e.g., some people’s beliefs will not agree with new technology like robots and autopilot). Ideological battles over new technology may manifest as increased arguments over what is healthy, spiritual, and how to prevent pollution. New controls to prevent infectious diseases from spreading through travel may be invented or implemented.

Astrologically, this influence relates to the transiting Neptune (religion) squaring US Uranus (high tech, sudden change) in the 7th house of partnerships, ruler of the 3rd house of transportation/communication. The last time this aspect was in effect was in 1851-52, which corresponded with outbreaks of cholera and flu.

China: Jan 2014 — Jan 2016 (esp., Mar-Jun 2014, Dec 2014 – Mar 2015, Jun-Dec 2015) — Major transformation of financial system, approaches to accumulating wealth, investments, rates, taxes, insurance, managing stock market and any gambling or risky activities. Some governmental or corporate controls will be placed to regulate matters so that they remain in balance.

NEW ———>

USA: Nov 30 – Dec 15 (esp. Dec 3-4) — strong focus on military expansion and making risky moves because of feeling bold, optimistic, or inspired to help (e.g., to protect victims). Other areas of expansion and optimism include increased communication and data exchange with partners, expansion of air travel or transportation (incl. for military purposes), and increased focus on sports-related activities and events (e.g., greater number of events, larger scale, more sports-related gambling, etc.).

China: Dec 7, 2015 – Feb 10, 2016 — increased focus on expansion or inventions related to healthcare; veterinary care; pharmaceuticals; chemicals; secretive/hidden activities; excavation or accumulation of materials used to produce drugs, chemicals, and various metals; and/or manufacturing of items/machinery made of such materials (e.g., for building railroads or treating diseases). Secret expansion or expansion of secret, unseen, or subtle influence.


Tense week, geopolitically, with hard aspects from the ongoing slow Pluto transit to planets/points in cardinal signs in the charts of several countries aggravated by stressful Mars transit. At glance, charts of at least the following countries will receive hard Pluto/Mars aspects: USA, China, Russia, Turkey, Syria, France, Greece. Pluto symbolizes major changes, violence, transformation, terror, nuclear power, etc., while Mars symbolizes war, military, aggression, sports, assertive actions, and masculine/macho figures. Stressful influence will last all week, including and perhaps especially, the weekend (Dec 5-6).

OPEC’s Venus (profit) will also be aspected (strongest on Dec 6-7), so changes in the oil price or in the OPEC members’ profit strategies are likely as well. This corroborates the expectation of the oil price change based on the nearly exact Saturn/Neptune square transit unfolding at about the same time.

NOV 30, 2015 (MON): Medium influence; market may possibly go up (55-60%). The up influence is stronger for the US than globally. For the Asian and Australian markets, direction may be down.

Nov 30 – Dec 1: Increased probability of positive news (or news about expansion) related to military cooperation or new/innovative projects, esp. in the area of communication, data exchange, IT, telecoms, and transportation. This may especially involve aerospace-related activities, high-speed connections, electric vehicles, and international destinations/connections. Nov 30 afternoon should be a good day for flying or transportation via air.

Nov 30 – Dec 4: Increased focus on oil, pharmaceuticals, drugs, alcohol, chemicals, poisons (esp. of water), water, navy, as well as lies/deception, religion, and movie and music industries. The news or events will likely be of a fairly serious nature and involve restrictions, regulations, discipline, restructuring to increase control over the situation, or decline in value or amount. For ex., oil price going down, restrictions on import/export of oil or some drug or chemical, decreased availability of oil, erecting solid structures to block the flow of water, limiting travel over water, etc.
In the past, this astrological influence (Saturn square Neptune) coincided with the price of oil bottoming, with a fairly sharp reversal to up as the transit passed the exact point. So, we may see a reversal in oil prices around Nov 23-25. An alternative possibility is a decline in supplies/availability (of oil, some drug, etc.), which would bring the price up followed by a reversal to down after the exact aspect passes. Either way, I expect very strong focus on the issues above during Nov 18 – Dec 4 (esp. Nov 23-27, which will likely be the MIN or MAX price days for oil and/or some drug/chemical). Similarly, there will likely be a price or availability reversal (e.g., due to the restrictions lifted [possibly related to transportation or international agreement/law] or some restructuring completed) around Nov 23-25 or immediately after.

China: Potential for confusing or conflicting news about the banks and/or investments in foreign capital or of foreign capital in the country’s businesses — the news may have to do with a deception, hidden info, unclear/overlooked details, oil, and/or chemicals. For ex., some agreement may not come through, or, it may come through, but the terms may be confusing. Alternatively, an agreement may be about very exciting expansion (esp. related to oil, chemicals, and/or pharmaceuticals), but there will be so much optimism that details will be overlooked and caution thrown to the wind, which may result in a headache later.

China: Increased probability of positive news or news about expansion related to military and/or sports. This may especially involve international affairs or foreign destinations. For ex., an agreement is signed that expands country’s foreign influence, military personnel or equipment is successfully transported overseas, new international communication/transportation method or route is established, etc.

DEC 1, 2015 (TUE): Medium influence; market may possibly go up (55-60%).

China: Increased probability of positive news or news about expansion related to the status on the world-wide arena; possibly through reaching agreements with international partners.

DEC 2, 2015 (WED): Strong influence; market may possibly go down (55-60%).

USA: Today, there is an increased probability of news related to banks, oil, and/or healthcare or pharmaceuticals. The news may be somewhat stressful or disruptive (e.g., the value of some drug or oil changes dramatically [probably down], an agreement is broken, or, an agreement is reached but only after an uneasy deliberation). The news may also affect US currency and/or the price of gold and silver (esp. in the early morning).

USA: Dec 2, 2015 – Feb 12, 2016 — strong focus on and increased news about oil, healthcare, pharmaceuticals, drugs, chemicals, water/navy, movies, music, and/or religion. The nature of the news will be increased optimism, hope, and expansion. The price or availability of the related products or services may increase, or, there may be more opportunities for expansion than usual. For ex., more oil is available, opportunities to develop oil increase, new source of oil is discovered, some drug is made available more easily, a drug sells incredibly well, a drug brings much more profit than expected, healthcare industry profits improve significantly, there is a major flooding or a snowstorm, profits from beverage/alcohol industries climb, new (likely alcoholic) beverage gains popularity, water sales increase, navy force is expanded (e.g., by adding equipment, sending ships to more locations, establishing more bases, etc.), and so on.

DEC 3, 2015 (TH): Strong influence; market may possibly go down (55-60%).

USA: Dec 3-4 — strong focus on and increased news about foreign affairs, laws/regulations, higher education, as well as banks, foreign investments (in other countries and of other countries in the US), taxes, insurance, and any underground activities (e.g., spying or mining). The nature of the news will likely be stressful and trigger anger or necessitate a rapid response to prevent things going out of balance. There may be anger at someone’s leadership, violent protests against leaders, accidents or threats involving prominent leaders, a serious disagreement among key leaders related to the matters above (e.g., whether to use diplomacy or act more assertively in some military campaign). Leaders in question will likely be from a higher ed institution or of the country (someone who is involved in international affairs not so much domestic). On the 4th, the emphasis on banks and investments, incl. stock market, will be especially strong — the likelihood of stressful developments, arguments, and clashes of interest (if not actual violent outbursts and protests) is very high.

China: Dec 3-4 (esp. the 4th) — strong focus on and increased news about the stock market, gambling, risky investments, as well as foreign investments (in other countries and of other countries in China), taxes, insurance, and any underground activities (e.g., spying or mining). The nature of the news will likely be stressful and trigger anger or necessitate a rapid response to prevent things going out of balance. Some agreement may be broken or reached after a lot of debating, or under serious [possibly military] pressure or even a threat. On the 4th, there may additionally be stressful news about healthcare, drugs, chemicals, poisons/contamination, water, steel, and/or manufacturing of some large items like large durable equipment or construction objects made of steel, metals, rock, etc. [like a dam] —there may be a disagreement with partners or disappointment about joint ventures.

DEC 4, 2015 (FR): Very strong influence; market may possibly go down (75-80%). The down influence is especially strong in the late afternoon.

Dec 4-6: Increased probability of violent protests, military escalations, and accidents (esp. related to mines or nuclear plants). Protests may be against financial institutions, agreements between various countries, and/or pressure from other countries (both “partners” and “enemies”) perceived to be excessive or undermining identity or leadership of the country in which a protest occurs.

China: Dec 4-7 — There may be stressful news and concerns about Chinese banks, esp. on Mon, Dec 7.

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