October 19 – 23, 2015: Financial astrology predictions

Global: Sep 2015 – Dec 2017: Focus on oil, water, drugs, lies, religion, higher education, immigration, foreign connections, and long distance travel with a new sober/realistic perspective — the mood may be that these areas got out of hand, went over board, and need discipline/restrictions/regulation. Immigration control, control of religious ceremonies, structured approach to higher education, limitation on foreign currencies/connections/long distance travel, etc. This new perspective will strengthen over upcoming months and will remain till about the end of 2017.

USA: Feb 2015 — March 2016 (esp. late March/early April 2015, and Sep 2015 through Feb 2016) — Major changes in international relationships. This is a very slow gradual change with the ultimate effect of dissolving old ties and alliances. In the process, there will be a lot of confusion and possible deception and disillusion (e.g., partners fail to follow through on agreements). There will be a strong spiritual or religious element to these ties — some alliances may spring up or disappear because of similarities or differences in ideals and vision for the future. Other important areas that will affect partnerships are common views/goals related to oil, healthcare, and water/navy. This week, this influence will peak around Sep 7.

Astrologically, this influence relates to the transiting Neptune (religion) squaring US Descendent (marriage/partnerships). It is interesting that the Neptune transit to the US Descendent coincides with the first ever Pope’s visit to the USA. The last time this aspect was in effect was in 1851-52, which corresponded with important activities related to the LDS Church.

USA: Mar 2015 — Apr 2016 (esp. April 2015, mid-Aug 2015, and mid-Feb 2016) — Major changes in transportation and communication industries as well as retail sales (related mostly to web-based and electronic transactions, which require data transfers). This is a very slow gradual change with the ultimate effect of dissolving old ways of doing things (e.g., commuting, communicating, shipping, traveling, and buying/selling) and coming up with new ways. This is likely to involve dissolution and mergers of transportation and communication companies, incl. companies that process payments electronically (e.g., Western Union).

Other affected areas will be aerospace, telecoms, IT industry, electric engines, electronics, gadgets, and similar industries. The changes will likely have to do with oil (e.g., oil prices affect shipping and flights), healthcare (e.g., spread of some contagious disease affects travel), water (e.g., floods, rains, etc. affect transportation; travel by water becomes much more or less popular; new cable is laid under water; etc.), navy (e.g., there are some problems with or confusion about aerospace projects, island bases, submarines, ships that carry planes over water, etc.), chemicals/pollution (e.g., shipping accidents resulting in pollution or poisoning may increase), movies/music (e.g., developments in the entertainment industry will lead to reorganization of the media companies or push these companies to implement new hi-tech approaches for signal transmission), and spirituality/religion (e.g., some people’s beliefs will not agree with new technology like robots and autopilot). Ideological battles over new technology may manifest as increased arguments over what is healthy, spiritual, and how to prevent pollution. New controls to prevent infectious diseases from spreading through travel may be invented or implemented.

Astrologically, this influence relates to the transiting Neptune (religion) squaring US Uranus (high tech, sudden change) in the 7th house of partnerships, ruler of the 3rd house of transportation/communication. The last time this aspect was in effect was in 1851-52, which corresponded with outbreaks of cholera and flu.

China: Jan 2014 — Jan 2016 (esp., Mar-Jun 2014, Dec 2014 – Mar 2015, Jun-Dec 2015) — Major transformation of financial system, approaches to accumulating wealth, investments, rates, taxes, insurance, managing stock market and any gambling or risky activities. Some governmental or corporate controls will be placed to regulate matters so that they remain in balance.

China: The entire month of Oct, esp. Oct 12-22, there is an increased likelihood of distressing news about the stock market.

OCT 19, 2015 (MON): Medium influence; market may possibly go up (60%). Up influence is stronger in the morning.

Oct 19-23: Healthcare and pharmaceuticals will probably receive more attention than usual; the news is more likely to be positive (e.g., increased profits or supportive governmental regulations). Additionally, there may be positive news about the workforce and government employees (e.g., postal workers and teachers) — there may be some expansion there (e.g., new opportunities) and/or improved working conditions.

USA: In the early morning, increased probability of minor positive news about retail sales, communications, and/or transportation businesses (esp. electric cars and/or airlines).

USA: Oct 19-23 may see increased stressful news about banks, financial institutions, loans, taxes, insurance, and rates. Some major change in this area may be under way (something that has been unfolding during the past few years and will continue to take place in the upcoming months; am guessing it’s related to Fed Reserve’s rate adjustments/QE). The news may come out highlighting negative impacts of this transformation on the country’s image and/or status on the world arena. This week and especially the next week may see an intensification of the focus on US financial structures and their regulation.

OCT 20, 2015 (TUE): Medium influence; market may possibly go up (60%). Up influence is stronger in the afternoon. In the morning, there may be a down move because of concerns about a lack of agreement between some influential entities (likely related to government).

China: In the early morning, there may be news related to healthcare or some stealth move (possibly related to governmental regulations of the telecoms and/or media). The news will likely be positive (e.g., an improvement in healthcare, successful experiment, etc.) and/or will be about expansion (e.g., of governmental influence).

OCT 21, 2015 (WED): Medium mixed influence; market may possibly go up (55%).

Oct 21-22 (esp. the 22nd) may see increased news about mining, underground activities (e.g., excavation of some resources, burying waste, etc.), dumps, and nuclear power. On the one hand, some entity may enter into an agreement to profit from the related matter(s), on the other — there may be disagreements, protests, or miscommunication because the issue may be seen as unfair or creating an imbalance (e.g., one side opposes an agreement, but is overruled or loses in the court).

USA and China: Oct 21-22 (esp. the 22nd) may see increased discussions about the banks and financial organizations with focus on agreements and profits (esp. form stock market — China only) and foreign holdings/investments/payments/loans (both USA and China). There may be concerns about various agreements and their impact on the balance of power (of the governments and large corporate entities). Some entities may voice concerns about the excessive governmental/corporate regulation, or alternatively, lack of sufficient control, and the need to ensure balance and fair distribution [of money, privileges, etc.]. At the same time, there may be positive news about the profits of financial institutions and banks despite the disagreements or unbalanced/unfair agreements.

OCT 22, 2015 (TH): Medium-strong mixed influence; market may possibly go down (60%). Down influence is stronger in the morning (possibly due to concerns about the imbalanced agreements or disagreements mentioned above). There is a chance that the market may go up in the afternoon due to positive news from the USA.

USA: Increased probability of positive news about the banks, international agreements, immigration policies, and/or long-distance shipping or transportation industries (e.g., profits increased, government passed supportive policies/regulations, etc.). If there are positive developments, they may be due to news about healthcare, workforce, and/or increased accuracy of something (e.g., more precise calculations).

OCT 23, 2015 (FR): Medium influence; market may possibly go down (60%). There may be increased focus on mining and any sort of underground activities (e.g., underground storage, dumps, recycling, nuclear power, secretive activities, spying, etc.) — some issue may be highlighted and new info may come out clarifying what the situation is. There may also be increased news about oil (probably about the low prices or some regulation/restriction imposed by international entities that suppresses prices and/or production).

China: Increased probability of news about banks, financial institutions, taxes, loans, debt, or policies regulating investment in and holdings of foreign capital.

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